Who is behind child abduction?

Who is behind child abduction and disappearance?

The world-wide media coverage impact on the case of missing Madeleine McCann has contributed importantly to raise awareness and consciousness, on the existence of child abduction as a syndicated organized criminal activity with all of its destructive dimensions involved. Inadvertently, and with the only purpose of hoping to find their missing child, the parents of Madeleine launch a huge media campaign, established a website, travelled, and did other activities that have contributed to many people realize that it could happen to anyone, as child kidnapping has been for a long time and continuous to be, part of a satanic conspiracy too many still don’t know about it thanks to the elite-controlled media blackout, or preferably ignore despite evidence and statistics showing this proven fact.

According to information available on different Internet websites, thousands of children go missing each year mainly in Europe and North America more than in other parts of the world. There are different versions and/or opinions when trying to explain the mysterious disappearance of children without leaving a trace and no one making demands of any type for their return, which suggest that there are other reasons for committing the crimes. Well known professional activists with extensive background and experience in investigations related to this and other organized criminal activities, have demonstrated conclusively that there is a connection to child abduction with hidden satanic criminal syndicates whose real leaders are individuals in the elite class, who protect themselves with layers of people in the establishment making it almost impossible to identify them as being ultimately responsible, for the kidnapping of children and other harden criminal activity that sprinkles the whole of society with extremely destructive results. The criminal activity in which those individuals play a vital role include but it is not limited to, drugs and arms trafficking, sadistic child rape, child abduction, theft, satanic torture of children, paedophilia, corruption, homosexuality, false imprisonment, hard core pornography, sexual perversity, sex slavery, cult programming of children into prostitution, ritual murder, and much more. They are part of or represent the most powerful, influential and wealthiest elite class in both Europe and North America, and are the financers of the above-mentioned criminal activity. These satanic perverts are so rich and powerful they are thought to be untouchable, as they control entire governments and media who protect their heinous deeds against innocent children, by not exposing the truth to the public. The case of missing Madeleine McCann was an exception within the context of their subordination to the elite power when considering the great amount of exposure it received world wide.

Who are the Finders?

The Finders is an evil Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] covert operation that began its criminal activities around 1965, after being conceived and created for the purpose of kidnapping and disappearing children, in connection with an agreement signed secretly in 1954 between the Eisenhower administration and Extraterrestrial [ET] aliens. The agreement allows the aliens to conduct bizarre experiments on animals, abducted humans, and utilize both as a source of nourishment in exchange for technology to be used for military purposes. According to the agreement, the experiments and cannibalism would be conducted at deep underground military bases inhabit by Greys, reptilian Draco’s and other [freaks] aliens.

Agents of the CIA as a United States [US] government institution were and continue to be professionally trained to kidnap children for different purposes which include the above-mentioned plus: sexual abuse, prostitution, pornography, experimental and /or mind control, slave labour at deep underground alien-controlled military bases, satanic ritual murder, and more, where thousands of children who were snatched off the streets and playgrounds ended up there never to be found again. The Finders have been throughout the years and still is, the most despicable CIA covert operation against innocent children, among others that exist in the realm of evil and perversity; it is definitely a Gestapo-like covert operation that has committed the most horrible and heinous crimes against innocent children, thru its government henchmen acting under directives issued by international Satanists highly organized and controlled by super-rich and powerful elite members with headquarters in England, from where they control not only the US puppet government behind the scenes thru Zionist shadow organizations, but also most other capitalist countries around the world with a privileged social class. The Finders also have and continue to abduct children to be “sold” at auctions to wealthy perverts who take them to places where the stolen children are never found. The abducted children are “sold” like merchandise and the proceeds from this lucrative business, are used to finance other covert operations that may well be part of the elite’s conspiratorial agenda. The Finders are still active and are suspected of being responsible for the kidnapping and disappearance of children not only in North America, but also throughout Europe by their partners in the British intelligence agencies, working closely with the CIA towards the same goal on behalf of the elite and their satanic agenda. The United Kingdom [UK] has the highest child abduction rate in Europe. This and other related information have been and continue to be hidden by the elite-controlled and conventional mass media, to keep the public ignorant of this undeclared government criminal policy against citizens of all races. Internet is the only source now where information on this evil covert operation can be obtained, while it remains relatively free from total censorship, but this may not last for very long…

The challenge to protect children

The staggering numbers of children who were abducted and disappeared mysteriously without a trace must have a rational explanation we all have the right to, in particular, the parents and family of the children as victims. This right, however, will not be granted by the perpetrators themselves nor can we expect that those subordinated to them, will come forward to tell us the truth we need to know on pain of death if they did. Hence, common people facing the real threat of thugs kidnapping children on behalf of rich perverts are faced with the great challenge to protect them. The challenge involve dealing with an extremely sinister and mind-boggling shadowy enemy, described as invisible and acting behind the scenes only through their henchmen. This in itself pose credibility problems, in view of too many people refusing to face-up-to the fact that the evil source causing abducted children mysteriously disappearing, is not a fiction, an invention, paranoia, a hoax, nor a faddish happening that occurs only to others just because it has not happen to you yet. It is an organized criminal activity with a specific motive, of which those who were witness and had the courage to come forward and exposed existing horrors at hidden places, were either found dead or mysteriously disappeared.

If anyone would do a minimum amount of Internet research on this subject, the available information can contribute to help one see, realize and understand the depth linked between organized child abduction and the establishment. The information may differ when presented by different people, but amazingly and inevitably, it will all lead and end at similar or even identical conclusions. Performing this task can be important in the process to acquire the necessary state of personal consciousness, which would hopefully generate an urge to seek the company of others, and discuss ideas on what course of action would be more suitable according to objective reality. This form of unity among people sharing a common cause and/or goals, could trigger responses by others gladly finding partners with whom they can share ideas or feelings, related to the horrific crime of child abduction and the need to take direct action against it as citizens. The idea is to unite people against this extremely destructive evil criminal activity that has been occurring for decades with catastrophic results. This can be considered as essential, in view of the complicity by government institutions such as the police and the judicial system, both of which are controlled by those who are ultimately responsible for the heinous crimes. Moreover, should you harbour any doubts on the truthfulness of the above statement it is suggested that you look into the available Internet information, regarding the famous case known as the Dutroux affair in Belgium. That case and the Franklin cover-up scandal in the US are good examples of government depravity and complicity in crimes involving child abduction, sexual abuse, and murder of innocent children, by elite members fully protected by the police and the judicial system. You can begin your search by visiting www.isgp.eu and look on your left for the link titled “beyond Dutroux.” If after obtaining the information therein you still have doubts -or what is even worse- deny the well documented facts, then we will know that you are part of the problem.

If we take for granted that you believe the government to be a controlled puppet of a conspiratorial and perverted satanic cabal, who is ultimately responsible for the monstrous crime of kidnapping children for destructive purposes, then you have taken the important first step towards meeting other people with similar ideas to yours with whom you can talk and exchange ideas. This could be the beginning of a new historic page to be written by common people, seeking the protection of human dignity and the life of innocent children, many of whom no longer exist as a result of gruesome crimes perpetrated against them in torture chambers at hidden places on behalf of the devil. Have no doubts that only a united and organized people, can counterpoise the continuous kidnapping and mysterious vanishing of very young children and minors, since the government won’t do it due to reasons you already know. The numbers of very young children and minors who go missing each day, week, month, and year, are chilling and there are not any reasons to believe that the high numbers will decrease; each day many kids are snatched off the streets or playgrounds by thugs working for one of the many layers of people protecting those who finance this criminal activity with the complicity of the whole officialdom subordinated to them, including of course, the police. The citizenry is being constantly attacked and defeated each time a young child or an under age youngster gets kidnapped and disappears mysteriously. This terrible reality must be challenged and counterattacked effectively through organized small underground intelligence groups of neighbours in each community spreading the message and resisting in many ways. Large organizations should be avoided as they are infiltrated and subverted from within.  All individuals involved must be savvy of the reality, not apathetic, conformist, have a warrior spirit, and be willing to struggle against evil regardless of the consequences. It is a matter of life and death and should not be looked at or understood in any other way.

Those insane Masonic half breed reptilian monsters in the elite who are ultimately responsible for these crimes, will continue their satanic endeavour as part of a much bigger plan that demands the abduction and destruction of innocent children, unless they are stopped or neutralized by the common people. It is our kids who are disappearing and not the sons or daughters of the rich and powerful. Our children are and will continue dying horrifically or their natural innocence systematically destroyed by extremely evil methods unprecedented in history, not even in Nazi Germany. We can and must take direct action now and not just sit around in apathy while thinking that these criminals will go away if we just ignore them.

Self-reliance and dependence

The Internet is stuffed with sites proclaiming to exist solemnly for the protection of children and vigorously condemn child abduction. However, the irony of their claim is that most -if not all- of those organizations are directly or indirectly subordinated to others that are much more bigger, wealthier and powerful to the point of almost being entities. One of those organizations is the well-known National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children [NCMEC] in Washington, District of Criminals [DC]. The irony is that this organization is very likely to be an offshoot of the CIA, and therefore, a front camouflaged as a benevolent entity honestly concerned with the terrible realities surrounding child abduction. It is connected with organizations such as Mason chip [www.masonichip.org] who openly offer chip implanting under the skin as a “solution” to child abduction. It is not known whether the reader is aware of it or not, but chip implanting under the skin is a star feature in the satanic agenda of the Masonic elite, to control the population like cattle through centralized computer systems in their so-called “new world order,” which the Satanists at Mason chip are offering as a response to the same problem they have created to begin with!

The point in providing this enlightening is to show that those groups or organizations claiming to protect children are in reality, mere business profiteering from a terrible tragedy which they will not stop from occurring even as you read these words, because it benefits them. Most importantly, it shows that common people are alone, unprotected and vulnerable to the criminal deeds of these disciples of the devil, and also that the best alternative in the present reality, is to look for each other and unite against everything related to the spectrum of child abduction for purposes you should know and understand by now. We must become self-sufficient, self- reliant, and depend only on ourselves as all officialdom is at the service of our enemy.

Creating fancy and impressive but farcical websites fill up with attractive but empty rhetoric, is not a solution in itself to a terrible reality only organized common people can determine its future course. Finally, if for any reason you still don’t believe that only common people can make the difference in what the future of our children will be, by all means send your alternatives for our learning.

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13 Responses to Who is behind child abduction?

  1. steve says:

    with all this information u have on child kidnapping and the crimes against children, have u put forward this information to the parents of maddie or tothe parents of missing school boy daniel morcombe here in australia.????? or any of the parents of other missing children that hits the media headlines.???? if u have such informationas this claiming such a huge coverup in high places, i think it should b your duty to get in touch with the parents themselves of these missing children.

    • Truth Teller says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we have tried to contact Madeleine’s parents as well as others whose kids were abducted and were not found but have not made any real progress on uniting people on this issue. We don’t know why the parents of all those kidnapped kids don’t bother to act according to reality but we will not beg them.

  2. Wonder where all the missing and abducted children go? Jews are in control of the stolen human transplant organs scheme. Big kike Jews pay big money for Goy children’s organs. They mix their blood into Matzo for Passover. It is called Blood Libel. Look it up.
    Jew abducted children as used in pornography and snuff films sold by Jew backed organizations world wide.
    Jews did 911 and all world wars and depressions.
    This will be censored. Why because the blog owner is gutless and freedom cannot exist with Jews present in the world.

  3. doesnt matter says:

    I strongly believe we should take up arms against the government.namely the cia.if our own government can’t be trusted we must exterminate them.like the french revolution in france and like the bay of pigs in cuba we must take back control of our country.these fucking scum have to be made an example of.personally I’m not gonna be satisfied with just killing them,no,we have to torture them.we have to mutilate them while they’re still breathing.I would gladly die for a just cause like this.how many more children have to suffer at the hands of these scum before we say”fuck you”,pick up an m-16 and shoot them down?every second that we waste another innocent child is victimized.we have to act now!!!

    • Any type of armed action must be well organized and supported by the majority. Never carry out the type of violence you suggest alone. If you do your actions will only be just another criminal act. Armed violence against the status quo must be the result of political conditions supported and carry by the masses.

  4. robin says:

    im not saying youre all wet.. but I’d like more sources for the information pesented. Ive read the franklin cover-up and was really astounded by what I read.
    as a Christian I do believe that satan and his minions are a major influence of many ruling officials around the world. satan offered Jesus kingship over all the kingdoms of the world if He’d worship him. Jesus never replied to satan “how can you give what you do not own?” ..
    It seems evident to me that satan and his followers are hard at work… but we need sound sources for our info if anybody is going to believe us. and I know that that is hard to do considering that these fat cats own virtually all major information outlets.
    I dont believe that the Jews are trying to take over the world(im not saying that its impossible for a Jewish person to become a luciferian). my savior was Jewish and they are a sacred people because God chose them to bring about the salvation of the world. salvation is for the Jew first and then the gentile. satan has always persecuted, enslaved, and murdered the Jews because they are Gods chosen, and I choose not to help him out.

  5. coastx says:

    Email me re child abduction. Enter CAM in the subject box.

  6. mvg12345 says:

    So hey guys my name is Max I am 23 and my life has been very strange and I do not know who to trust anymore. I have been experiencing satanic abuse since I was a child and my parents are in on it. Since I was a child I have been experiencing hardcore witchcraft/magical phenomenon. My parents gave me a vodoo doll of myself and I have been visited by demonic creatures from other dimensions so many times I can’t even count. I can talk about these experiences all day at the dinner table and NO ONE in my family says a word. Very eerie. This was something I could hide in a closet for years. I have experienced my TV changing to strange channels that shouldn’t exist when no one is home, showing me animal sacrifices and really messed up stuff that I don’t want to even mention. One image was like baby ducks crying in this black oily liquid like flaming water. These images for some reason possess more energy and its like something is reaching for my soul when this happens. My parents made me “sick” when I was a kid, by making me eat a giant insect. Thats when the physical illness started. Its like my family knew my abilities so they have made me PAY for magic through necromancing rituals. Frequently I have performed sorcery throughout my life and I every time I do I am temporarily arrested and places in facilities where I am drugged isolated and tortured. I have been sick my whole life, bed ridden for years, puking and such, and my family finds this humorous. At one time I got possesed by an earth spirit and went out to nature when I prayed naked. A blue skinned god answered and told me to kill. A circle of thorns rose around me and would pierce my skin but I would not bleed. Immortal suffrage. I escaped from this circle pushing my entire flesh through the thorns and when I ran naked through the field running from the voice of this evil, flowers would bloom from my feet. Two people wittnessed this. Out of nowhere I was arrested after this. Cops and military officers show up, and they torture me for sometime, and then, one of them sits me down, talks to me about organizations like the illuminati, magic, bloods, crips, aryans. I was put in a room one time with a television and it showed me more of those wierd images, and the TV flashes the words “SCHANDLER’S LIST.” After that experience I was still bed ridden but the “others” have gone away for now. I am highly suggesting buying a gun to kill myself with if the cops come for me again.

  7. killer of liberals says:

    we must treat the jew with extreme cruelty as they are not human but a creation of satan!

    • lalala says:

      It’s those who POSE as Jews and are truly evil that most go. The good people need to team up, out number, and out think the evil.in this world and fill it back up with what it’s meant to be. Peaceful, safe, and functional.


  8. Josie says:

    An agreement between Eisenhower and Extraterrestrials! REALLY!? For cannibalism – REALLY!? I hope this does not reach the McCann’s. This is a horrid article to get attention. Have you now heart. Haven’t they suffered enough. If that poor dear little one is still alive and you have any possible information then for God’s sake use it to free her. I shudder to think what terror and abuse that dear little one has been made to suffer all these years.

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