The government has betrayed the native people of England

The riots in London were an act of betrayal against Britain

“It is better to die standing up than to live on your knees”

The saying “you don’t shit where you live” refer to the common knowledge that one does not damage or harm a place that is being hospitable and supportive to you and this is exactly what the criminal rioters did.  They are detestable scum in the literal sense of the word who have admitted publicly and without any shame, that their criminal and savage behavior was aimed at stealing gadgets they couldn’t afford to buy. This fact along with others no less important debunks the false theory by some that the criminal hoodlums committed an act of savagery against British society because they are economically deprived or oppressed for ethnic reasons. So based on the overwhelming evidence, the racial or economic allegations don’t weight and are dismissed as feeble and false claims seeking to cover up or justify heinous criminal actions perpetrated against British society as a whole by hooded cowards.

An amount of considerable information has been published already since the riots but so far none or no one has point out at the ethnicity of the great majority of actors in the senseless destruction of property, legitimate business, the beating and even death of at least five whites plus many injured.   The majority of those who conceived and carried out the riots were Negros though some whites were also involved.

While it is true that the riots were solely motivated by thievery, a number of racially motivated actions also took place throughout the rioting while the media focus was mainly on the destruction of property caused by the hooded thugs, thereby downplaying the presence of the race factor during the violent looting. There are videos, pictures, and even eye-witnesses to show that Negros attacked and beat up whites simply because of what they were. One significant picture wherein at least ten of them are brutally kicking a young white man while on the floor can be seen at the daily mail website dated August 15, 2011. There was also the death of Richard Mannington Bowes, age 68, who was murdered by a Negro when he was trying to put out a fire. Taken into consideration these and other facts it can be concluded that the riots were an expression of hatred for England and its people aggravated by thievery and other crimes. The most appropriate word to describe these criminal freaks is “scum.”  This scum sought to destroy the source that is feeding them as most –if not all– are welfare recipient’s with much idle time to plan their destructive criminal actions against the society supporting them.  This is a betrayal in its entire dimension viewed from any angle.

The rioters scum is being supported by a social system paying them for not working or doing any productive activity that could benefit the community, and they think of this policy as weakness that transform into total disregard for the established social order. Britain is not the only country where these useless free-loaders and parasites have manifested their natural savagery; they have perpetrated the same or similar criminal actions whenever and wherever social tolerance provided the conditions for them to show their wild and destructive true nature that is not compatible with white Europeans and other people. If the rioters scum have legitimate grievances for whatever reasons they should organize politically to obtain support but they lack capacity and willingness to act intelligently and opted for savage rioting, looting, and even murder of innocent citizens. Anyone regardless of skin color, language, nationality or other personal characteristic that commit these type of crimes should not be allowed to live in Britain, but native Britons should not expect the government to expel this scum from their country, so they will have to either get rid of the scum themselves or face even more and bigger destructive scenarios than the recent riots in London. With each passing day, week, month or year, it is becoming clearer that the government is not serving the interest of the native Britons, but instead, it is applying policies that serve only the interest of the elite to whom it is subordinated and controlled by. The government has also betrayed the native people of Britain. It has betrayed them in many ways including allowing massive unchecked non-white immigration to settle on British soil in compliance with directives by an elite cabal whose ultimate goal, is the extinction of whites and the enslavement of those that can survive the Jewish diabolical plan; it has betrayed the native people of Britain by promoting racial mixing and multiculturalism; it has betrayed the native Britons also by rewarding hard-core criminals in a system of “justice” that is a sick joke; etcetera.   All of these betrayals plus others not mentioned were made possible through policies subtlety applied, that government officials never explained to the British people but show the magnitude of the real threat to the survival of native Europeans, not only in Britain, but in other countries of Europe as well. All the threats mentioned are aimed at the elimination or enslavement of whites but some are worst than others, and mass non-white immigration seems to be the biggest threat of all due to its potential to surpass the native European population within only a few decades.  When and if millions of none-white immigrants finally surpass the population of native Europeans, their own history and traditions will disappear into a world that is not compatible by nature with them, in particular, the Muslim one and everything involved in its fanatical and backward world they would like to impose if they can on the rest of the world by any means possible including violence. It is not an exaggeration to state that white people’s survival is being seriously threatened by non-white immigration and other components of the Jewish plan to eliminate, enslave or both, the whole world and not only white native Europeans. So in the context of this reality the organized political unity of people with a common interest is a must if survival is what we want.   And this need to be done now before is too late…

The ideal unified political organization made up of common people would be one wherein all are represented and with the aim of dismantling the present social structure, to be replaced by one without privileged classes where people are placed above monetary profits, and not one where profits are placed above people like it is now.  In the organization all participants must understand that such an endeavor will require dedication and sacrifice considering that our enemy is very powerful and destructive. The idea of an organization made up of all races is inspired by the knowledge that Jews plan to exterminate and/or enslave, not only whites in Europe and elsewhere, but also everyone else on earth except their own.  The Jews focus on whites mainly because they see them as the main enemy and the biggest obstacle in their quest for world domination, and corrupting them as they have, has contributed to weaken whites to whatever extent they have allowed this on them.  Opening doors to Jews was perhaps the biggest mistake whites could have ever made, and unless the ongoing is stopped cold and reversed, the threat of their diminishing is real. Realistically, whites might not be able to overcome the enemy by themselves so their best prospect seems to be joining the rest of us who are also being threaten by the common enemy of all people’s and not only of whites.

In the overall, the type of organization we envision and propose would be political and military in which intelligence and counter-intelligence must be a vital component of its structure, and also characterized by total independence from everything related to anything conventional in order to resolve any issue. The organization would also be one wherein each member understands and is conscious of the enemy’s true criminal nature and will act in consequence.  The motto of the organization may be “do what must be done” entailing that in the type of predicament we all find ourselves in and considering the true nature of the enemy, the means will justify the ends regardless of what it may be that must be done to achieve a goal. The spiritual guidance of the organization will be true hate for the enemy whose physical and irreversible destruction we would seek by any means necessary.

The idea of a multi-racial organization we envision and propose arises from a deep and thorough analysis showing that in the reality of today’s world, all races are being affected in different ways by the same source, as a result of an unnatural and artificial environment deliberately created by using subtle, cunning and evil methods as tools to carve the path on which very specific plans have been and are moving on at a fast speed, thanks to the collaboration of useful idiots who are dumb enough not to realize or discern that they are only being used to be discarded when no longer needed. The unnatural and dangerous reality in which the great majority of common people are in, objectively suggest that only great masses of organized people from all races can deal with the present survival challenge.  We think that only one racial group will not be able to overcome the enemy. We think also that what we propose is hard to accomplish but not impossible and the sooner we start the better.  Time is running out and the plan for a race war from which only the enemy can benefit will affect all and not only whites. What the common people need is not a race war to kill each other off while the enemy benefits, but instead a class war against the banking oligarchy elite made up mostly of Jews to whom the traitor government is subordinated. Society is now the way it is because the puppet government traitors obediently and deliberately implemented nonsensical policies the ruling elite traced for officials to follow. Mass non-white trash immigration which is seriously threatening the existence of native Europeans is only one example of that fact.  The objective reality is pointing out at an urgent need to organize and act accordingly before is too late. Militias need to be created not only in Britain but also in other countries of Europe to deal with the survival challenge all of us will have to face sooner than later. You may or may not agree with this view but in reality there is no other alternative, except to organize politically and militarily if we wish to survive or avoid being enslaved.  If you know of an option other than asking the government to stop doing what they deliberately did to begin with we would like to know about it.


About the truth is freedom

I live for the truth only just as the Lord Jesus did
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6 Responses to The government has betrayed the native people of England

  1. Pat says:

    “It is better to die standing up than to live on your knees” umm how could a western white man react when is his a complete sub to the white woman ? There are tons of ads on TV portraying white men as childish idiots, mocked by white women, and no men or lobby say anything. You guys must understand that women cannot stand weak men. It’s either you dominate her (I don’t mean violence here) or she disrespect you. Equality is not wanted by women, only domination. Dudes men of any other culture in the world are more dominant than white guys.Your worse enemy is not government, Islam or whatever. It’s your women and mothers that have put a knife in your back. Ask yourself why some white women want only to date with other ethnies… their men are dominant and self-confident that’s why. Sadly for the women, if the western world fails, so will their democratic rights. They will be considered just has their muslim counterpart are. White women wanted to destroy the white man but doing so they destroy themselves in the process. They pushed too far in white man hating and now is payback time…. Immigrants are regularly raping white girls in EU now, and if white men had not been deprived of they masculinity this would not have happened

  2. Josey Wales says:

    The Jews are in complete control. WWIII will be in full swing by the end of October. This war is designed to take away the free transfer of news between the sheeple. The internet will be shut down to citizens during this war, a war designed to totally enslave all the goy of the world to Israel. There will be no “rights” for the sheeple. We are Israeli property, animals given the gift of speech so that we may better serve our Masters, the Jews. I say, “Damn to hell the Devil Jew”. Jews are demon seed in human form, pure evil. Everywhere the Jew goes he leaves misery, death, despair, grief, woe, and sorrow. Billions of people have met their death due to Jewish manipulation, lies and deceit. They are backstabbing fiends who should be eliminated from the face of the earth.

    • Markwills says:

      I absolutely LOVE to see idiots make idiotic predictions and have reality slap them in the face!!!
      “by October” you say? please tell me you got rid of all your money and sold everything you own because that brain-dead preacher said that the rapture was coming in October, 2011,2012,2013,2014,2015……….ROFLMAO at the mindless stupidity!!!!!!!
      I would love to think of you penniless and begging for food , which is someone of your ilk belongs
      damn you to hell, devil scum!

  3. killer of liberals says:

    first off jews are not human. they were created by satan to destroy gods creation humans. yes we do have demons on earth they are the jews!

    • Markwills says:

      the only ones that should be killed are demonic scum like you!
      oh. wait, am I not being “tolerant ” enough for you?

  4. skay378 says:

    It’s the very reason the Jews decided to start the slave trade. Thinking they could get rid of the goyim, didn’t work though. They seen how easy it was to pay the negroe off to sell their own people. Then white man stands up for them and fights for there freedom, and never thanks them for there sacrifice which was the abolishment of slavery. The Jews knew they were parasites, you can see that in the bible. The Jews would love for you to think everyone came out of Africa when in fact it was India. We’re gullible people thinking others are civil like we are which the Jews play on. It’s time to wake up there’s different races for a reason .

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