The US “Southwest” was stolen from Mexicans

The United States “Southwest:” A bandit’s loot by means of murder and theft

Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821 after ending years of war against colonial imposition and crimes by the Spanish invaders. The war left Mexico drained out which contributed to neglect its Northern territories known today as the United States “Southwest.” The original name of that land is Aztlan and Chicano descendants from the original inhabitants still use that name today.

While Mexico was at war with Spain, thousands of white colonists, cattleman, adventures, and mercenaries, were coming from other parts of North America that had been already invaded and occupied looking for land and gold they could find and obtain “by any means.” These mercenaries fixed their eyes and interest in what is today “Texas,” placed themselves in land plots, and later enlarged their population so that by 1835 there were more white foreigners than native Mexicans in the area.  In 1836 the white foreigners occupied most of the territory by force, declared “independence” and called the stolen lands “Republic of Texas.” This bandit’s act caused the war between Mexico and the United States for the first time until the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between the two countries on February 2, 1848. Mexico lost the land the whites called “Texas” but subsequently the rest of the Northern territories which eventually became part of the whole mass land known today as the US “Southwest.”

The land stolen from Mexico is bigger than Germany and France combined and considered to be among the riches in the world where an abundance of gold was found after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. The native Mexicans were forced to become US citizens or leave the area one year after the Treaty was signed. As a result of the invader’s laws, thousands of native Mexicans left but the great majority stayed and became citizens. Throughout the development of the so-called “Republic of Texas” the war against Mexicans was made of grave crimes. The well-known philosopher and historian Jose Vasconcelos wrote that one reason whites perpetrated horrible crimes against Mexicans, was because they believed in the concept known as “manifest destiny” which in practice meant to “kill all the Mexicans and take Mexico.” History has registered thousands of grotesque crimes against Mexicans in that part of the Native American Continent, but more outstanding for having similarities with the grave crimes by whites in Central and South America, are those related to the taken of men by force of arms out of their homes to be murdered, then the white killers would back to the homes and rape women and little girls, murder them, set the homes on fire, and kill all the animals.

The historian Jose Vasconcelos wrote that Mexicans used to refer to whites who committed the crimes as “drunken bandits, fornicators, devils vomited from hell, and monsters who defy the laws of nature; they are white men with dirty beards, ignorant, shameless, stinking, with their hats thrown towards the back, thirsty for the wish of stealing our lands and wealth, and for raping our beautiful young ladies.”   That reference is still valid today.

Sociologist Stan Steiner wrote a book entitled “La Raza de Bronze” in which he states that “the massacres throughout the ‘Texas’ border was truly incredible, as most whites had turned into cold blooded killers totally degenerate spreading terror all along the territory killing people only because they were Mexicans, calling them ‘stupid greasers’ before murdering them.”  The author also wrote in his book about a season called “Mexican hunting” in which the biggest and most incredible crimes were committed against Mexicans by white men, while no punishment was imposed on the killers for their crimes since a judge or jury would not dare to condemn whites for murdering Mexicans. “In reading reports by authorities it feels as if there was indeed a season for real hunting along the border in those days,” wrote the author.

According to other historians who specialize in “Southwest” history, the violence against Mexicans had reached such crisis and proportions that the Secretary of State forced the Governor of the area to take severe measurements in order to protect local Mexicans from white violence in “Texas” and in other parts of the “southwest.”  It was generally known but not “officially” admitted that racism was embedded in the violence against Mexicans and as a result, Mexico refused to become a member of the League of Nations arguing that the written agreements did not provided with guarantees on racial equality between whites and Mexicans. The documents were declared to be racist.  In an attempt to explain the criminal behaviour of whites against Mexicans, Journalist Manuel Ugarte wrote in the El Heraldo newspaper during May of 1900 the following:

The irreconcilable opposition between the white and Mexican Communities is presented very vividly and obvious in the hard and indifferent white character; they are falsely arrogant, defy nature, seek to impose the mark of competition, individualism, and blind selfish ambition to possess;  like Romans in times of triumph, they want to have as personal servants Chinese, Mexicans or Negroes to pick up the left over’s from their banquets as payment for the work of sub-alternates.

Note that even though that relates to past history nothing seems to have changed fundamentally if we look at the attitudes and actions of whites towards La Raza in general. One historical fact related to the present political, social, and economic reality of Native American Raza en general, is that which Sociologist Frank Olmstead points out very accurately in his book entitled “The Destiny of a Continent.”  In that book the author wrote about the great tragedy suffered by Mexicans during history and what could happen if an attempt was made to establish mutual harmony between whites and Mexicans. He wrote the following eloquent explanation of a reality:

Between whites and Mexicans there is now and always will be an inevitable antagonism based purely on racial bias on the part of whites that will prevent any healthy human relations of personal character if both would seek to join.  The vulgar white mix of hypocritical puritanism and bandolerism that distinguish their majority, does not adopt so that the two can associate in real harmony.  The majority of white’s think of Mexicans and other Native Americans as being stupid, ignorant, effervescing, lazy, fanatics, greasers, and full of stupid passion for love.  The whites also think of Mexicans and other Native Americans as idolatrous, manipulated by priests, and racially do not see or think of them as white.  Consequently, as a result of the white’s state of mind, they treat Mexicans and other Native Americans with disrespect, insolence, and when they can, with injustice.”

This description of the white mentality towards Mexicans and other Native Americans is not necessarily applicable only to the past. That sick mentality is still prevailing nowadays and is the root of most social problems imposed on all Native Americans, regardless of nationality.  Based on the white’s problem related to their state of mind and attitudes towards natives in general, the social formation to which La Raza was subjected through crimes before and after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, is clearly the root of present day racism and other social ills affecting all Native Americans, regardless of what part of the American Continent the person was born in.

The history in that part of the Native American Continent when in 1848 the North of Mexico became the “southwest” of the US gave an accumulation of racial, sentimental, political, and ideological elements that now form well-defined characteristics that should be manifested through transcending acts on behalf of the history of not only Mexico, but of Native America in general. The historical duty of all Native Americans is to recover the land stolen by whites through murder and theft for the purpose of creating and keeping this capitalist system of exploitation at their expense.

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261 Responses to The US “Southwest” was stolen from Mexicans

  1. George Miller Mendez says:

    So true, the dirty Americans stole half of Mexico’s territory, they divided this nation, Mexico was a free country, after its independence from Spain. The disputed territory was just Rio Grande and Nueces river, and at least, the USA now has 25% more territory. They had no shame.

    • nerfball6 says:

      Try reading about the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty and the Gadsden’s Purchase

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, because that treaty totally wasn’t made at gunpoint.

      • Truth Teller says:

        Who did the “Mexicans and Spanish kill to steal the land from to begin with. It was never a natural place where Spanish owned anything according to you concepts. Get a life and forget the “stolen land” because that would go back to 8,000 years before Spain even existed. Wacko Alert!!!

      • serg says:

        truth teller is an idiot

    • Barack Obama says:

      I am confused because you left out: Mexico falling into dictatorship in October 1935; Texas Revolt in October 1935; Texas Independence in April 1936; Complete lack of law enforcement; California Revolt in June 1846. Then after a short war, the US reestablished the Constitution of Mexico in August 1846, brought back democracy, and paid Mexico for the conquered land. And Mexico fell into dictatorship again under the Austrian Maximilian in June 1864, during the U.S. Civil War, which scared the US into Sherman’s March to the Sea, which destroyed the south. Napoleon III sponsored Maximillioin and Queen Victoria order the entire Gibraltar garrison to stand in salute as the Hapsburg flotilla sought to create another imperial dictatorship on the U.S. boarder.

      • Anonymous says:

        You forgot to include that Mexico abolished slavery long before the Americans did. Democracy doesn’t mean shit when one nation still had “inferior” races as slaves, and I’m not even a Mexican.

      • Jesus says:

        You are the biggest lair that i ever read. …….go back to africa

      • Ana says:

        The fact that you admit that Mexico had slaves is a relief, as you insinuated, Slaves where all over the American Continent, yet the Communist propaganda only blame USA for it. And it seems by reading history that USA was the only country that actually had a civil fight among them which respect of slavery, the others had to terminate it because they promised the release of the slaves if they fought with the mestizos for independence from Spain, not precisely because they wanted to.

      • Bob says:

        You forgot to include that Mexico is just one big corrupt shit hole that people are desperately trying to flee from. I’m pretty sure America has made better use of the land than Mexico would have ever done.

    • Bill Williams says:

      Name one city…JUST ONE, that Mexicans have moved into and fixed up or improved. The truth is you destroy everything you touch

      • Jesus says:

        We can do what ever we want. In our land which is southwest america. Please go back to Europe

      • Margaret says:

        Your a lie real talk if it wasn’t for Mexican people here harvisting our crop building our homes what would we have no food crops or homes, apartments. How many whites and blacks are seriously ganna work there asses off in the heat for minimum wage not very many because they’ll rather be under the fan or shell I say ac working in offices.

      • C P says:

        Jesus, if Americans had to go back to Europe, then the native Americans would have to go back to Mongolia and the Mexicans of European descent would have to go back to Spain.

        “go back where you came from” is not a valid argument here, and it’s something historically ignorant people think is a good comeback.

    • Juan Jose Apache Navajo says:

      It is obvious the poor planning of the Spanish and French resulted in remnants of undefined settlers who could never have survived without joining New England, or the Real whites. Need I remind you Spain was occupied by muslims and France’s futures were dependant on the British, further without the RUSSIANS, WW2 was a loss for the US’s little buddy France who simply put, never put up a fight. History is skewed to appear as if some holy spirit entitled white nigglets to actually believe the land was theirs. We call them squatters and insolent people. In reality, Mexico’s power, demonstrated by Not allowing Spain or France to reign helped present day England from having to procure this region. That puts fear in the hearts of poor white people of all types. So they cower in the shadows of the US government where these poor losers are All allowed to survive since the killing of pink folks is now a crime.

      • New World Order says:

        You are going to be ground into the dirt. Who do you think is going to win this war?? I’ll tell you who’s going to own you and the US. Globalists, elitist billionaires like the Clintons, Bushes, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Russian, Chinese, Swiss billionaires. They (like you) don’t care about white Americans either. They are going to use you up, then toss you in the trash. All the little white, brown, black, red, yellow ones in this country that think they “own” anything had better think again You will be left powerless.
        One World, baby, It’s the New World Order. Haha

    • Ana says:

      This is one of the reason why Mexicans have such a hard time progressing in life. They listen to Communist twisted history and they live in the past, they allow this hate monger losers to play with their emotions, they do not research neither know their own history right.

      Nothing was stolen, it was bought, and to be able to grow as a people, put responsibility in the hands of your own leaders, cause Mexicans are always blaming someone else for their mistakes. Take your mistakes, take responsibility and LEARN from them so you can grow and progress. Stop acting victim all the time, cause that is how you will stay and that is how these Communist suckers want you to be, so you can be weak.

      And now, there are groups like la Raza, conquering your youth through hate, talking about revenge, wasting their time and planning for a takeover and probably the loss of their lives.

      Mexicans have failed to have a country well maintained in economy, safety and education. Why do they want more land? to screw it up too? Somehow they cannot think well, too much corn in their diet i guess.

      • serg says:

        you must be white because everything you said describes your kind not mexicans
        white people only think of money and they use it foolishly such as buying drugs, everyone knows that.

      • Ignacio Barragan says:

        It is not that we want more land. Just we want our own land, and more than half of it has been under occupation for litte over a century under the foreign government of the USA.
        Undoubtedly we were victimized by the USA several times since we become an independent and slave free country. The USA has raped many times our sovereignty. If you know a little history you might agree with me. Of course, we had many political problems overtime of our own making. There were many reasons why we have not been a successful country during the last couple of centuries as we were as a province of the Spanish Empire. The New Spain was rich and powerful it belonged to a world integrated economy. And our independence war actually wrecked that economic order we belonged to. Several governance and administrative problems are more likely to arise if you break with three centuries of a certain style and try to find your own. The USA was barely under England dominion, France, Holland and Britain was the admixture that never cristalized a clear cut government over the so called 13 colonies.
        The lands of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California were sparcely populated (as most of the world back then). But they were not empty unorganized land. For a reason many key cities in those states have names that are of Hispanic origin. The land was actually stolen with an unfair Treaty. You really need to grab a book and read about history and how Texas independence was fuelled and the disaster that we unleashed by allowing immigration into Mexico.
        Mexico is not a failed country, at least not to the extent the USA is gradually becoming. And our “failure” would be dramatically reduced if the USA would stop consuming and demanding for drugs. It is a serious issue that some Mexican nationals make your providers for dugs and take as pay weapons, bullets, granades. Thouse weapons are sold back in Mexico providen income to the dealers.
        It is difficult to replay to an ignorant lady as you proof being. I hope you will find some hatred to make you study and read more to provide more informed comments.

      • Leona says:

        I know that your people will remove the wall because they need the drug that south america produces ……. read my words silly……

      • C P says:

        Serg, Mexicans are often part European, namely Spaniards who are white. Chances are you have plenty of Caucasian in yourself.

        Stop your self-hate, it’s bad for your psyche.

    • Bill Williams says:

      Name one city in America that you “dirty” Mexicans have move into and fixed up….just one. Truth is, you turn everything to shit that you get your dirty hands on.
      And talk about shame? Look at the state of the territory you DO have! Pffft!

      • Ana says:

        The author of this article is just another simple mind that was brainwashed to hate, he will spend the rest of his life hating and living of donations or of stolen leftist government $$ like a good communist and end up living in constant poverty while his leaders and his family live like those rich elite he preaches against.

      • Venn says:

        Im mexican and i agree with you, mexicans fuck everything up

    • Daniel says:

      You are a complaining loser. Who wants handouts after Mexican Americans busted their asses making something of their lives. Now you want this land after America and its immigrants made it great.
      You should be careful what you wish for because America is coming
      to get you and the rest of your European rapists . Long live the American spirit and if a greater America is the result so be it. LONG LIVE AMERICA.

  2. mexican people says:

    usa is a evil country that became rich; FOR STEALING A LAND THAT BELONG TO MEXICO.

    • john says:

      my family ranch was stolens over 20000 acres by anglos they were killed or driven out its all true

      • fueto says:

        oh really? lol

      • carrins says:

        lol,that’s so cute

      • Abby says:

        My family’s ancestors had deeds to lands in southwest Texas, they would travel to Mexico and Texas back and forth. So the invaders took over the land thinking it belongs to no one. But when. My ancestors came with there deeds, the invaders became violently and killed everyone and stole the Land like the thieves they are. Wow what a way to earn the land by stealing and killing. No pride or shame

      • Ana says:

        You need to put the responsibility in the hands of the President of Mexico at that time, your people refuse to do that, they keep crying victim and blaming the wrong people, that is why your people never grow.

    • Lilith Cross says:

      Keep on saying that. Mexico City was captured… not counting California & New Mexico, almost 80% of your country was under the occupation of the United States Army, under John C. Fremont… If WE WANTED TO… WE COULD HAVE GONE FOR THE WHOLE 100-FUCKING PERCENT OF MEXICO AND PUSHED YOU FUCKERS INTO GRAN COLOMBIA! Your country was given $18.25 million for the land and for reparations against the citizens who were displaced. $18.25 MILLION in 1848 DOLLARS. Do you know how much that is worth in today’s money?!? $553,030,303.03 in 2014 Dollars. You guys signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, your leaders in 1848 DID NOT HAVE GUNS TO THEIR HEADS. But they signed it. That means the territory was SOLD, you were given a fair price for it. YOU FUCKERS got a better deal for less land than FRANCE GOT FOR THE ENTIRE LOUISIANA PURCHASE! Napoleon received $10 million, Alexander II of Russia only got 7.2 million for ALASKA. Compared to the both of them, MEXICO WAS PAID MORE THAN WHAT THE TWO OF THEM RECEIVED COMBINED.

      • Don Francisco says:

        Thank you sir for setting some of these educationally deprived idiotas straight.
        People respond out of misguided emotion without ever bothering to check out the historical facts. They just show their complete ignorance of history.
        Que tengas un buen día

      • AL Reynoso says:

        Better “Deal than France”? That wasn’t their homeland you raper of land and people. Our people came from Aztlan or what you pilgrims call the Southwest

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      • Mxperson says:

        Thats bullshit, un the early 19th century México was the most powerful country in America, mexican army won the war, when mexican army was sleeping after celebrating the victory, a coward named Sam Houston put a gun in president Antonio López de Santa Ana’s head, forcing him to sign the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treat, but americans never recognize the dirty origins of their money, you killed a whole culture, stole Alaska from Russians, stole Louisiana from french and the excuse you use is: we paid for it, but just imagine what would be your country without southwest Golf and oil, alaska’s oil, and Louidiana’s fertile lands.

      • Jesus says:

        You come over here and say it on my face you chicken white basterd but come alone don’t bring your British pussy friends to defend you, im MEXICAN 100% and very proud fight like a man with out allies like always you pussy coward. …

      • Apache says:

        How we know for sure everything is true. History itself never lie white British had stolen land all over the world not just over in the us. Just look what south Africa is now, Australia, Belize and the list keep going. You guys took by force and killed innocence people in those countries and guys blame Mexican for being rapists when you guys have done it in past in entire worlds. You guys are responblo for killing hundreds or even thousands of native American and wipe out then out of the map in their country. You guys inherited Hitler poison and now this idiot of trump is spreading the same concept.

      • Olmo Barragan says:

        Yes I could legally buy your house for 1 dollar if my gang of rapists and looters are menacing to kill your family. You certainly would sell it if you are totally conquered. Mexico was in civil war therefore we were weak. Imagine England trying to take you back during your civil war. They could took Washington DC and legally force you to back sell all your land.

      • Olmo Barragan says:

        Lilith. Yes you could have the rest of Mexico but also you would have acquired an intermitent but endless civil war that lasted from 1810 to 1927 in Mexico. Napoleon and the Tsar sold unorganized territory. It was far for deploy armies there. You might just take it by force and there would be few or no consequences, but were stupid enough to buy it. It seems that you know little about history the Louisiana was first sold to Spain by the French king, after their revolution Napoleon invaded Spain and while he was in charge he sold the Louisiana to the US. But wasn’t rightfully theirs. Anyway the Louisiana was virgin unorganized land. Not like Texas, Nuevo Mexico o California. Actually it was organized and populated by us. Yes, we were weak due to our civil wars. We had a collapsed government. Some of them sold the land legally at a gun point with a large gang of rapists, murders, and looters US soldiers menacing families and their lifes. You think we did not care, but we did and we still do. We still believe our country is partially under foreing ocupation. We still want it liberated. Legally? You can call legally what ever is convenient to your believes. You know under the NAZI regime it was legal to kill jews, communist, gays, etc. So why not believe that there was a legitimal Mexican government to arrange the forced sell of our country to the USA. We were not represented by the people that sold our land. Yes they were educated people that worked as bureaucrats. Not an actual government, but an interim one that had no real representation. Americans (it is hard to think that the rest of the people in America are not Americans but only the US citizen) make a deal with an unlegitimal unrepresentative government of Mexico to convince them selves that they make a fair, legal deal that took good care of the sovereign rights of the nation they had invaded and were by that time totally occupied. Clearly we were as convinced as Germany after the two World Wars of the need of shrinking our borders.
        Yes the US won the war with Mexico to pray on the spoils of victory… You were punishing Mexico for being free of slavery since the War in Texas (that you call Texas independence). Of course, you fall later in civil war for the same reason.
        Mexico is unlike the US mostly free of racial prejudice. The Spanish conquest of Mexico aimed to assimilate the population into a single culture, a language and a single religion. There were hundreds of different native populations that were incorporated. The expansion of the Spanish Empire was not done displacing and exterminating original populations (we are different form the so called Americans in that). The Spanish empire as a latin empire organized lands under a single tongue, religion, trade system as remote Roman ancestors did.
        The US have some legal advantages that were inherited from the English law system that enable further progress that all Latin Roman Right based systems did not. We delay improving that because that system worked reasonably well over 2000 years. Small differences enabled different paths, I don’t expect you to understand those. But the US success has been short-lived so far on one hand, on the other the borders you see in the map have been there some few decades, impossible to say how long they will be there a Trump’s wall could last really few because the current border is artificial: The US is the second Spanish speaking country, just after Mexico but with more Spanish speakers that even Spain. Did you know this?
        Thanks to the believe in our inferiority we are not being assimilated into the US culture or language. Thanks to the illegal stauts of or country fellows they still keep ther home country identity and language. In some 50 years, I will see it California will be just as in 1850: the mayority of the population will speak Spanish as 200 years before. California should seek as Texas and New Mexico their independence. They are richer they have a different language. Hopefully Texas, California and New Mexico will claim their independence again. The people should choose their destiny is an American believe, and they will.
        It has been long since the US ocupated our land and draw their conveniently imaginary borders. But Mexico and all its Latin American fellows are getting stronger and we share more in common that Americans could mention: food, language, blood, history, religion, etc. Our culture is ecumenical: we adopt everyone independently of their race. I hope you recall my words each time you see a Taco in the US: mark my words we are getting back what the US illegally purchased. It was and will be again ours. I wonder what will be with the US some 200 years from know I sincerely doubt they will we capable of compete with the resources of a unified Latin American continent: From California, New Mexico and Texas to the Patagonia. We only share son 37% with English language, but Spanish and Portuguese have 89%. I have hard time understanding Portuguese if they speak at normal rate, I can easily read Portuguese. It took me two years for German and English to understand the same amount of words that my first try in Portuguese. The US will be competing with a Unified Latin America: twice the land and population even today: I mean discounting our occupied lands of Texas, California and New Mexico. You are totally right to vote Trump and be afraid of us. Of course, by being woman it is denigrating voting him: he thought you are interesting only as a sexual object to please his macho personality otherwise disgusting. Les see how the trial for Trump goes. Ironic so misogynist that he is capable of autoring the rape of a underage girl. Calling us rapists but without look at the US vs Mexico statistics on rape crimes. The rape is some 50% to 75% more frecuent there. And the actual criminal rates of illegal immigrants are the lowest of all cultural groups.

      • serg says:

        there was never payment for the land, everything that is in the USA history books and or published is altered so the US would give the idea that anything negative would be false because as they say it is documented, which is the typical white BS.

      • martin palomares says:

        Lilith Cross; if USA had the stupid manifest destiny to expand east to west; We the Mexicans have our own Mexican Manifest destiny; to expand from border Guatemala to Border with Canada!!

    • vic says:

      ummmm the spanish did the same thing, they killed most of the natives living there and took over nothing new guys just because america does it now its evil that how most land is acquired

    • Conquest was the way the ENTIRE WORLD worked at the time. Before Mexico laid claim to that area, it belonged to yet another group of indigenous people. If the USA gave this land back to Mexico, would Mexico then turn it over to the people they ‘stole’ it from? Probably not.

      • Abby says:

        Angela Mexican people are native Americans a large portion of us are European and native Americans. Read the history Mexico had over 2000 tribes including Apache and Navajo.many in south mexico do not Evan speak Spanish they speak there ancient native language.

    • Maricela Jaye says:

      The U.S. paid Mexico $18.25 million in 1845 for the land. Mexico was broke & didn’t give a damn about the land that was sold.
      The Mexican people would never have looked for gold in California much less
      accomplished anything near what the American people have. By American, I
      mean all the people that make up the great melting pot that makes America GREAT. Why else would more than 2 million people become naturalized citizens legally each & every year. That’s more than all other countries combined. AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

    • Ana says:

      you are funny, you think USA is rich just because of those small sections. Please learn to use your brain and stop listening to hate propaganda. Live for the future not the past that you cannot fix.

      • Angel Dominque says:

        Seriously you my dear need to grab the bible more often because you seem to feel like it is ok for people to kill in order to get what they want. Does that mean if someone covers your home or car they can forcefully take from you? You hon are pure EVIL…PERIOD.

    • charles says:

      Spain, Mexico stole the southwest from American Indians. Those Indians stole it from other Indians. The Comanches drove out all other tribes in Texas and N. Mexico. The Aztec and Mayan conquered and stole land from other tribes. So your point is…?

      • John says:

        The point is that stealing is wrong. The point is also that just because other people have stolen something before you, does not justify your own theft.

    • C P says:

      Wow dude. Read a history book. The US bought plenty of that land because the Mexican government did not have the resources or money to defend it adequately. They relied on the import of whites from America to defend its northern territories against the commanches and apaches. Mexico was so weak it could not even win a war against white immigrants occupying Texas!

      The people of Mexico still might have the land they used to have had they stayed under Spanish rule longer. You guys overthrew Spanish rule too early for your own good and you paid in land for your incompetence governing and protecting your new responsibilities. Accept and learn from your failures. Whining about it will get you nowhere. Fix your current incompetencies and you wouldn’t be losing your hardworking men to the US in the form of illegal and legal immigrants.

      Your Mexican states went broke trying to pay for non-government forces to kill off the natives because the Mexican states were too weak to defend from invasion by themselves.

      Nothing was “stolen” from you. You guys just sucked.

  3. lilly says:

    Do you seriously think America is going to “give back” the American South West? Hell no! Yall clam that this is your “homeland” but it isn’t any more. It is part of America now so get over it. How would you feel if Spain wanted Mexico back? Also, if you took over the southwest, Mexico’s economy wont change. The southwest is prosperous because its part of America. If it was taken over by Mexico, all the businesses and company’s and other Americans will leave. It all would start to look like the corrupt land full of poverty that you call Mexico. Also, we didn’t “steal” it. The United States bought it LEGALLY for 15 million in 1848. After that purchase, the southwest became no longer part of Mexico. And if Mexico tried to “take” back the southwest will just end up in war. America and all of its allies will come and DESTROY Mexico. Just get over it already. Your never going to get the southwest so deal with it

    • rich says:

      Mexico did not belong to spain they invaded.Mexico was forced to take the 15 million.Even congressman abe Lincoln was against the usa going to war against mexico he felt it was an unjust war.

      • C P says:

        Yeah I wish someone was “forced” to give me $15 million so I could sit on my lazy ass and bitch on the internet about how I am a victim. LMAO.

      • C P says:

        *wish someone forced me to take $15 million


    • Cesar says:

      America referes to north and South America not just this stupid country full of fukin racist assholes and theifs

      • mexican killer says:

        That land between Canada and Mexico is called the United States of America, fuckhead

      • Bill Williams says:

        Name one city…JUST ONE, that Mexicans have moved into and fixed up or improved. The truth is you destroy everything you touch.

    • betty burns says:

      As a white American, I am appalled at your disgusting arrogent comment. You are the reason why most people outside the United States have such contempt for us. You are ignorant of history, (what lead up to the loss of those territories) totally un-empathetic to the plight of the indigenous people of this nation. In more enlightened circles of the United States, you are regarded as an “UGLY AMERICAN and a Stain.”

    • JG says:

      They bought it at gun point. Besides that Us history will only tell you what they want you to know. Us history is stained with lies and sin. But I am glad because judgement is coming to this nation and your eye will see the destruction of this nation

      • carrins says:

        oh really when do you suppose that will happen?? Most likely never. lol, you think you know history

      • Velasco says:

        Well said JG: the time is here already, US is in the world market for sale and the Chinese have the first bet..!

    • Toño says:

      Take around you (guero) Mexicans and other Latinos are already taking over. Besides U.S has lots of enemies like China, Russia. Germany offered Mexico military weapons to take over the land when U.S had world war2. No need to have war (ese) we just walking in like kings bitch.

      • Chris Marsh says:

        Zimmerman Note. We will help you regain American southwest because they are bracing for war with us.

    • Velasco says:

      Mexico was never owned by the spaniels, little by little you will be selling your own country to the Chinese I call that Karma, first able try to pay your debt that will soon over pass 24 trillion dollars. ::))

      • Juan Jose Apache Navajo says:

        WTF are you on?
        Visit the facts you poor, uneducated entitled pig race dumbshit.

        US debt 19,282,703,718,212
        19 trillion

        Mexico debt 440,920,518,707
        440 billion

        *Per Citizen
        US 59740 each
        Mexico 3925 each

        My guess is make “illegals” legal to help pay for your errors. Hmmmm. Debt slavery.
        And don’t get me started on student debt, no worries though, you are obviously, Not in that group. Du’oh.

        * Data as of 6-12-16

    • Olmo Barragan says:

      Yes I could legally buy your house for 1 dollar if my gang of rapists and looters are menacing to kill your family. You certainly would sell it if you are totally conquered. Mexico was in civil war therefore we were weak. Imagine England trying to take you back during your civil war. They could took Washington DC and legally force you to back sell all your land.

    • Normandie Kent says:

      You will end up giving it up when the South West is the Majority Mexican or Hispanic, which will be the case by the year 2015. Right now whites are not having enough children to out pace the Mexicans and Native Americans. They are also one of the biggest voting block In the Southwest so they will take it back one way or another. Why the hell do you think whites are bitching for a wall and tougher immigration laws? It just matter of time you learn to live with it or move back to Europe. Europeans never paid any money to the Native Americans living in California for thousands of years, who didn’t steal it from anyone, being the first to discover it. So the Euro Americans did steal it.

  4. Most (or all) Caucasians deny the historical facts related to what is now the US Southwest. The same is true about the facts on how the US came into being. The fair conclusion is that denying the historical facts shows the irresponsible mentality of whites as part of their arrogance on which their racial “superiority” is based on. This of course is not expected to be admitted by whites.

    • What seems to be left out of these sorts of discussions is an explanation of how the people of Mexico would have a right to claim Texas as their own in the first place. The only thing that connects Texas with Mexico is that the whole area was claimed by Spain. The groups that inhabited Mexico before the arrival of the Spanish in 1519 for the most part were not associated with the groups that inhabited Texas.

      Texas was never a homeland for the people of Mexico, and they did not migrate to Texas in large numbers before 1821 for a number of reasons. When Mexico gained independence from Spain in that year, there were only about 3700 people living in the interior of Texas, not counting Native Americans. After Mexican Independence, as you referenced, Anglos flooded Texas and quickly outnumbered the Tejanos already there. It was only 15 years from the time Mexico gained independence until Texas broke away from Mexico.

      During those 15 years, Mexico’s incompetent government of Texas did not win them any fans, either. It’s hard to support a government where you have somebody crown themselves emperor (Iturbide), and then have somebody like Santa Anna come to power only a few years later. Those 15 years were filled with coup attempts, and when Texas finally rebelled, they were only one of ten Mexican states to rebel, Texas just happened to be the only one that succeeded.

      So I ask you, if Mexicans did not migrate to the interior or Texas in large numbers, if Mexico only held Texas for 15 years after the end of Spanish rule, and if Mexico and Texas are only connected by the fact that they were claimed by Spain, what exactly is it that gives Mexico more of a right to Texas than the United States has, other than Mexico having claimed the area first.

      Which brings me to what I believe. All of Mexico and Texas were stolen from Native Americans by Europeans. Texas being stolen from Native Americans who lived in Texas in no way means that any Native Americans who lived elsewhere have any right to claim Texas. This includes the people of Mexico. So yes, I agree Mexico and its people have been treated badly by Americans, but I just don’t see where Mexico has a claim to Texas that is any stronger than Spain’s or the US’s.

      • James Smith says:

        Wow…very well said. Are their going to be any replies, I wonder?

      • John Perk says:

        SURE Liar,the people LIVING IN what is now Texas today,who did they resemble,certainly not Spaniards nor White Europeans.But then again coming from an Apologist,Lt me guess,what we call Native American today,wasn,t there either RIGHT?

      • sigfreud says:

        So if large portions of your declared territory are populated by foreigners to the point that the foreigners become the majority, then it becomes the foreigners territory? Thank you, you just made the perfect argument for Texas and the rest of the Southwest going back to Mexico. Eventually Mexicans will outnumber whites again thanks to low white birth rate and skin cancer. Yes, the very fact that you need SP 52 just to hang around means you don’t belong here.

      • Anonymous says:

        As you said, Texas was always more anglos than Mexican. But that was because most Americans moved there as a first step for the manifest destiny. Most were mad because they weren’t allowed to have slaves and wanted to do so, the father of Texas (who I respect more), unlike the other Americans in Texas, suggested that they should be the one assimilating with Mexico, not the contrary, but he was arrested because they suspected him of being one of those Americans conspiring against Mexico (a big mistake, no question), while I don’t support how the Americans went to another country to invade (just like they did with Hawaii), I respect the man who have Texas its independence. But aside from that, everything was just manifest destiny stuff. By that logic, Muslims should conquer Europe and claim it as theirs because it can’t assimilate with their culture.

      • g says:

        So basically you say that if you have an empty building of yours and some dudes begin to inhabit it then it belongs to them? And what if they say to you: “You don’t have any rights over this building, you beat your wife and your house is a mess, we don’t like it, we will manage this better than you, so fuck off…” Brilliant logic Einstein.

        Your rationalizations to justify your dirty history are pathetic lol

    • No says:

      So true The whites are getting weaker that’s why they are threatened by Mexicans we are coming back to take what is ours that’s why they will never be able to stop us from coming here!

      • carrins says:

        lol, and the mexicans’ health are any better?

      • Robert says:

        If you think we are getting weaker,just try us boyo.Not all the savage brown turds in all the world could take even one mile of what we won fairly by the conquest of your kind.You scream to the heavens that your land has been stolen,but it changes nothing.On our worst day,we are more than a match for all of South America combined.So come….try us.I dare you boy.

  5. Sandy says:

    What do you expect from people who:
    1- their bible tell them to kill All humans, animals, and rape their enemies women.
    2- they think they are the descendants of the Romans but in the same time overlook the fact that Romans enslaved the European whites more than any other nations.
    3- their success in colonizing half the world made them think they are invincible.

    • James Smith says:

      1. No where in the Bible does it instruct any of us to kill all humans, animals, or commit rape. There are histories referring to it having been done. But, not instructions to do such a thing.
      2. The Italian is a descendent of the Roman. And the Romans were as white as any other European. This is because they were European. They did conquest most of Europe. But they did not enslave more of us than any other nation. That title is held by the Russian Communists.
      3. You are exactly right on your third point. And, it is a mindset that will have serious consequences,
      In conclusion: I believe a claim on Texas by Mexico is invalid. If Texas belongs to Mexico because they took it in open warfare from Spain and such a claim is valid based on your Nations right of Conquest. Then, would it not likewise be true that Texas’ claim of Independence from Mexico is valid based on that same right of Conquest? Would this be true, especially considering that they were left with little choice but to defy and resist the corrupt and tyrannical Mexican government that they lived under at the time?

      • John says:

        Example of the Bible instructing to kill: “They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.” (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB)

    • denoferth says:

      Sandy, aren’t you confusing the Quran with the Bible?

  6. Blubber blubber blubber

    Violence and conquest knows no racial boundaries ask the folk who inhabited the lands of china before the Han arrived ….

    Or indeed the brutality meted out by some African tribes to conquer others to provide slaves for Muslim slavery trade….

    Or how the Aztecs, toltecs etc treated others when in their height of power …

    The Mexicans lost. Grow up and face it.

  7. Phillip Bergen says:

    Before the Europeans arrived in the area now known as “Mexico” the various tribes there were well organized and made great ritual of killing and subjugating each other. When victorious, they murdered their captives as a way of earning blessings from their deities. They don’t do that any more. Neither do the Americans–those who are the children of the European groups that did this too. Here is the reason why things have changed: Christianity has had a huge impact on the way we humans relate to each other. All in all, I’d say that things have turned out rather well for all concerned–given the “traditions” of all of our ancestors. Mexico today is the business of today’s Mexicans. Shall they give it back to the Acatecs, Cocopas, Tepehuas, Toltecs, Zapotecs, Mayas etc? It’s complicated! Let the quality of life there speak for the quality of the Mexican world view–as it does in the US. As it does in all nations. Indeed, God help all of us deal with our current realities without repeating the barbarism of the past in either our deeds or our words.

  8. Luis Lozano says:

    Poor Mexico it’s been ramsacked raped by Spaniards, French & Gringos & still being ruin by Gringos dependence on drugs dirty harmful Mexican politicians de todos modos ! Viva Mexico ! Cabrones

  9. Edgarpoet says:

    People will believe the truth to be something it really is not. Because some radical Hispanic teacher proclaims that America stole Texas and California from Mexico, foolish uneducated
    Mexican children believe that teacher. Spain invaded Mexico, Spain inhabited California
    and the southwest. Mexicans, as they now call themselves, were mostly poor farmers,
    fishermen or unskilled slaves for the Spanish invaders, the Spanish were at war with the Native
    Americans, not over land rights, but over their women being raped, and hunting grounds being invaded. There was a war fought over this territory, The U.S won that war, then generously paid
    15 million to the established Mexican Government for the territory . So, we stole nothing.
    The Mexican Gov sold the land that did not even “belong” to them. This land belonged to Native Americans, NOT MEXICANS. WAKE UP! Stop spreading racism against the Caucasians, and if you really think the whites are terrible people, STOP receiving housing vouchers and food stamps that I have worked for 35 years to pay for, and If Mexico is so wonderful, then why not return there?

    • Laura Madness says:

      Thank you!
      I’m sick of being blamed and reviled and demanded to feel guilty for being white! Learn the truth about slavery, the colonization of the US and the Southwest! You can’t “own” an earth that was here long before people were. We live on it, not own it.
      And it’s inciteful, divisive crap like this that stops everyone from getting anywhere but pissed off and more hateful.

    • Derek says:

      Well said. The truth hurts and the sad truth is that Mexico lost the war, period. Everything else really doesn’t matter. Oh, I should mention that the Alamo had a lot to do with why The United States eventually went to war with Mexico. That was a massacre from the Mexican side. So while I don’t doubt that SOME (not all) of these American atrocities mentioned by these leftist activist professors happened, they probably did, but Mexico is not guiltless in that matter, nor are the Aztecs and nor is any civilization for that matter. In the end it is just another leftist piece of propaganda trying to sway more young people to their brand of reality, which really isn’t reality at all, it’s fairly land.

    • No says:

      Native Americans and native Mexicans they are all Indians to these lands the rightful owners! You people can be so stupid!

      • Mundo says:

        It was a provoked war. You guys came from Europe to invade and take what belonged to others. You killed more than 1 million Native Indians and also Mexicans. You face reality. Read History 101.

      • Robert says:

        That’s right’s called war and the losers generally get their shit taken at the end of a war.Be grateful we didn’t take the whole damn thing.By right of conquest,we could have.

    • 100% mexicano says:

      Return where when we already here men*so. . brown pride. Aribba mexico. Keep wishing you had our pride gringos. You hate that you wanna be like us. Ha keep being scared. BC you know the truth prevails. And you hate to know we will make it. That’s why you call us Mexicans. BC we can. So come on raza. So we puede. It’s not s history thing either. It’s being real that causes there dilemma BC they want to be realer than us knowing they can’t. And if somebody thinks different meet me. Look in my eyes and see if you don’t feel inferior. Lol but what can I say thanks life.

    • Abby says:

      Northern Mexicans are mix of European and native Americans. Today in Mexico many Natives can not speak Spanish they speak there native language. My family DNA have European and native american, we are proud of both. We have a ancestor who made Texas history. Our family serve for the USA in past wars…we are model citizens… Dont stereo type us all the same. People will be bad or good it’s up to them not there race.

    • Angel Domigue says:

      You are a dumbass Mexicans are Native Americans.

  10. brady says:

    This article talks alot about “crimes” committed by Americans, in the manner in which they took possesion of lands, before and after the Mexican American war. I don’t see alot of Mexicans that reject the premise of government, but rather seem to demonise the american government while supporting their own government, of which always has an invasion story of its own.

    If government is your view, then win the war if you want the lands. Mexicans havn’t rejected their acceptance of government as the arbitor of lands , properties, and the conducting of war. All lands possessed by government have at some point been usurped from another, and a land that has always been in possession of one group is a rarity beyond compare.

    Government IS the context of “crime” or that which is “stolen”, so don’t come to me crying about the loss of generational lands while you are carrying your mexican governmental identity with you. It would be one thing if the accusation of stolen lands was made by one opposed to all goverment, in support of the natural law, but I’ll never accept that from people going by the assumption that their government is legitimate, but what other governments did to them is not.

    Government IS force, it’s premise is always held in place by coercion and the threat of violence. Your government is just as much based around a geographical psuedo monopoly on the intiation of the use of force as any other: to be pissed about another government being more successful in that ends is hypocritical.

  11. Hugo says:

    men of every race in positions of power have committed atrocities against their fellow men, not just white people.

  12. manicdrummer says:

    The American Southwest actually belonged to Native-Americans, not Mexico. Give it back to them.

    • What do you think Mexicans really are? They are Native Americans!! Mexicans are descendants of Aztecs and they are natives just like Apaches and others. The term “Mexican” derives from the scientific “Mexica” which identify them as Native Americans. Also, Mexicans are not “Latinos” nor “Hispanics” and this apply to all “brown” people descendants of indigenous [native] peoples of the American Continent. Got it?

      • MEXICA says:

        Well said!!!!

      • GreenBeretCapt says:

        And those Aztec’s stole Texas, New Mexico Arizona and California from my people (The Apaches), and we stole it from someone else. Maybe they don’t have as much right to the land as you like to think.

      • Derek says:

        Actually SOME Mexicans are descendants of Aztecs but others are mestizos, which is mixed Spanish and Mexica blood. So the statement that Native Americans are Mexicans is not entirely true. If it were then the MEXICAN government would still be a Mexica, slave sacrificing, theocracy where the leader would depend on dreams and shamans for political advice. Ah, I don’t think that is happening or may be it is.

      • No says:

        Well said😇

      • Mundo says:

        100% correct . Brown skin means Native Indian. Even a 4 year old knows that. White means European descent.

      • James Best says:

        That’s like saying Americans are actually Europeans. No, they are Americans. And Mexicans are Mexicans (Hispanic). Indians are Indians. Swedes are Swedes. Russians are Russians. Chinese are Chinese. Got it???

      • Montes says:

        Wrong Mexicans are a mix of white ” not pure” and Mexico and most of south and Latin america treats it’s ” pure ” Indians like shit compared to Canada or the us

    • Robert says:

      Mexicans are not native Americans and real native Americans hate the mexicans far worse than the white man.Mexicans are half breeds.Be thankful the spaniards raped your savage ancestors and injected some white blood into your doomed race.

  13. TommieT says:

    The recent map published in Slate shows that European Spaniards ie Mexicans only occupied a few hundred square miles of land around the mouth of the Colorado River. Most of which is still Mexico, but part of which is now the US.

    But most of this area is otherwise desert, roughly the size of Bundy’s ranch. The total Spanish population was around 10,000, in a few small towns of perhaps a few square miles. The rest was “occupied” by Mexican cattle, not people.

    Meanwhile starting in the late 1830s and the early 1840s the Gringos were coming in over the mountains to the West, plus into Texas. Where were the Mexicans? So they are supposed to own the land that Spain gave them without actually having to live there? The Gringos are supposed to seek out some foreign government to pay tribute to?

    • Southcoastman says:


    • g says:

      So you are ok if somebody inhabits an empty property of yours and reclaims it as theirs simply because it’s empty? Good to know!
      Besides Spain gave nothing to Mexico: Texas was part of New Spain (the viceroyalty last 300 years), and when New Spain reach independence it became Mexico, so Texas was always part of it, inhabited or not is completely irrelevant.

      • Your dad says:

        Yes they believe in squatters rights. I wish one them sombitches would try to come near my property. I have guns too Billy.

      • Daniel says:

        You are the racist and bigot. USA will always be the land of the free. And just to let you know the Mexicans and Indians killed more of each other than the so called whites.!
        If fact Mexico or most of it will be absorbed by the GREATER AMERICA.
        Mexico will cease to be a nation state.
        AMERICA will expand its boundaries not by war but by the very people it conquered will gladly be part of the NEW USA.
        Thank God for the Americans, what wonderful people we are to include everyone.

  14. Jose Sanchez says:

    Who the fuck is usa to steel land. Give it back fucken thieves. Every centimeter. Stupid white trash.

    • Mundo says:

      But let us go even further they learned to take what belonged to others from mother England. That country invaded and stole lands from 90% of the world. Any country can get rich and become a super power by stealing oppressing killing and practicing slavery. They did them all. It is self evident why there exists white supremacy

      • Daniel says:

        Asshole. America has grown to what is today by using its own resources , brain power and yes the willingness of immigrants to bust their ass to make a better life for themselves.
        You are just an arm chair complainer.

    • Daniel says:

      Fuck you and your Mexican buchers
      who killed many Indians and whites.
      Just to let you know ass hole you do not spell the word steal, stell .
      Long live America the Greater USA is not done expanding . All of Mexico will be part of the USA very soon either through the ballot box or through WAR.
      God bless AMERICA.

      • Clare dominguez says:

        Dear friend you are in dire need of a bible. We’re you not bought up with morals. Did your parents teach you that it is morally right to steal rape and murder solely for personal gain? Remember one thing my friend we are all human beings and we’re all going to die one day and none of us are going to be saluting to none of our countries flags when we’re on the other side.

      • Clare says:

        Dear friend you are in dire need of a bible. We’re you not bought up with morals. Did your parents teach you that it is morally right to steal rape and murder solely for personal gain? Remember one thing my friend we are all human beings and we’re all going to die one day and none of us are going to be saluting to none of our countries flags when we’re on the other side.

  15. Cujohe says:

    Hey, Jose. Come kill me and take what is mine.

    • Derek says:

      Yeah, kind of like Mexico took Chiapas and parts of Campeche from Guatemala and Beliz. Yes, they took it by force and yes they killed to get it. Should Mexico give back every centimeter?

  16. James Gragg says:

    The entire argument about the Mexican loss of that land, completely ignores the Treaty of Guadalupe, that ended the Mexican/American war, which Mexico started, and surrendered that land as part of those peace accords. Lands that Mexico itself killed native tribes itself to possess.

    • g says:

      Yeah sure, that Mexico started (like the the war that Iraq “started”, you know, with all those WMD), and the treaty of Guadalupe (signed with the country occupied at gunpoint, narc hitman style) surrendering all the lands that “casually” the US always wanted and tried to buy to Mexico, or how to justify your vileness to keep sleeping at night, a fine American tradition lol

  17. J. V. Jerez says:

    Does anyone remember how many MEXICANS (then known as Tejanos) fought and died inside the Alamo Mission fighting against Santa Ana’s Army? Mexicans who wanted to break away from Mejico and become a part of the new Republic of Texas? It’s something that the history books forgot to mention.

  18. Jackie says:

    Fact: the so-called “Texas Heroes” came from the north as mercenaries to take these lands under a grant offered by the Republic of Mexico.
    Fact::These northern “heroes” (Austin, Travis, David Crocket, Houston, and others) were mercenaries and drunkards,, murderers, and thiefs.
    Fact: These lands in the southwest were legally Mexico, not Spanish, or French.
    Fact: If the “Texas Heroes” and all the other 300 northeners were treated unjustly by the Mexican government like in the case of Stephen Austin, they could had left back home.
    Fact: They didn’t leave, They chose to stayed and fight to steal these rich lands.
    Fact: The invadors took advantage of the situation of the Mexican government to take these lands by disapropieting Mexican rightfull owners of their ranches with all inside.
    Fact: They stole these lands the same as they did to the native indians in the north.
    Therefore, the United States government should make a “Mea Culpa” apology and make reparation for the damages, lands stolen, murderers, and other atrocities made by their people to the native american Mexican as well as all those other Mexican nationals that suffered under their bruttality.
    What is done, is done, and no one can go back to the past, it is what it is today, but reparation should be made, No need for offenses, or insults to either country, let’s live in peace and hamony, and share the goodness of this land today.

  19. Roberto says:

    American people live out of steeling and smoking weed and buying it from Mexico. Fucken Gringos. I feel shame of being born in this country that is extremely full of lies.

  20. Sabrina says:

    Omg Roberto what does smoking weed have to do with this issue lol

  21. James Smith says:

    I doubt that many Texans will agree with this perception. But, at least, I think most of us can agree that we are blessed to have a 1st, Amendment.

  22. Alistair John Simpson says:

    I am British, a Christian Missionary, and a true servant of the Living God Jesus Christ,12 years service in Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zaire, …and now 11 years in beautiful Mexico, AND TRULY I AM ASHAMED TO BE GROUPED WITH THE COLOUR OF SKIN KNOWN AS WHITE!

    Have no doubts or fears good people, Jesus is not Blind, Deaf, nor Crazy….in Heaven He has a computer , the computer of all computers, filled with all the info of evil men, and women, and their evil deeds, and every evil act that THE AGGRESSORS USA , the Romans, Greeks, Germans, AND THE BRITISH, and every conquering group of Political thieves, have brutally and inhumanly committed against so many peoples of the world… there, written with a diamond that can never be obliterated nor hidden and all accounts He will settle in full…

    My heart aches for the ignorant, uneducated leaders of this fantastic planet, who take the lead by heinous and atrocious mass killings, and racial genocides which are never punished . They are no more than criminals, whose despicable crimes are never given correct sentences….and are absolved on earth of all their barbarisms…however, the day of reckoning is fast approaching AND HE WHO KEEPS THE ACCOUNTS NEVER SLEEPS, NOR SLUMBERS..

    I have stood on 3 continents and spoken the truth as it is ….and paid a heavy price for doing so, a year in an African Prison, Arusha, Tanzania,…..we, friends need to fight for the truth, and when we see crimes then we must play our part and condemn the guilty..



    Gal 6:7 Do not deceive yourselves; no one makes a fool of God. You will reap exactly what you plant.
    Gal 6:7 No os engañeis: Dios no puede ser burlado: que todo lo que el hombre sembrare, eso también segará.


    • Jaime says:

      What do you know about this conflict?. If you are British maybe you can have a more objective point of view about this war. USA and Mexican history books could lie at their convenience. (I am Mexican)

    • Robert says:

      Go back to England and lick your queens ass and leave us to deal with the southern savages as we see fit.

    • Helen Kelley says:

      Thank you for standing steadfast on the truth of man’s inhumanity to another human being. I often think about the British monarchy/Great Britain – they ‘stole’ Australia, New Zealand and the Americas and land that belonged to Mexico. In this day they do not see it as a heinous crime, nor want to be reminded of it. Their 21st century ancestors are happily benefiting from the heinous crimes that had been perpetrated by their ancestors. Many of these people do not believe in the reality of God, and go about their business as if there is nothing to repent or regret. However, God is fully aware, and there will come a day of accountability..

    • cosmicchaos says:

      it is now 2017 and we are right at the time of some kind of incredible end. the u.s a so-called christian nation founded on christian principles. take note* the greatest trick the devil (evil) ever played on humanity was making us think he was god (good) ). looking at these posts shows his plan worked like a charm on unsuspecting fools in the arrogance of a few of them here feeling their hate will drown out humanity and God’s Word and that ‘their’country will never be taken by force. these posters did not know just how right they were. invaders russia has been and china will be escorted in to take over what belongs to them (they’re due trillions) and the ‘great’ whorish whorish is taken freely. sleeping swarms of gnats, the citizens swindled by their demagogue ruler 45th elected has abdicated the throne to its crown of thorns gov’t that bleeds its citizens slowly of any life by implementing cruel laws. and their misleader in chief goes around the rest of world trying to post his flag of conque$t on plots and parcels of other countries land all in the quest of his Almighty, the dollar while he abandons the country to the wolves. yet his miniond rejoice in violent glee. the reaping has begun, it will be folly to think anyone else will knowingly defend where [d]EVIL reigns supreme. for the knowing, it is the place from where satan and his minions wreck havoc on earth

  23. Joseph Adan says:

    Hey, you gringos who argue that the us did not stele half of Mexico, you don’t know the extent that the us government would go to gain empire. If you say that the us paid mexico 15 million pesos for the land stolen, you are wrong. Mexico did not want to sell even one inch of its territory, but gringo guns were bigger and more plentiful than those of Mexico. The us threw the money in the face of the Mexican government so that the history books would say that the us bought the land. You called the theft, “manifest destiny, right? Well I call manifest destiny when the Chinese will some day, sooner than later, march into washington the way you marched into Mexico City. Let’s see how philosophical you are then.

  24. No says:

    Mexico was stolen can’t believe how ignorant some people are thinking it wasn’t it was forcibly taken. Mexicans are going to take it back and many other races are coming along with us unfortunately once stolen always stolen. The white race is diminishing and their powers getting weaker that’s why they are threatened by the Mexicans and trying to get rid of them it’s because we are coming back to claim what is ours!!!

    • That’s it. You got that right.

      • Markwills says:

        so you consider yourself to be the north American equivalent to a Zionist. (yes, I’m being snarky with this first comment). I do wonder if you support the Palestinian cause and yet fail to see that you are making the same type of land claim with generally even less justification than the Israelis.

        so let’s look at your claims.

        first, no Aztec, Mayan, or Inca descendant has any claim whatsoever to any land north of the Rio Grande, historical or otherwise. your attempt to lump yourselves in with other Native Americans is a grave insult to the Comanche, Kiowa, Apache, and Yaqui native Americans that the Mexican government stole land from and brutally fought against.(which included white, Mexican, and other native American tribe scalp hunters and similar mercenaries). also try asking said native tribes if they support your “cause”, they would rather spit in your face than agree to such ludicrous claims. as poorly as they have been treated by the US government , they would still rather be inside the USA than part of Mexico.
        second, the government that originally signed the treaty ceding the land to the USA doesn’t actually exist any more, having rewritten their own Constitution at least twice. just because you have some racial and genealogical connection to them, doesn’t mean you have the right to “take back” the lands that your ancestors took from others before you.

        what is my point? ALL sides have committed brutal atrocities, the earlier mentioned tribes sent raids deep into Mexico, white thugs killed Mexican ranchers that helped them fight to form an independent Texas and took their ranches, and so on. NOBODY has clean hands.
        but, what’s done is done. we need to teach a whole and accurate history so the mistakes and atrocities of the past hopefully won’t be repeated

  25. Barack Obama says:

    Is this article for real?

    I am confused because you left out: Mexico falling into dictatorship in October 1935; Texas Revolt in October 1935; Texas Independence in April 1936; Complete lack of law enforcement; California Revolt in June 1846. Then after a short war, the US reestablished the Constitution of Mexico in August 1846, brought back democracy, and paid Mexico for the conquered land.

    Also, I think that Polk ran on annexing Texas, which was an independent nation that had requested admission twice. And Mexico fell into dictatorship again under the Austrian Maximilian in June 1864, during the U.S. Civil War, (Queen Victoria of Britain ordered the Gibraltar Garrison to all stand in salute while the Hapsburg flotilla proceeded to Mexico), which scared the U.S. into Sherman’s March to the Sea in Nov 1864, which destroyed the south.

  26. Niko says:

    For those stupid ignorant gringos, that still believe that this land was not stolen take a look at real history.

    Compiled by Chris Schefler
    Chris Schefler’s Home Page Did you know that until 1848 California, New Mexico and other portions of the Southwest were internationally recognized provinces of free Mexico, until the U.S. decided it wanted those provinces, declared war on Mexico, and stole them? Read on for the chronology of these events, and then ask yourself  : “Who are the real illegal in California?” Prior to 1822 What is today Mexico, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California are all Spanish colonies.1822Mexican colonists, following the American revolution, rebel against Spain and win their own revolutionary war, making Mexico a free nation just like America.1844James Polk campaigns for the U.S. presidency, supporting expansion of U.S. territories into Mexico.February, 1845James Polk, on his inagauguration night, confides to his Secretary of the Navy that a principal objective of his presidency is the acquisition of California, which Mexico had been refusing to sell to the U.S. at any price.Early 1845The Washington Union, expressing the position of James Polk, writes: “…who can arrest the torrent that will pour onward to the West? The road to California will be open to us. Who will stay the march…?” “A corps of properly organized volunteers…would invade, overrun, and occupy Mexico. They would enable us not only to take California, but to keep it.” Early 1845 John O’Sullivan, editor of the Democratic review writes it is “Ourmanifest destiny to overspread the continent …for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.” Early 1845James Polk promises Texas he will support moving the historical Texas/Mexico border at the Nueces river 150 miles south to the Rio Grande provided Texas agrees to join the union. “The traditional border between Texas and Mexico had been the Nueces River…and both the United States and Mexico had recognized that as the border.” (Zinn, p. 148) June 30, 1845James Polk orders troops to march south of the traditional Texas/Mexico border into Mexican inhabited territory, causing Mexicans to flee their villages and abandon their crops in terror. 

    “Ordering troops to the Rio Grande, into territory inhabited by Mexicans, was clearly a provocation.” (Zinn, p. 148) 

    “President Polk had incited war by sending American soldiers into what was disputed territory, historically controlled and inhabited by Mexicans.” (John Schroeder , “Mr. Polk’s War”)

     Early 1846Colonel Hitchcock, commander of the 3rd Infantry regiment, writes in his diary: “…the United States are the aggressors….We have not one particle of right to be here….It looks as if the government sent a small force on purpose to bring on a war, so as to have a pretext for taking California and as much of this country as it chooses….My heart is not in this business.” May 9, 1846President Polk tells his cabinet: “…up to this time…we have heard of no open aggression by the Mexican Army.” May 10, 1846Violence erupts between Mexican and American troops south of the Nueces River. Of course Polk claims Mexicans had fired the first shot, but in his famous “spot resolutions” congressman Abraham Lincoln repeatedly challenges president Polk to name the exact “spot” where Mexicans first attacked American troops. Polk never met the challenge. May 11, 1846President Polk urges congress to declare war on Mexico. May 12, 1846: Horace Greeley writes in the New York Tribune: “We can easily defeat the armies of Mexico, slaughter them by thousands, and pursue them perhaps to their capital; we can conquer and “annex” their territory; but what then? Who believes that a score of victories over Mexico, the “annexation” of half of her provinces, will give us more Liberty, a purer Morality, a more prosperous Industry…? 1846Congressman Abraham Lincoln, speaking in a session of congress “…the president unnecessarily and unconstitutionally commenced a war with Mexico….The marching an army into the midst of a peaceful Mexican settlement, frightening the inhabitants away, leaving their growing crops and other property to destruction, to you may appear a perfectly amiable, peaceful, un- provoking procedure; but it does not appear so to us.”  after war is underway, the American press comments: 

    February 11, 1847. The “Congressional Globe” reports: “…We must march from ocean to ocean….We must march from Texas straight to the Pacific ocean….It is the destiny of the white race, it is the destiny of the Anglo-Saxon Race.” 

    The New York Herald: “The universal Yankee Nation can regenerate and disenthrall the people of Mexico in a few years; and we believe it is a part of our destiny to civilize that beautiful country.” 

    American Review writes of Mexicans “yielding to a superior population, insensibly oozing into her territories, changing her customs, and out-living, exterminating her weaker blood.” 

    1846-1848U.S. Army battles Mexico, not just enforcing the new Texas border at the Rio Grande but capturing Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and California (as well as marching as far south as Mexico City). 1848 Mexico surrenders on U.S. terms (U.S. takes over ownership of New Mexico, California, an expanded Texas, and more, for a token payment of $15 million, which leads the Whig Intelligencer to report: “We take nothing by conquest….Thank God”).(date unknown) General Ulysses S. Grant calls the Mexican War “the most unjust war ever undertaken by a stronger nation against a weaker one.

  27. prod says:

    Yes^^ exactly! We were separate, I don’t know they keep calling us Mexican either, we were there first, just like Spanish Cubans, Spanish Puerto Ricans, and so on we are Spanish Texans, not Mexicans, it’s like they’re doing a genocide on our history, wtf. Like we have papers, birth certificates dating back to 1700’s….it was not Mexico. That was our land second, being the indigenous first. Mexico didn’t come in til mid 1800’s…for just 10 years.

    • prod says:

      We were separate, I don’t know why they keep calling us Mexican either, we were there first, just like Spanish Cubans, Spanish Puerto Ricans, and so on we are Spanish Texans, not Mexicans, it’s like they’re doing a genocide on our history, wtf. Like we have papers, birth certificates dating back to 1700’s….it was not Mexico. That was our land second, being the indigenous first. Mexico didn’t come in til mid 1800’s…for just 10 years.

  28. Cynthia says:

    First off this land doesn’t belong to no one and yes America is the land of greed,murder, corruption !! No milk and honey… Indians and Mexicans lived and occupied this land thus borrowed land …GOD ‘s land remember that !! America will burn for its evil it’s done!!

  29. As you can see for yourself, we publish all comments left by readers whether we agree with them or not as part of our commitment to honor the truth in every way.

    The Truth

  30. car1999 says:

    They stole it first…..dumbasses. Mexico was a great place, then the people pussed out and let the cartel fags take over…..every third world country is in their situation because of idiots and drugs. Now the obama idiots want to fuck America up…..

  31. 13_Legion says:

    You guys are going to lose your minds when Texas Rising comes out.

  32. Diego Concepción Hernández says:


  33. LOLO says:

    Read about the yaqui nation! my dads side of the family said thats where I’m from. this tribe has been on texas, arizona, and new mexico and going into what is now a mexican border. at one time one of the largest tribes associated with the apaches. this is the tribe of a whole race that mexico and america and spain almost made extinct. you can find us on both sides of the border now. most of us on this side are know mexican/ americans. truth is none of my family came from across the border and i have gone back three generations to try to check.THIS IS THE TRUTH.

  34. RayMc says:


    • RayMc says:

      Thanks for the info about the YAQUI PEOPLE. That just verified the evil souls and greed of mankind that lead to murder, slavery, thief, and more. It is really ashame how proud and evil our generation of people are. Too much greed, racism, and hate. People need to try to live in peace and stop killing, hating, and stealing.

  35. Stan says:

    Name a prosperous Spainish speaking country? Can’t do it either. If you only speak Spanish and can’t read this, feel free to jump out border and realize the benefits of a awesome country. If you can read English and understand this post, and do not like it, feel free to pack your shit and move to a Spanish speaking country. Enjoy. What I posted is a fact. explain that away. God bless America. The America all the central and South Americans come too.

    • g says:

      Spanish had one of the most biggest empire on Earth, and felt. USA will fall someday and will bite the dust also.

      • Bond Summers says:

        If USA bites the dust, it would be because of latinos, africans, middle easterners,….
        Northwest Europeans make good societies, at least within themselves.
        You want multiculturalism? Though it brings many good things too.

    • John says:

      The United States belongs to every U.S. citizen regardless of color, origin, religion etc. No U.S. citizen has to leave the country if they disagree with other U.S. citizen. People have unalienable rights. The European immigrants violated the unalienable rights of Native Americans, African Americans and Mexicans while, at the same time, trumpeting how respectful the country was of human rights. Everyone needs to learn about human rights and start respecting them. Otherwise, everyone on this planet will continue to behave like animals instead of like humane human beings.

  36. You White Supremacist and Racists People are so powerful not for hard work but for all the atrocities, savages and stolen properties and resources that you took from others. You should be ashamed to say that this land is your land when it is so obvious that you provoked Mexico to take the land. Stop making up lies to justify your wrong-doings.

    • Robert says:

      Not ashamed.To the victor,go the spoils of war.If you want it back.take it back…if you dare.

    • Robert says:

      Aww….poor baby wants to cry in his Cheerios?Get used to savage.We took what was yours on war and that’s the only possible way you can get it back.But we all know that isn’t going to happen.

  37. Fred says:

    The only question that needs to be answered is how far into the past do we want to look to determine who the rightful “owners” of ANY land might be. If we continue to waste our time and resources fighting over the past then no one really wins, only hatred, pain and death. The only course of action that will bring peace, joy and contentment to all is to look to the future and determine how we can find common ground and live together working towards a common good.

  38. Robert says:

    We stole nothing from you.We offered to pay your dirty brown ancestors for the territories we wanted….you stupid,stupid ancestors refused.So we declared war and sent Winfield Scott to take it by right of conquest.He rode into your Capital,Mexico City,at the head of an American army and demanded the uncoditional surrender of the country.The Mexicans wisely capitulated and we were merciful.We still paid for the territories,but only half our original offer.Futhermore,we gave you back the rest of mexico.We didn’t have to do that,but imagine how much better your life we be if we had you dogs.

    • g says:

      Yeah sure, keep saying this to yourself to feel better of your primitive, law of the jungle, anything goes mentality, redneck.
      Boy, and I thought whities were the civilized ones lol

  39. Robert says:

    Feel free to try and recover your lands if you wish.But understand that war and weapons manufacture is our bread and butter and we are damn fucking good at both.You wouldn’t last a fortnight.

    • g says:

      Your weapons are meaningless when your new Chinese overlords buy your country, but hey, don’t feel bad, “to the victor, go the spoils of war”, enjoy the decline lol

      • rafexchange says:

        Look g, if the chinese take over the usa that means mexicans and all hispanic, latino and native americans (and everyone else!) will have to deal with chinese rule and aggression. Do you actually believe that you will be treated any better? Besides that, I don’t believe that the usa will just lay down and let the chinese or any other nation or group of people just walk in and take anything without meeting serious opposition. Mexico trying to take any land back will never succeed. It is possible that mexican americans could become the majority in texas but still be under the rule of the american government. The chinese trying to claim america will mean the start of world war 3 in which every person on the planet will suffer horribly.

  40. Wesley Cragun says:

    Would you believe me if I told you that the southwest was purchased for 15 million dollars, and therefore not technically stolen?

  41. guitar man says:

    One of the rules of war is “To the victors go the spoils”. Defense rests.

  42. Maika says:

    The USA southwest has always been owned by Mexicans !

    • felipe says:

      Actually, it was owned by the Indians, and then by Spain, and then by Mexico, and then by the US.

      • King Kano says:

        Felipe…The US offered everyone citizenship also look how much better the land is for everyone…I not see Mexicans going back to Mexico for the good life? Texas was also not part f the US it was territory whatever the hell that means…Everyone is taking this and spin it as a they hate us Mexican thing and it is not…98% of people love Hispanics art, music, if it is quality, the damn food is great, culture but it gets down to this..If I go to Mexico illegally they lock me up rape me and deport me…I think the USA is more than fair to illegals more fair than other countries especially Mexico…I do not hate anyone, but when someone, even the KKK blacks, Latinos try to push their agenda on me, I fight back…Join or die is for a reason and American is better of now, because Hispanics and blacks gave up fighting for something that was a flawed argument…Everyone is better of today and yes, the USA GOV is holding us all back because they want to control the money…So what is new? And the US government is not all white now, it is everyone they all suck

  43. Your Daddy says:

    Not our fault Mexicans are too weak to hold their territory. And as to the racist comments about America being dirty, we aren’t the filthy ones. We aren’t the ones blaming others people for our failures. We aren’t the defeated nation.

    • g says:

      Sure, because when you don’t have any legitimate reason to justify a nasty prank, nothing like to invoke the law of the jungle, how civilized and morally advanced your nation lol
      I hope you say the same when a relative of yours is stolen or murderer, because as you say it’s not the fault of the criminal if the victim is too weak to hold their belongings or save his life, right?

  44. What “American” is everyone talking about? The only genuine American is an Indian, Mexican or Inuit living on this continent for 5000 years. The others are nothing more than paper American forced by documentation by Europeans terrorist invading this continent and committing genocide on the Natives of this continent. The so called border is not even over 300 years old but the natives clans have been living here for 5000 or more years. Evil greed is what fueled the Manifest Destiny killing cry for the European terrorist. Their history is fake and the European man believes his own made up heroic story that will soon be exposed and the white man legacy will be one of the greatest evils ever committed by humanity against humanity. The only white hero is what they have portrayed by Hollywood – just fake imagery adopted only by the sad, pathetic white man.

    • Billy Boy says:

      As if the natives just got along with one another singing kumbaya under the stars with love and peace. All the natives did was steal each other’s sh_t for those thousands of years, thats why tribal boundaries were constantly moving around, expanding or contracting, while everyone turned into murderers of opportunity grabbing anything they could possibly hold onto.

      Many native tribes WERE largely peaceful and didn’t deserve what happened to them like the Mandan and Cherokee. And then there extreme a__hole tribes who made torturing and mutilation of captives including women and children a matter of sport like the Comanche and usually having their own ‘innocent’ women and children be the torturers. There are those that deserve to be weeped over, and those that deserve to have their graves spat upon, bulldozed over, and turned into a walmart parking lot.

      I’ve got no sympathy for the wannabee ‘Aztec warriors’ considering all they did was murder tens of thousands of innocent people just in a single multiday ceremony repeated every year from surrounding tribes after torturing them half to death as matter of course. Who then mostly got their asses kicked by the equally vicious Spaniards who lacked the interest, will, or firepower to hold anything much north of the Rio Grande anyways not even defending those early ‘proto-americans’ from anything, including Comanche or Apache raiders in the area. YOU’VE GOT NO MORAL CLAIM whether you claim aztec lineage, spanish right of conquest stealing it from the indians, or basic nationalism of just even holding onto a piece of territory defending the citizens of that claimed territory. And once the ‘plan of san diego’ racial supremacists worse-than-the-nazis “murder every white person above age 16” totalitarians are recognized for what they are, they will hopefully be dealt with in the same way the nazis were dealt with.

  45. Glory says:

    It seems to me all of the above have forgotten one very important thing…All of the U. S. and Mexico were taken by force from their real owners –THE AMERICAN INDIANS– SO TAKE THAT AND CHEW ON IT .

  46. markwills says:

    I thought at first ttif was sane, so I crafted a thoughtful response to a comment.
    upon looking at other pages here, which appear to be nothing but hate-filled, delusional psychotic BS about “devil worshipping , demonic Jews” and such idiocy, I realized this was not the case.
    ttif seems to blame Jews for absolutely everything wrong with this world, and probably blames them if he has a bad bowel movement.
    I’m quite sorry that I wasted my time on this nuttery

  47. Nuevo futuro says:

    Now think about this, and think deeply…… Look around in the US and take notes, there is more Hispanics (Mexicans, central Americans and South Americans) in the US then blacks, and there will be no whites in just a matter of time.. The ignorance of whites has cause their own extinction.. Good by (great America).


      • Mike says:

        Yes indeed, and they need to stop importing millions of non-Europeans as well. If the U.S. ends up a failed Latin third world country, it will be the fault of the fools who continue electing politicians that keep the floodgates open. Ending all immigration for a generation or two in order to allow assimilation is the only hope. Too many recent immigrants show no loyalty to the U.S.. This is particularly true of Mexican-Americans and their children. Also need to end dual citizenship and birthright citizenship.

  48. Bill Heath says:

    lol Let’s review Mexico who brutally killed the Natives and stole the land from them, won a war over Spain that gives them claim but when they lost the war and was paid for the land they still want to keep their claim? That is insane, you lost the war, Mexico didn’t even exist until 1821 and the controlled the land for less than 50 years and it wasn’t their land to begin with! AZLAN is a twisted ideology that exists only in sick racist minds!

  49. King Kano says:

    Well, now we get to see what southern California would look like by now, if the land was in Mexico hands, it would full of gangs, drugs, anti American rhetoric, flaying the wrong flag, this is why I am moving north…I remember, 40 years ago, how beautiful California was now, it looks like Mexico…I say give it back to them from SLO country down, just give it to them, and build the new wall there

  50. Bill Williams says:

    Name one city…JUST ONE, that Mexicans have moved into and fixed up or improved. The truth is you destroy everything you touch

  51. rafexchange says:

    The children will always suffer for the atrocities of the forefathers. It looks to me that every nationality has a beef with other nationalities because of atrocities, unfairness and immoralities committed in the past. Even smaller native American tribes and the more peaceful tribes were pushed around and suffered at the hands of larger and more aggressive tribes. Even if the white race becomes extinct, trust me, another race of people will be right there to take their place and be just as arrogant or worse.

  52. Unfortunately rafexchange your so right – humanity is jealous & will bully others around if allowed. That’s why the illusion of America the way the terrorist propagandist mandates be taught to any & all has to be exposed for the fraud that it is… Namely the Americas, the surrounding islands, Australia, New Zealand, Africa has made the Europeans rich from their atrocities against the natives of those lands. All natural natives of all those lands are in turmoil, suffering poverty, disease & crime because of the oppressive treatment of those natives. No Mexico did not exist until the Europeans came and renamed, claimed and sectioned off lands that the natives lived freely on & with each other. Mexican & American Indians were ancient natives on this land – a rose is still a rose & we are still the real Americans. Europeans will have a legacy of destruction, murderous theft & lies because that’s the truth. They don’t belong on these land and never did but they are greedy and cause most of the ugly crime, poverty, etc. that natives never heard of – this all came from Europe.

    • Patricia Kelley says:

      Cultures are always in opposition, but individuals are often longing for unification and love toward those who live differently. Such is the case throughout history, and also was the case of the whites coming to the Americas. Yes, there were many offensive brutes, who were egotistic, selfish, and undoubtedly stole what belonged to others. However, the biggest reason Europeans whites came to the land was to flee religious persecution from other European whites. Many of those were also goal bound to spread Christianity to natives. Much of history gets lost or hidden, because what gets remembered is what is written in history books. Of course, the one who wins the war, writes those history books. Not so nice, however, that is world wide historical. I humbly submit to you, that we are all looking for happiness. It’s not found on this earth. We think the goal of reclaiming land that belong to our culture will get us to achieve our goals and happiness. It won’t, as there is no end of trying to fill that empty spot in our hearts, until we realize that the empty spot was meant to be filled with God himself. When we realize, that God provided our means of happiness in himself and take Him, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing His love and value of us, his wayward creation.

      • Iman says:

        Thank you Patricia, for your belief and love of God and humanity. I admire people like you and wish to live only among them.


  54. The white race is dying. Read the book: “the death of the west”, by Patrick J. BUCHANAN

    • Jean-luc Picard says:

      WTF is a White Race. You mean the non defined “American” Pig race. Pink folk with no other association but skin color. I know white looking Mexicans and Arabs too dipshit. Now what? cultural affiliations always take heed. And let us remember Rome was the center of the earth once, For those who believed it to be true. And Portugal, once a great nation barely makes a dent in the EU economy, much less worldwide. Shifting tides indeed. Ich bin kein Freund von Hunden. Bastards.

    • John says:

      Thank you for your comment Mr. Wesolosky. You seem like an open minded nice person. We need more people like you in the world.

  55. We are all humans-We are one says:

    To those who speak as if they know, learn the true history and not rely on what is simply on the surface. Dig deep and understand the corruption that lies among us all, no matter where you are from. For those that hate and discriminate are simply recipients of an imperial tradition.

  56. Dexter Tyson says:

    Over the past few years, as a student of history and trying to be as open minded as possible considering how skewed history can be when the victors write the story, I have just come across so many stories of U.S involvement in all kinds of mess around the world. The benefit, to me, that the U.S has over the older European nations is that it has often done its dirty deeds with “justifiable reasons.” The colonial British, French and Spaniards were bad people, overrunning the globe and enslaving and killing people and taking over their lands, but we Americans only did it when people bothered us or we got our lands through fair fights. That is where I have my problem.

    One of the popular mantras I have heard and seen from the U.S side to justify invasions and land acquisitions has been “to protect American interests” Hell, one of the things that sparked the American Revolution was the fact that the American colonists wanted to grab more land to their west that was occupied by First Nations (“Indians”). The British (who ruled those colonies and had endured a war with these First Nations), did not want to provoke another war with them and instructed their colonists to stay out of lands NOT belonging to them. That did not go over well with them and it more or less set the precedent for the air of privilege Americans have developed as part of their historical narrative.

    The story is often always the same. An American or Americans enter a land. They set up shop. They see “room for growth” and needing more land. They get into some skirmish with the local people. The Americans cry to Washington. Washington sends troops to protect “American interests” and before you know it, there’s a “justifiable invasion” and land is taken, people exploited, horrors committed that are shoved under the rug, and/or puppet governments that continue to further or “protect U.S interests” set up. Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Iraq and a whole bunch of places have seen this tactic and the Southwestern U.S was no different. Have your people move in on other people’s land without restriction. Let them multiply freely until the outnumber the local population. Let tensions simmer until they cry that the locals are being mean to them. Invade the land on behalf of your people. Beat up the locals and take their land because they dared fight back and you won against the bad local people. To make it look even better, pay them for the land you took with pocket change.

    • cosmicchaosq says:

      yes, to the victims, victors HIStory gets told. sometimes it literally takes one to get up out of a self imposed prison to see that you were behind bars. it helps when moving to another country (for a job). leaving an american set mind behind naturally helps in adjusting to another country’s mind set to survive peaceable with the ‘new natives’ way of life {sic} the saying ‘when in rome’ is applicable, understanding basic universal law ‘do unto others’ and adhering to varying degrees of law and order of said country, it was in this sphere began to see u.s. with an entirely different set of eyes if only bc the american veil wasnt needed for protection in another country and could actually become impediment to survival (as in seeing siuations but then wanting reactions typical to america) in place that wasnt america. gradually a realization that the people of u.s. were being scammed of truth to what really ‘america the great’ was. the naivete of the people (and of some whose gross insistance to stay naive\ignorant) fostered beluef of america’s exceptualism but this was also was a theory to be exploited by the powers that be who propagandized a cover to blindfold its citizens from brutal takeover of resources from anywhere and everywhere for sole [soul?] purpose of monetary gain. this bill of goods was sold to u.s. citizens by telling them we deserve whatever we want and can take it savagely if need be bc who else but only gods people deserve it, certainly not heathens. and just like lucifer, u.s. narcissism at their greatness let them be bought off the truth. bombarding their civility and justise for all by marketing useless materialistic trinkets leading to empty happiness fed mind numbing senseless reasons for possession of more useless materials that eventually placated addicted themselves into more emptying of their pockets into victors hands: the spoils of ones that have been conquered. this subterfuge masked the elites thievery of the real goods of this country and others’ resources. and this veil if lifted would reveal how ugly and forsaken the power elite (the religious, the baron, the rogue, the lawless, the weak) were as they exploited the people of u.s. america the beautiful and world. lifting veil would strip bare the faith that was placed in malevolent rulers who used instead of protected. that this false narrative was in perpetuatum bc to swing otherwise would not only impede ‘progress” i.e. the acquisition of resources to sell, all for the lazy conquerors instant gratification of easy gains in pursuit of amassing comfort glory riches, whose benevolence only to a limited few, not the populace, yet with incredible hypocrisy intoned that their way was [a]gods way. hence, it was also for the weak to keep the blindfold on bc they had no strength of soul to rebel against their being deceived so it became the only way of survival of the fooled foolish and weak. and when the veil ever begins to slip off eyes the thrashing out in any brutal way or evil word, their fear is so great. the fact that everything and anything was utilized for and in name of progress: savagery, slavery, soullessness single-minded pursuit, lies, hatred, murder, all unjust but immorally justified it is almost no wonder there are still the most insipidly weak in humanness pale of colour in body soul mind and love still clawing at the heart of humanity. it is the weak of body stupid in mind that ignore and continue still to try to prove what all great but fallen civilizations tried to prove only failed always. regardless of how many materials buttressed against it, nature always wins over unnatural.
      and as natural world was in the beginning before man, man cannot overcome what was before him. it set in stone; good only will win over evil. nature is life man is death unless this lesson is learned and appreciated and we ammend ourselves to, it can be said, that evil made them do it. especially so this will be of no matter for any justification conquerors will try, they will be thee eventual and only conquest

  57. Edward J Max says:

    Next, the Americans will be conquering Space and colonizing far away planets as the Earth slowly dies.

  58. A rose is still a rose by any other name – paper Americans are European the fact that they brutally took this continent did not suddenly make them American. They made themselves American with laws and documents, their documents. Americans that are truly native have what we now call American Indian blood or Mexican Indian blood – this blood is ancient to this continent. Mexicans by this ancient blood is not Hispanic or Latin but true American, more so than any European who just arrived here and caused chaos as they did to India, China, Japan and every country they have ever touched – true terrorist.

    • dustyii says:

      The charge that the war with Mexico was a plot to steal land from Mexico was first put forward by Whig politicians in an effort to discredit Democratic President James K. Polk and his administration. Although there is absolutely no proof to substantiate this accusation, some historians have also sought to promote this view simply because Polk had hoped to buy California from Mexico.

      While it is true that the United States acquired a large amount of territory from Mexico as one of the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it is often forgotten that the U.S. paid Mexico $15 million for this land, that the land held less than 1% of Mexico’s population, that Mexico exercised very little actual control over it, and that some of its citizens were actually in favor of either British or American rule.

      After the war, Mexico’s treasury was depleted. There was no money to pay the millions of dollars in debts Mexico had owed private U.S. citizens for decades but Mexico had plenty of mostly unoccupied land. The territory that was acquired from Mexico constituted an indemnity for the cost of a war the United States had not sought and in return for the United States government’s agreement to pay Mexico’s long unpaid debts to U.S. citizens.

  59. R1 says:

    On the land named “Mexico” that was stolen by the Spanish from the native tribes that lived there for 1,000’s of years this is an ignorant debate. The Native’s that survived the Catholic “convert or die” religion forced on them, mass slavery in the pursuit of gold, killed with European diseases and the survivors are now only 3rd class citizens that are scorned by the majority of the lighter skinned non-native Spanish trespassers. These Natives are the people that have been robbed of their heritage and lands. All land on Earth has been taken from some people at one time or another. Kind of like the Spanish did by doing the same thing in Florida in which all native American tribes were extinct by the early 1700s (the Seminoles are not Florida natives or even a real Indian Tribe, but there is also darker skinned Seminoles that live in and claim Mexico as their home today) This thread is totally a waste of space unless people are going to go back to the beginning of time….

  60. Ana says:

    This is one of the reason why Mexicans have such a hard time progressing in life. They listen to Communist twisted history and they live in the past, they allow this hate monger losers to play with their emotions, they do not research neither know their own history right.

    Nothing was stolen, it was bought, and to be able to grow as a people, put responsibility in the hands of your own leaders, cause Mexicans are always blaming someone else for their mistakes. Take your mistakes, take responsibility and LEARN from them so you can grow and progress. Stop acting victim all the time, cause that is how you will stay and that is how these Communist suckers want you to be, so you can be weak.

    And now, there are groups like la Raza, conquering your youth through hate, talking about revenge, wasting their time and planning for a takeover and probably the loss of their lives.

    Mexicans have failed to have a country well maintained in economy, safety and education. Why do they want more land? to screw it up too? Somehow they cannot think well, too much corn in their diet i guess.

  61. SDSavvy says:

    Before the USA, every land was stolen by someone from someone. The USA was the first to offer compensation/reparations after war conquest. The Mexican-American war began ostensibly over the annexation of Texas. Texas had declared itself a sovereign nation by declaration of the people who lived there. It did not belong to Mexico or USA. The US could have claimed all of Mexico as spoils, but because of Republican opposition to the war, it didn’t. Stop the shaming of America.

    • Olmo Barragan says:

      Before Spain come to America the civilizations were concentrated from Mexico toward the South. Many of the original tribes joined forces with the Spanish to take down former empires that were unfiar and have blood taxes in human sacrifice. That ended with Spain. The Spanish crown built more cities than any other Empire before. It did not took land from others, it overthrough regimes and replace them with other more humanely rooted in Christian morale. When the US reached Texas it was not te same virgin unorganized land, neither California, Colorado, Utah or New Mexico. No, by the time they invaded the land it was not pristine as when the Spanish start the colony. Therefore the US was not expanding as the Spanish empire did. And the US didn’t not expanded by educating and adopting the aboriginal population. The US expanded by raping, murdering and looting the Spanish colonists, the native American the breed of the last two and the set of all that together were the Mexican that were working the land before them. Without slaves of course. Slavery was quite limited in the Spanish Empire and the indigenous populations were free from the beginning. That was one of the key reasons they joined the conquistadors against the former rulers for the new Spanish colonies.
      Spain didn’t mistreat the aborigines. That was not the case with the US when they took Texas and forced Mexico to sell more land to the US. The Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty tryied to a peace the American Army of looters and rapist along some similar military slave masters did not care of whatever clauses were in the treaty. There Americans were already engaged in a racial extermination of the native populations just started to chase on Mexican populations. Stolen land is forever that or until the rightful owners recover it.

  62. Martin Palomares says:

    Well, it is time to let all ignorant people the truth; Human beins are not cattle that You killed and that’s it for them you got rid of them
    Forever. Human beins are spirits living on a Human vessel; so when You killed one You actually killed the body not the spirit. When Europeans Killed all the Native American Indians they Just Reencarnated in their descendants troughout Mexico and South America as well as all Mexicans lost troughout all the stupid wars created by Humanity. What is more important Your Spirit or the Human vessel?…….the first commandment says You will not murder; I do not worry for the ones that get Killed because I know they will come back, but I do worry about the murderers and wonder if they will be forgiven and get a second chance to come and join us on this Wonderfull planet. In reality we are here to Love, Create, procreate, live in peace and most important to give Glory to God. We are here for our spiritual evolution or You may say spiritual growth, We all have a mission what’s Yours? That”s for You to Descover. The worst way to live on this planet is trough Hate, Fear, Greed, Arrogance and Jeaulosy; all of this will lead You to Your Own Destruction. the choice is Yours!!

  63. Chris Marsh says:

    It is called war. Ditto Florida Guam Puerto Rico. I wonder what Spain Mexico and Vietnam teach about America in school.

  64. What a convoluted string of confusion – this is what programmed education has done here on this continent & throughout the world; lies, lies, lies. The White terrorist actions of those from European countries on this continent, Australia, Africa, almost all the Islands of the Caribbean, the Philippines, New Zealand, South America, Central America, India, parts of Asia have all the natives of those lands living in the worst circumstances if they survived the genocide that usually occurred. The White terrorist actions caused slavery, death, genocide, destruction just so they could justify their land theft & theft of resources. Millions of natives of all these lands died so that White Europeans could live luxuriously all over these invaded countries – even today the natives and slaves of these monsters suffer oppressive circumstances & the terrorism never stops against natives. Mexicans, by their Indian blood are ancient to this continent, even before the border & even before the word Mexican was devised. But for the cover-up history written by terrorist to justify their blood thirst, many are so sure they know history but it is nothing but HIS story. These White terrorist living in their murderous corruptions have been living off the death and destruction of many innocent human lives.

  65. sergio s says:

    I agree with this, death to all write people

    • Bill Williams says:

      That’s ok Sergio, if, and that’s a BIG IF, your people ever get the southwest back you will just fuck it up like you did Mexico. Because you’re an ignorant, corrupt, degenerate bunch that would sell your own mother.

  66. sergio says:

    Truth teller is a bullshit teller knows nothing about history I can tell that by what he writes, everything he post comes from his ass which is his mouth.

  67. Normandie Kent says:

    The fact of the matter is that The American Southwest and in particular, California was filled from top to bottom with Native Americans like the Olhone, Yuki, Pomo, Yahi, Yana, Miwok, Yokut, Paiute, Esselen, Chumash, Aliklik, Tongva, Yumas, Mojave, Kumeyaay, Ute, Tohono Odom, Apache. Comanche, Taos, Hopi, Yaqui, Navajo, Zuni, all American Indian people. There are way more but these are at top of my head. These people had lived in their homelands for thousands of Years before the Spanish, Mexican and American invading colonizers came in and decimated and disposssed them of their homelands. Just because the Mexicans have indigenous blood, doesn’t change the fact that they are the children and heirs of Spain, and whose Indian blood was not native to the Southwest. They Stole thousands of aboriginal land just in California that belonged to the Chumash, Tongva and the Kumayeey Indians for the large Haciendas and Ranches. One word of advice, keep in mind the other Indian Nations who still reside for the most part on their ancestral homelands, who won’t take kindly to you guys claiming their homelands for Aztlan.

    • Many tribes that you mentioned are polluted with French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Asian blood & other European blood & even carry their last names but that does not make them any less Native just as Mexicans have European blood does not make them any less Native – many may have more native blood in them than you.

  68. Cathie says:

    What I’m about to say in no way excuses anyone from hurting or stealing from others. I do, however want to make a point about something: Throughout the history of the world, one group after another invaded slaughtered, and enslaved other groups in order to take over their land.

    When we speak of Alexander the Great, for example, we ooze respect! Why is his ‘accomplishment’ any different from what the early migrated-Americans have done. I’m not condoning those who massacred native Americans of any areas, I want to say, we also shouldn’t condone what people like Alexander and those before and after him have done around the world.

    My point is that unfortunately, this behavior is the way of the world. Let’s not denigrate ‘only’ America, let’s remember that this behavior has been the way of the world since Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of eden!

    • Ramiro Garcia says:


      • Daniel says:

        You are a weak person who has not the stamina to make Mexico great . 90% of the Mexicans who are here are doing better than in their homelands. They are willing to work for what they have and defend this USA from all invaders.
        Remember there are 150 million armed Milias in America willing to fight and kill and die if necessary.

    • martin palomares says:

      this behavior is not permited anymore anywhere in the world; like I said we are supposed to evolve in a spiritual way; becoming more loving to others, respecting human lives, we should get rid of Hatred, fear. arrogance, ego and all our negative sides; in the event that You don”t nature itself will get rid of You. we are not ignorant and primitive any more.

  69. Mr reality says:

    Those anglo saxon crooks who even claim to be the real Jews are ilegally occupying North America. They tried the same deceitfull tricks in Zimbabwe and South Africa and look what happened. They should just go back to the babylonian isles they fled from 200 years ago.

  70. Dargenio says:

    Mexico was forced to sign contract or document to the white they can have access to all properties under the constution law that robery mexico can go highest court stand their ground ambolish the contract was inted manipulated them force something against will that contract or document under constitution constio and human right is decline and voided is not valid contract or document force against person will to do so and speak for themself all their right taken away ambolish by this devilish act this wasnt acknowlege by a judge or state costtution act so therefore the law abide by them the real owner of lands are mexicans southwest everything was not done properly in state or civil mater court.

  71. Dargenio says:

    opposition united state have right retreat back all right to mexico was under all wrong act doing murdering and stealing manipulating and trickery any law oppose forcely by the other party have right ambolich any reformed done against their rights and constitution immigrantion treaty we as people defend was left name for mexico and their southwest. Land nobody cant reconquer unless by force then have stand ground try fight back even war world 3 must be under self defence put end the civilization no more stealing mexicans that goes to american stole in pass dont matter it was dinorsours time mexican havecright fight back their land southwest was their first. They force by a bullie with gun in his face unwilling sign contract sell all properties unwilling.

  72. And not one of you dirty wetback spics have done anything to take back your land. You just complain online. You’ll never get it back like this. Also even if you get it back, you will still cross the border to get away from the corruption, cartels, and violence. You know for damn sure you idiots wont be living under your government and still will cross the new border where ever its set. Take action and take back the land you feel was always yours and stop whining online. bunch of babies! lol

    • Katie says:

      And you are pure evil calling other human beings dirty wet back spics.Don’t forget who created us…God did. Your parents did an amazing job raising an evil racist pig

  73. luismrojas says:

    Reblogged this on FreeSpirited and commented:
    Mexico did not overtly cede any land under the treaty, the redefined border had the effect of transferring Alta California and Santa Fe de Nuevo Mexico to the control of the United States.

  74. These suspicions & hate for each other is exactly what the real culprits want us to do. From the time that mankind’s history has been recorded it is so logical and easy to understand if you use your logic and not the propaganda put out by the greedy rich, because it is they that pay to have history written in their favor. It is & always has been the rich and powerful that want & therefore goes after it even if it means killing, destroying, or any devastation to anything or anyone that gets in their way. The rich become powerful because they’re rich and able to pay the high price it takes to start wars and finance them. The rich have always had their secrete meetings together to plan and carry out their plans to get whatever it is they are after – today it’s oil, yesterday it was our land, what will they want tomorrow? In Africa it was diamonds, in Australia it was land, in Pacific Islands it was land, same in the Caribbean Islands, Etc., etc., etc. throughout the world. If they came upon a weaker culture they then terrorized & bullied & killed – all to satisfy their greed. Nothing ever stands in their way – not the animals, not the plant life, not the water, not the air, nothing – they stop at nothing fueled by their insatiable greed, they have no conscience or compassion. What we are doing is what every civilization has done before us – we follow what the greedy rich tell us to do. Every war in history was because rich, powerful men want something.

    Every native of every land taken by the rich is suffering the same devastation – alcoholism, illiteracy, low education, poverty, trauma, high suicide rates, drugs, etc., etc., etc. This is NOT a coincidence, this is manipulative strategies by the terrorist invaders of Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, the Americas including Canada, Central/South America, Africa, Caribbean Islands, Northern Ireland, Palestine, etc., etc., etc. All natives of these lands are suffering- while the people from Europe have lived off these natives for centuries & have enjoyed luxuries & good lives in their own countries as well as on the stolen lands of the natives. This has to be exposed & recorded they have been living off the destruction & devastation of natives of these stolen lands. Shame to the human beings of White Europe – this is their legacy. To cover their shame they have and still to this day demonize their victims to make it look as if it is the fault of native people that they live in their present deplorable conditions. How efficiently demonic their actions but how pathetic their sophisticated deceit sways the multitude!

    • Ana says:

      Oh please, stop the self pity never ending victimization, stop living in the past. Native Americans get a juicy check every month for life since the first day they are born, they have monopoly of gambling business and any other business they have is not subject to the normal law so they charge 250% of interest to people who loan from them and abuse clients at their will. They are not victims any more. STOP IT.

    • Tim Martin says:

      Ancient we get a clue Mexicans and Spaniards destroyed the Southwest Native American culture before the Gringo / Yankee ever came onto the scene the Mexicans were horrible to the Native Americans and they’re still horrible to their own indigenous people also known as yaquis they are not Saints they don’t walk on water and that’s so cold white mentality it’s just as much a part of the Mexicans that want to whine and cry and their drug culture why don’t they get off their asses and make their country of vast landmass a wonderful place and make it work no they want to come to the United States and freeload if their country was so great they wouldn’t be coming here

  75. It is not self pity & will never stop because the crime of murder has no statute of limitations. And genocide is the ultimate crime of murder and you and others are like any murderers you do not want to get caught and try to hide your crime and your victims. But the victims have a right to be heard. Until your crimes are exposed to the word the cries of victims should never be silenced.

  76. Real OG says:

    This is the most hypocritical article I’v ever read. How can you preach against America for “stealing land,” when that’s how Spain got it in the first place! People in the comments talking about destroying cultures, you mean like the Mayans or Aztecs? There doing pretty well today. In fact a lot of Mexico’s population is a mix of Spanish and Mayan, so Mexico is literally built off the destruction of other civilizations. Not to mention the war was caused by a land dispute because of poorly drawn borderlines. The article is a little biased to say “ignorant American rapists” came and just stole it. I haven’t even mentioned that America ended up paying Mexico for the land, so its hardly stolen. They were payed more than France for the Louisiana purchase! You even mentioned in the article what kind of effect their war with Spain had on them, they needed money. The land was sold in the same way as the Louisiana purchase, to fund a war.
    I’m not even the biggest fan of America, but this article is to hypocritical and biased to take seriously.

    • cosmicchaos says:

      ah yes. the ever annoying ‘i know you are but what am i’ says the thief. because every bad that was before automatically absolves any bad that comes after.
      one simply can not win for the amount of losers in this gawd awful world.

  77. TheAntiCasanova says:

    This spiel is 7 years old so I don’t know if my post is relevant.If we’re going by that rationale that what is now the Southwestern US was stolen from Mexico,then Mexico should give back the land it stole from the Apaches,Navajo,Comanches,Zuni,Mohaves,
    etc.What most leftist militant Reconquista activist fail to acknowledge is how Nueva Espania-Mexico claimed the southwestern US in the first place.First off that’s what exactly what they were-LAND CLAIMS.*Just because you draw a map claiming lands first does NOT mean it’s yours.Thats like a thief taking someone’s new car and then another thief stole first thief’s car and now the first thief is crying foul without ever acknowledging the
    original owner (First Peoples) car he stole.

  78. Daniel says:

    Give it up Mexico. Your country was run by crooks back then as it is now. If anything USA schould take the rest of Northern Mexico and make it part of the USA, including Baja California.
    The author is nothing but a mouth piece for those who want to establish a greater Mexico based on some bull shit that your European ancestors
    believes the “whites” took away. 90% of the Mexicans today come from
    Europe that is “white” you jerk. America or USA is based not on color
    religion political affiliation and creed but LAW. When Mexico ride
    the corruption that historically you have always have had then maybe
    all of Mexico can join the AMERICAN spirit.

    • Tim Martin says:

      No they believe in Reconquista and if they had the United States they wouldn’t know what to do with it look at the mess Mexico is.. they don’t want to assimilate they don’t want to be Americans they just want to come here and freeload

  79. Jesus Garcia Jr. says:

    These whitetraits and characteristics were brought from England through their historical perspective of feeling inferior to the Spanish Empire which ruled the world. The Catholic Churches use of the inquisition to separate allnon beliving hereticswho would not bend to their will fostered this anti Spanish attitude. When the Mexican identity arrived. The English speaking world felt it was their time for payback. They should not have felt this way and should have not judged all the hearts of the Mexican people as they did. We are all still fighting for the respect of La Raza. Theungrateful wretches who are gringos totally stole the western culture from la Raza and Atzlan. It is up to us to tell our stories of accomplishments and great wonderful beautiful culture we have brought to the Americas.We must build our own proud stories of our great contributions to society. We can neverleave this great responsibility up to any gringos. We have had the talent and artists to make our movies and books about our truths revealed for the world to see.

    • Bill says:

      You’re not taking back shit…’re not ever going to own shit……you’re going to remain the same backwards ass thinking people you’ve always been

    • Bill says:

      Name one city your people have fixed up….just one….

    • Venn says:

      We HAD that potential but not anymore. Mexico is dead thanks to the era the cartels brought to it and i have the right to say this because i live in tierra caliente. I SEE daily how my own kind keeps degrading day after day. Books? only about how religion affets daily lifes and stolen poetry. Music? All about hickies and making love (Even worse than rappers) or about cartels. Movies? ALL about cartels, really no joke idk what happened here that the people here are only interested in boring cartel films (or boring stand up stolen comedy with half naked chicks). I praise Eugenio Derbez though for breaking that norm with No Se Aceptan Devoluciones (Instructions Not Included). He is what mexians should be like. Oh and also the USA and those gringos righttfully own that land, study history and you will see

    • Tim Martin says:

      If anyone stole from anybody Spain and Mexico stole from Native Americans in any Northwestern Native American lays no claim to having any blood or spiritual or emotional relationship to Mexicans. Get out of your dream lala land thinking no one stole from Mexico you are such a joke your culture brought nothing to North America Spain brought culture to you guys you were living in thatched huts sacrificing and eating each other killing each other. You had no culture if it were not for Spain. So tell me please what wonderful cultural beautiful things what revolutionary ideas and art did you bring to the world let alone the United States you’re a joke

  80. This info is priceless. How can I find out more?|

  81. Anne Rogers says:

    So what about the natives that Spain stole the land from in the first place? Or do they not count in your screed? Screw the Apache, Comanche, Navajo, and we won’t even talk about the Aztecs, right?

  82. Mark Alaniz says:

    So Texans stole land that the Mexicans stoled from Spain. So it’s ok that Mexicans steal but not white Texans? This is a really racist view of what happen.

  83. Shawn says:

    Derp. Mexico never rightfully owned the Southwest to begin with. Spain claimed lands that belong to native tribes. So Mexico is no better than the US, when it comes to taking land from natives.

    • Tim Martin says:

      Thank you for putting that truthfully… Mexico did not own anything, in fact I am from Monterey California which at one time was the capital of Alta California under Spain and then Mexico… and after secularization Mexico totally ignored Northern California and the Spanish colonies, they wanted nothing to do with them…and both the Spanish and the Mexicans were horrendous, murdering and brutalizing the Native Americans, enslaving them infecting them with diseases as well! They are not Saints and they do not have any divine right or claim to the lands of the Southwest, which are now our Southwestern states

  84. Jose Drago says:

    It is true that except for Northern California,The “Southwestern U.S.A.was robbed as part of a baseless war instigated by the U.S.A.The cruelty of the American soldiers was however very small compared to the Conquistadors.You don’t mention these truly evil “People” from Spain who killed so many more than the Americans that it boggles the mind.Hate to admit that you must speak there language,worship there God(s)and not say too much about there murdering,raping,soulsnatching ways?That the Pizzaro brothers lied about the huge amounts of human sacrifice?That your country is based on light skin is good skin?That your Spaniards and Germans make up your large Nazi party?The USA did wrong.I am not DONALD TRUMP.The order in which you classify rotten people is absurd.USA=Guilty of stealing land and violent crimes.Spain=Unspeakable atrocities.Wake up!

    • Tim Martin says:

      The conquistadors were brutal not only to the original Mexicans in Mexico they destroyed what is now the city of Mexico and the Spaniards and Mexicans both were brutal and horrible to the real Native Americans as bad if not worse in some ways then the Yankees

  85. Jacob says:

    Mexicans are Native Americans? So Native Americans were Catholics? Native Americans Spoke a EUROPEAN language, Spanish?

    The past is the past. No human culture on this planet is innocent. Let me ask a question. Lets such say that the “Anglos” were here before Mexicans and Mexicans had conquered them, do you think Mexicans would apologize or make reparations?? FUCK NO. You guys would brag about it all day long.

    • Tim Martin says:

      Exactly they were not Native Americans and no Native Americans will ever say they are connected to them spiritually or bloodwise. Spaniards and Mexicans invaded tortured brutalized and murdered stole from the Native Americans they are not Saints they do not walk on water and they do not have any Divine claim to the Southwest states

  86. Jacob says:

    New Spain/Mexico had california and the southwest for THREE HUNDRED YEARS and didn’t do SHIT with the land. By the time the United States had the same land for 100 years there were, railroads, freeways, cars, bridges, aquaducts, damns, farms, booming economy the list goes on and on and on and on. What did Mexico do with the land for 300 years? build a couple of missions?

    • Bill Williams says:

      Everything they touch they fuck up….EVERYTHING! You want to fuck up a perfectly good car or truck? Give it to a Mexican. Want to fuck up a neighborhood or a city? Give it to a Mexican. Name ONE place they have moved to and fixed up….just one…

      • Katie says:

        You need jesus in your life! At the end of the day we are all human beings created in the image of god. No one is superior to another we are all equal in god’s eyes and we will be judged by our conduct not by our skin color how many degrees we have nor how much money we amassed while we were here on earth. Sad you didn’t have parents to guide you with a moral compass.

      • Bill Williams says:

        Katie…ahem…’ve addressed this to the wrong person. You need to address this to the author of this article and his ignorant sycophantic followers parroting his hateful vitriol. Funny you pick the comment reffering to “Mexicans” by name (that is what they call themselves isn’t it?) but you don’t address all the “Mexicans” spewing their white hate!
        Hypocrite much do you? Do me a favor…get off you right high horse sister.

    • cosmicchaos says:

      and progress is what killed civilization. taking from what gives life, nature and never replace. balance is what conquerors steal. they take beauty land and leave ugly scars concrete structures, dams, cars, pollution. money by and of itself has absolutely zero intrinsic value yet replaces love of humanity. in the 300 years of this stolen country, it was in the last 70+ years that has guaranteed what is it’s true manifest destiny.

    • Tim Martin says:

      Exactly absolutely in the Mexicans and Spaniards were extremely cruel and murderous and barbaric to the Native Americans who despised Mexicans

  87. Pingback: Donald Trump Wants To Make America Great Again. When Was It Ever So? - Invisible Aliens

  88. Tim Martin says:

    I find this article to be so biased in favor of Mexicans when in the first place no Mexican would have even been in that territory if not for Spain thus hose lands did not belong to Mexico, they belong to the first Americans the Native Americans who disclaimed any connection to Mexicans and Spain. I find great sarcastic humor and irony and all the accusations made against the white Invaders when Mexico did exactly the same thing and was just as cruel if not more so to Native Americans. Reconquista is a desperate man made lie an attempt to insert invade and control North America

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