Child abduction and chip implanting

The abduction and disappearance of children, micro chip implanting, and the automated control of society under the “new world order”

The mysterious abduction and disappearance in Portugal of Madeleine Mc Cann of only three years old has created a shock over something that has actually been occurring for years, but due to the complicity of the elite-controlled mass media, real information on many other similar cases was deliberately hidden and denied to the public. Different statistical Internet sources inform that between Europe, the United States and Canada, thousands of young children were abducted and disappeared mysteriously during past years.

For those that don’t know it, the abduction and disappearance of children is part of a plan designed to create a state of alarm, fear and horror within society faced with the real and chilling possibility of losing a beloved child in such a way. The plan was designed to put civil society in unbearable levels of fear and desperation due to the continuous disappearance of children, and then offer “solutions” consisting of implanting small chips under the skin as a false security measure that would prevent the permanent disappearance of children, and would also help find victims by electronic means. All this is a BIG lie. In an automated society the implanted chip would be part of a net controlled by computer systems located at a central station.  The satanic and sinister plan is part of a whole conceived and created by the ruling elite for the advancement of their one world government agenda to enslave and control us all like a herd of cattle.

In the purposive system of a single world government, all citizens without exception will have to accept -willingly or not- the implanting of chips under the skin as a condition but not limited to: Buy food, clothing, appliances;  have access to housing, transportation, employment, medical and social services, renting a dwelling, and other living essentials. The implanting of chips in the human body is such a repugnant idea, that people reject it even while not knowing who or what is really behind the evil plan.  For this reason, and to avoid complications that could become an obstacle to their diabolical plans, the ruling elite resort to the well-organised abduction and disappearance of innocent children who in different cases, and according to professional journalists and writers who specialise in the subject, were murdered in macabre rituals held in the dark depth of cold basements at medieval castles in Europe, as offerings to Satan whom the Zionists masons who make up the ruling elite, adore as their god.

The mysterious disappearance of a child son or daughter causes a terrible and unbearable anguish, pain and suffering to which people demand immediate and effective actions to end the problem; it is at this precise point when the agents of the elite appear to offer “solutions” which consist of implanting micro chips under the skin. According to information available on the web there are already about 2 thousand families between Europe, Canada and the United States who accepted voluntarily the implanting of chips under the skin “for their security.”  The ignorance of too many people thanks to the elite-controlled mass media does not allow them to understand that from the moment a chip is implanted into the body, their life would not belong to them anymore, and him or her will be placed on the automated control of the so-called “new world order.”  To implant micro chips under the skin of children and adults, it will be necessary to convince society that the terrible and abominable crime of abducting and disappearing children, has reached epidemic proportions that require effective solutions;  the parents or family members of the abducted and disappeared victim will feel a great need to act, but not having a clue let along real knowledge on who exactly is behind the crimes, they will probably do it in ways which will not identify the true source of the crisis, and there would be nothing or no one to point out as responsible for the crimes, and the abduction and disappearance of children will continue.  This reaction as human behaviour has been carefully studied by scientists at private organisations at the service of those whose plan is to control society through chips implanted under the skin.  Taking this fact into consideration, one can predict that the abduction and disappearance of children will continue until the ruling elite attain their final goal which is the physical and spiritual control of people.  If this assessment is correct, then the theory that Madeleine’s abduction and disappearance is linked to the “new world order” plan is valid.  It would be valid because what the Zionists masons and Satan-lovers of the ruling elite want, is to create a social environment of fear and insecurity, so that people accept the implanting of chips under the skin. The micro chip implanting under the skin will be the ultimate mark of the beast that will put us all in the hands of satanic evil controllers ready for Armageddon against the messiah.  When they achieve their final goal the control of people will not only be physical but also spiritual, which is exactly what they want.

In the case of Madeleine Mc Cann, there are elements that make one think of her abduction and disappearance as the result of a well-organised and detailed preparation to execute the plan.  Madeleine’s case is not an isolated one as there are many others that took place in different countries. The only difference may be the enormous amount of media exposure the case received as part of a strategy to increment the possibilities of finding her.  There are those who think that the abduction and disappearance of children are linked only to paedophiles and other perverts but one must remember that all wickedness and perversion existing in society these days, is the product of this capitalist system lead by ruling elite bankers who want the total control of society by automated means for their own selfish security and the continuing of the present social status quo.  Have no doubts that all pederasty, child pornography, rape, paedophilia, and all other forms of hard core perversion and evil acts against human dignity, are the creation of  elite central bankers –Zionist Jews in their majority– who want to corrupt the very essence of morality and Christian values, for the purpose of destroying the family, the social fabric, and replace it with a “new world order” consisting of one government for the whole planet managed by the United Nations which they control. The promotion of homosexuality is also part of the ruling elite’s plan to establish a one world government with a micro chipped citizenry.

One element of great importance in the satanic agenda of the ruling elite is the implanting of micro-chips so as to have the precise automated control of every person in society. This is really what is behind paedophile and pederast groups who abduct children often motivated by the “business” of selling them for profit to become sex slaves, or as a vital organ source for which they are murdered to extract them from their dead bodies. This reality is denied by the elite-controlled governments and their appendages such as the police who claim that the abduction, disappearance and murder of children by their abductors, to be “isolated” cases and that society need not worry about these horrible crimes occurring.  The church keeps a deep silence on this reality. In view of this deliberate irresponsibility and complicity with the heinous crime of kidnapping, disappearing and in many cases murdering innocent children, people in general need to be informed on the true reality of why and who is behind these crimes, so that appropriate measures are taken to protect children from sick criminal predators walking around everywhere these days. Particular attention should focus on everything related to leaving children unattended, which is the opportunity predators look for when they have an abduction plan.  The natural laxity most people have with their children was the key factor in most abduction cases, and it must be changed for a vigilant attitude in view of the times and the type of society we are living in. Pass on this information to your friend’s family and neighbours.

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