White people everywhere need to identify who their real enemies are

Jews conspired to destroy the white South African government and were successful in establishing the current puppet government that murder white people through their Negro surrogates and pawns

Publisher’s Note: The piece below was found amid other writings in the messenger website at http://saxonmessenger.org where the original is probably archived. The Truth now publish this slightly edited version of the short article in conformity with our publishing policy, and the relevance to other writings on this blog


In the 19th Century the British fought wars to subject the Boer states to their rule and in 1948 the they took power democratically with the election of the National Party.

In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made the country an economically strong nation that gave blacks and whites the highest standard of living of any other African country. Verwoerd’s policies had two main Jewish opponents: Harry Oppenheimer and Anton Ruppert. Both of these Jews controlled the banking monopolies in the country and wanted “rights” extended to blacks for the purpose of increasing their usury money lending business. Oppenheimer had close ties to the Rothschild banking Jewish family and to the CIA which throughout the 1970s and 1990s, supported the overthrow of the white South African government at the direction of the well known Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger. Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschild to overthrow Hendrik Verwoerd who had publicly denounced the activities of the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament. The Rothschild’s obtained the full support of bankers like the Rockefeller’s and other “Anglo” families in the United States [US] and had them lobby against the white South African government. The Rockefeller bankers influenced the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] and its members in the US government to oppose white rule in South Africa.

The “African” National Congress [ANC]

In 1963 a group of Jews conceived and founded the “African” National Congress [ANC] as we know it now. The Jews who created the ANC were: Lionel Bernstein, Robert Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich, and James Kantor. These Jews had a few native Africans under their control acting as figureheads were their front men including Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. This deceptive set in can be compared to the model Jews established in the US after they had created the Zionist front known as the National Association of Color People [NAACP] in 1906 disguised as “civil rights” organization that played a significant role in what is probably the biggest hoax in US history: The so-called “civil rights movement.” This Jewish-created sham was an integral part of their evil plan to impose on the US and the whole world their “new world order” and Negroes were –and still are — a very convenient tool they needed to move their plan forward, nowadays in an advanced level. The ANC received funding and support from the CIA.

In 1966 the CIA financed and helped with the assassination of South African President Hendrik Verwoerd through their “lone nut” operative Demtrio Tsafendas, a Greek immigrant in South Africa. In particular, Harry Oppenheimer funneled CIA money to Hendrik Van Den Bergh of the South African security police, and John Vorster, Minister of Justice. These were the men who recruited and trained the Greek immigrant to murder Hendrik Verwoerd.

By the 1970s the Jews dirty campaign to subvert the white South African government was having no effect and the economy was unaffected by sanctions and social unrest was very minimal. In 1978 the CIA recruited Pik Botha who was the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs to be a spy and used him to subvert the government from within. Botha’s main role was to undermine and alter the attitudes of the government regarding black rule. Botha recruited Piet Koornhof, the Minister of Sports and General Tienie Groenewald, head of the military intelligence. He passed on to the CIA a list of names with photos and address’s of Afrikaner nationalist and other activists; he also arranged for violence to be used against Boer activists throughout the country. In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Jewish banker leader Harry Oppenheimer began to speculate for the purpose of devaluing the currency. Inflation rose to a 7% and growth fell to 3% with inflation reaching 16% in the early 1980s.

In 1989, Frederik De Clerk, a Freemason with close ties to a Jewish fraternity controlling the ADL was elected President of South Africa. He was a Jewish-backed candidate with close ties to the international Zionist establishment who worked for and eventually achieved the Jewish goal of black rule as a front in South Africa.  Today the central bank is controlled by Jew Gill Marcus while using as a running dog, a Negro named Tito Mboweni who take his instructions on how and what’s to be done. Just like pawn Barack Obama does at the white house. Meanwhile, Trevor Manuel, a Jew, is the Minister of Finance, while Alec Erwin, also a Jew, is the Minister of Trade and Industry. In addition, Helena Dolny, a Jew, and ex-wife of KGB agent Joe Sloro runs the land bank; Ronnie Kasrils, a Jew, is the Minister of Water and Forestry; Louise Tager, a Jew, is the chairman of the railway system Spoornet; Michael Katz, a Jew, is the chief consultant on tax; Meyer Kahn, a Jew, is in charge of the police. Also, three Jews: Richard Goldstone, Arthur Chaskalson, and Albert Sachs, control the Supreme Court of South Africa.

What has happened in South Africa under the sham called “democracy” is the Jewish total takeover and control of the country. As with all countries where there is Jewish influence or control, South Africa is today a failed nation, very poor for whites and the majority of natives, crime and drug ridden, and highly unsafe. To keep the present status quo Jews will wage war on anyone who opposes their control and domination of the country, and work to make sure that other governments of countries around the world fall under their control also. The cunning and diabolical Jews will use whatever tools they can to accomplish their ends, including phony allegations of “racism,” pleas for “democracy,” convenient accusations of “antisemitism” against those who tell the truth, and more. They also work behind the scenes and use stupid and thoughtless non-Jews who carry out orders according to their plans. All “leftist” and “anti-racist” groups who demand “diversity” are controlled and financed by Jews.

The Truth Publications [2012]



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15 Responses to White people everywhere need to identify who their real enemies are

  1. francis says:

    Perhaps it’s time for White Nationalists to communicate this information to Blacks, Asians and Muslims. Then hopefully they will see the light.

  2. bigkoala says:

    This does not explain why the ANC has always taken an anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish position. Mandella is a strong supporter of Hamas, the PLO and other anti-Israeli groups. How can he also be a “tool” of the Jews?
    This makes absolutely no sense!

    • Markwills says:

      sense and logic have never been strong points of the delusional.
      and “TIF”s anti jew rants are nothing BUT delusional crap.
      but I’m sure he’ll think of something idiotic to baselessly claim

  3. Boycott-Israel says:

    Zionist Harry Oppenheimer funded the Apartheid Engine. Many Zionists fled the country around the release of Mandela in 1994, taking their fortunes, made from diamonds and gold, with them. Those fortunes are now funding Apartheid in Israel against Palestine. The fact that there was Apartheid in South Africa and now reincarnated in Palestine is no coincidence, the common factor are the Zionists, who realized the supreme benefit of “control through chaos”.

    South Africa serves as an omen for the future of a world controlled by Zionists, who erode and ridicule long standing cultural principals of other nations, they will force their violent brand of “democracy” on you at gunpoint!

    • Chris says:

      The Oppenheimer Jews are now head-quartered in London, but they are still siphoning off billions from the mines they control in South Africa – one of the richest countries in the world in terms of vast amounts of our many mineral resources. Don’t be fooled, they may have been involved and benefitted to some extent from late Apartheid (especially after they killed president Verwoerd, and Apartheid started becoming more and more corrupt, so much so that it eventually handed over the country to black communist puppets). The white Afrikaaner government had political freedom, but not full economic power. The Zionists did benefit to some extent under Apartheid (They won the Anglo-Boer war via the English. They won the gold). However the Oppenheimers benefitted FAR MORE under black rule. They (and their Zionist brethren) have raped THE WHOLE OF AFRICA under black rule. They destroyed the value of the currency, the Rand. Previosly the white ruled countries all accross Southern Africa were operating in competition to the economies of Europe (all industries, not just mining). They controlled these same industries in Europe and would not tolerate competition from white countries that they did not completely control economically and politically. We now have the world’s highest rate of rape and the second highest incidence of murder. Oh yes, and the world’s most HIV infections despite a black population and poverty explosion.

      • Chris says:

        Just about the only good thing that the black government has done was to force the banks to lower the interest rate from about 25 % (pre-1994) to 8.5 % (in 2013). This interest rate is the prime rate that we pay for home loans, but the rate for other loans is much higher. Even 8.5% is still excessively high compared to America and Europe’s 1 or 2 %. We are now overun with Jewish monopoly multi-nationals, Jewish Hollywood, worthless, devalued Jewish paper money, and high taxes. Every time a black leader threatens to nationalize the mines, or the banks, the Jewish media explodes in stories threatening imminent exposure of black corruption (such as the arms deal, or over-spending on the Presidents private residence). Despite the fact that the Jews control the JEWdiciary as you explained above in the article, nothing seems to come from all the accusations of arms deal fraud and the threat is kept permanenly hanging over their head and never falls as long as they do as they are told. The entire economy has been stalled indefinitely over the past 5 years, or so as we can no longer gaurantee a stable electricity supply to businesses and industry (and even households). Due to government incompetance (lack of investment in the building of new power stations over the past 20 years) we have had power blackouts as well (they call it “load shedding”). Now suddenly due to the building up of demand for power that Eskom (state power supplier monopoly) can no longer supply enough of, we are now forced to pay excessive amounts for electricity so that Eskom can pay the interest on billion of Rands worth of loans taken out recently to finance the building of much needed power station and to subsidise “free” solar water geysers to millions in order to reduce the demand for power.

  4. Chris says:

    ps. The Jews were behind the establishment of the ANC – LONG BEFORE 1963. The African National Congress (ANC) is South Africa’s governing political party, supported by its Tripartite Alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) and the South African Communist Party (SACP)… Members founded the organization as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) on 8 January 1912 at the Waaihoek Wesleyan Church in Bloemfontein to increase the rights of the black South African population. Last year (2012) the ANC celebrated the 100th anniversary of the date of its founding. The Jews have been behind them and have used communism AND capitalism to arm them, educate them and eventually put them in power.

  5. killer of liberals says:

    we need to complete hitlers (a great and visionary man)plan and exterminate the jews as they are satans chosen people.

    • Henry says:

      That`s easier to say than do,they do control the World`s money supply and money is the engine that moves the World,unless a voice with a will defeats the Zionist propaganda machine of the World`s press ,we are doomed, look for Kai Murro`s voice`s it sounds promising.

  6. vikingbitch says:

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Yes we do. Our enemies are:

    1) Da Jooz

    2) Christians who believe Jews are the Chosen People.


  7. Boycott-Israel says:

    Chris, few people realise that the elitest Oppenheimers control the ANC, it took me years to form an understanding of their economic monopoly. It is also important to distinguish between olive skinned Palestinian Jews and white European Jews (Khazars) like the Oppenheimers. European Jews infiltrated the Jewish faith to camouflage their secret New World Order (satanic?) agenda. They have no interest in religion, they are not authentic semites either, their DNA differs totally to that of the original olive skinned, palestinian semite jews. Intellectual deception on a level that is hard to fathom, because they are experts at covering their tracks, finding scapegoats to blame, sowing confusion and rewriting history through the major media institutions they control.

  8. Barend Strydom says:

    It’s Frederik de Klerk, jou poes, not Frederik De Clerk. Luister soutpiel, if you’re going to quote us Afrikaaners (boers) and our history, get it right – jou ma se doos !

  9. Britt says:

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    know how to do it, just search in google (with quotes) for – “mundillo traffic increase make your website go viral”

  10. ZionIsJudahIsTalmudIsCommunistIsSatan says:

    Whites will never awaken, never fight back. They will complain and expose the evils of the Jews on the internet, but they’ll never rise up in a violent pogrom, as they should, and begin the bloodbath of every single jew in their midst. White people are too comfortable, and by the time they lose their comforts, their will and bullets will be gone…

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