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How the US government destroyed the social-political movements of the 1960s-1970s.

Counterintelligence Program [Cointelpro]: The United States government program that destroyed the social and political movements of the 1960s and 1970s   Table of Contents Counterintelligence Program [Cointelpro] operations in general Specific covert actions against La Raza  III. Domestic covert action remains … Continue reading

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Alienation: It’s not just in your head

“Getting rid of alienation by talking to people regardless of ‘race’ is an individual responsibility and the first step towards the solution of a historical problem of the U.S. as a society that must be resolved according to objective reality.” … Continue reading

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Is the abduction and mysterious disappearance of kids linked to the Jewish ritual murder “religious” practice?

Jewish Blood Passover By Ariel Toaff  The author Ariel Toaff maintains the following regarding Jews: 1)  Jews are evil by nature, unnatural, corrupting, disruptive, and destructing element in society that must be eliminated if humanity wants to defeat their diabolical … Continue reading

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Race mixing and “diversity” are Jewish-created hoxes in their satanical quest for a world government agenda

Publisher’s Note: Every-now-and then The Truth would publish pieces written by non-members of our collective on the basis of quality writing, subject knowledge, or social interest but above all, we would publish articles written by non-members on the basis of … Continue reading

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Why the “Martin Luther” King Jr. Holiday Should be repealed

Publisher’s Note: The writing below was received by The Truth from an unknown source and the decision to publish it on this blog is based on its contents related to information on the activities of “Martin Luther” King Jr. that … Continue reading

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White people everywhere need to identify who their real enemies are

Jews conspired to destroy the white South African government and were successful in establishing the current puppet government that murder white people through their Negro surrogates and pawns Publisher’s Note: The piece below was found amid other writings in the … Continue reading

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Common people of all races need to unite, but…

The Negro’s campaign to murder Caucasians is a manifestation of their inborn savage and destructive nature There is information in non-conventional media sources [Internet in particular] regarding the on-going macabre campaign by Negros to murder Caucasians — including innocent children … Continue reading

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