Common people of all races need to unite, but…

The Negro’s campaign to murder Caucasians is a manifestation of their inborn savage and destructive nature

There is information in non-conventional media sources [Internet in particular] regarding the on-going macabre campaign by Negros to murder Caucasians — including innocent children — for no other reason than hate while the Jewish-controlled mass media keep a silence of complicity and ignore the senseless and gruesome criminal activity. The Negro’s alleged reason to justify their crimes against innocent people is based on the part of history related to slavery in which Jews had a vital role. According to different Internet sources, about 900 Caucasians [mostly women] are murdered each year by Negros in the United States [US] alone, while the numbers are much higher in South Africa and other countries with Caucasian population. The numbers are also high in England. In the US most of the victims are white women who are involved with Negro men in personal relationships. The YouTube video channels “protect white people now” and “black on white crimes” feature a list of cases on Caucasians who were murdered by Negros, including the case of a 12-year old boy who was tortured and burned alive until death. Negros also boasts and encourage their criminal activity openly and with impunity as if knowing that they will not be prosecuted for threatening in public to murder people.

The position of The Truth on the Negro’s campaign to murder Caucasians is that killing them will not correct the wrongs that were done in past history by their ancestors, but will instead, help the agenda of those working to establish a tyranny for all not only in the US, but everywhere else in the world. The Truth is not for or against neither Negros nor Caucasians; we simply do not agree with the idea of murdering Caucasians as a way to redress the destructive actions perpetrated by their ancestors in past history. Further, we see the senseless murderous campaign by Negros as a direct collaboration with the true enemy of humanity considering their background relationship with Jews, who put them in the social foreground through deceitful means such as the farcical “civil rights” of the 1960s and beyond by using the Jewish-controlled mass media, to brainwash society with lies and promote miscegenation and other methods as part of an overall plan to weaken the white race and in parallel seek their eventual extinction. Caucasians in general are definitively being targeted for premeditated murder by pathetic criminal Negros acting on behalf of those who enslave them and later gave them “freedom” in the 1960s with the creation of the hoax known as “civil rights.” This is treason to the people of the world viewed from any angle.  The common enemy is taking advantage of the Negro’s criminal nature to advance their agenda while acting behind the scenes; they are using Negros to help them achieve their sinister goals by giving the criminals a false sense of “power” which the useful idiots use to give free rein to their criminal and destructive natural instincts. This is the reason why they were chosen to lead the on-going campaign to murder Caucasians for no other reason than hate. We reiterate our total disagreement with this heinous criminal activity that can only benefit the common enemy to whom Negroes are subordinated and controlled by: Jews.

The Negro’s proneness to violent crime has been established in different scientific studies that have explained with precision the fundamental genetic differences among people and the reasons for their behavior. One such study based on twenty five years of continuous investigation and research is the work by Professor Jean Philippe Rushton, author of the book titled “Race, Evolution and Behavior.” According to the author, Negros are endowed by nature with physical attributions that outweigh their limited mental capabilities due to the size and shape of the brain, and the result of this disparity is expressed in violent outbursts followed by the use of brute strength. Negros are also habitual practitioners of witchcraft which is an integral part of their whole ancestral natural being. Considering the significance of their traits it doesn’t take an expert to figure out why they were chosen for the macabre task of murdering Caucasians, women in particular. We suggest that you read the book. Moreover, the violent and destructive nature of Negroes has been previously demonstrated with riots carried out for the sole purpose of destroying property and looting. The recent riots in London showed proof and overwhelming evidence of not only the criminal intention to destroy valuable property and steal gadgets, but also the racial hatred embedded in the senseless savagery that produced innocent victims, including the violent death of a 68 year-old native Briton murdered by a Negro while he was trying to extinguish a fire made by the hooded criminals. Research on the subject of riots have produced information pointing out almost exclusively at Negros as being responsible for the destruction of property and lost of life resulting from their senseless violence. In the US, for instance, all mayor riots were made by Negros while other ethnic groups limited their actions to demonstrations or complaints through non-violent political actions. The aboriginals, for example, have never been part of any extreme violent acts such as riots, looting or murder of Caucasians, despite the segregated and inhumane social conditions imposed on them by those who invaded and stole their land after slaughtering them by the millions.  The native Mexicans also lost their ancestral land resulting from invasion, murder and theft, yet there is no existing record of them rioting and committing premeditated murder of whites based on history.

As stated before, we reject the Negro’s guise to justify their campaign to murder white people based on what happened hundreds of years ago. What happened then cannot be changed or somehow be reversed to a previous point and the on-going campaign to murder whites, is not only serving the divide-and-conquer tactics of the common enemy, but it is also creating dangerous conditions from which wide spread of violence based on racial hate or revenge, could start and develop into an open armed conflict. The US does not need a stupid race war that would only benefit the enemy; what it needs is a war directed at the criminal ruling elite responsible for the actual reality of the country and most of the world. The struggle for the true liberation of the United States of America can only be done by all the people organized and united with the common goal of taking back the country from those who high jacked it long ago and now control the government serving only their interests. The current government must be replaced with one that is truly democratic, but this can only be done by millions of men and women of all races determined to wage war until the end. There is no other way. Voting every four years for pawns like Barack Obama will not change anything.

If Negroes want to give free rein to their sick and savage criminal instincts to kill they should focus on the real enemy and its subordinates, and not on common people who have nothing to do with what others did in the past. When and if they decide to do that we will be ready to join them.

The Truth Publications [2012]

               “The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be live.” – Gil Scott Heron


About the truth is freedom

I live for the truth only just as the Lord Jesus did
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7 Responses to Common people of all races need to unite, but…

  1. Chris (white South African who knows the truth) says:

    The total number of people killed in South Africa per year is about 18 000. This includes all races. We have the second highest murder rate in the world, the world’s highest rate of rape and the world’s highest rate of HIV infections. The Zionists use the other races to destroy the white race and while I believe God created the black man too, He did not create the coloured man (most “Negroes” are coloured – eg. Barrack Obama). If we are being overwhelmed then eventually we will have to retaliate and believe me it won’t be easy to retaliate on the elite. Thus we will be forced to fight for out lives against all the non-white races that the elite are buffeing themselves with.

    • kenridge(African in South Africa) says:

      So did God create a black man to be used as the devil’s tool? If not then why did He not deprive us of the pain of being used as slaves or considered inferior?
      nothing makes sense in this world

  2. Chris (white South African who knows the truth) says:
  3. killer of liberals says:

    if there were no jews on planet earth we would eliminate two thirds of the evil in the world!

    • ZIONISTS are the world’s problem. They need to be rounded up and detained in their own FEMA DEATH CAMPS so that they can’t harm others. They are just evil reprobates greedy covetous parasitic.

      • Anyone with the smallest amount of honesty will agree with you that Zionism is THE PROBLEM in the world now but as soon as you start telling the truth you will be called “anti-Semite.”

  4. Andrew says:

    Zionism didn’t exist until the 1800’s. Jews were kicked out of Europe 109 times before Zionism was ever conceived. This Zionism is just another ruse, another red herring. Don’t be fooled.

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