Barack Obama is a pawn of Zionism

Barack Obama is the black George Bush

The attacks on Barack Obama by the mainstream right-wing pundits have been nonsensical. He has been called a “communist” which is funny because he was backed during the campaign by the fascist corporate establishment and the elite banking cartel; he has also been called a Muslim “terrorist” which is very strange considering his undying support for the Zionist in Israel.  If supporters of the Bush agenda were intellectually capable and honest they would be ecstatic about Barack Obama being ideologically nothing less than a black George Bush.

It appears that duped supporters of Barack Obama are totally unfamiliar with his own stated policies and political associations, and even less familiar with the true nature of the people he has begun to surround himself with.  It also seems that too many people are still unclear about the term “politics are fake,” but rather than going into laborious details about the nature of the mechanism that runs the world capitalist system, a full examination of which would fill endless volumes, it will be attempted to demonstrate the superficial nature of the political theatre by analyzing the goals of the “left” in contrast with those of the “right” and show that they are in fact simply two clawed hands of the same frothing beast pushing us toward the same seemingly inevitable tragically ends. The purpose of this writing is then, not to show that Barack Obama has bad intentions because we already know he does, but rather, to show that he is indeed a dangerous puppet, a highly trained and paid actor who is not representing the interests of the great majority who voted for him, but the interests of the globalist elite who are hell-bent on establishing a one-world-government at any cost.

Fixing the damage done by George Bush

When one examines the actual stated views of Obama outside the framing of his emotive rhetoric a frightening picture emerges. By going through some of the madness we will be able to see if it aligns with the “saviour” image of Obama that the elite-controlled mass media sold us.  To start with, what is Barack Obama going to do to address what Bush has wrought on this country and the rest of the world?  Is he going to repeal the Patriot Act brought by Bush?  He wanted its extension while claiming that it represents “freedom” according to how he personally understands the meaning of the word.  He cited the campaign by the mass media as a force behind it which knows that the average citizen of the US, is too dumbed down to even look up the Patriot Act, let along comprehend the language it was written in and the real purpose intended.

Among other things, the Patriot Act calls for the secret arrest of citizens that can be tortured and secretly executed if they are deemed to be “terrorists.”  The Patriot Act was the figurehead bill of an entire series of freedom crushing legislation passed by the Bush administration which Obama has not indicated his true desire to repeal or even discussing.

Barack Obama plans to continue the Bush monarchical “rule by decree” through what are euphemistically called “executive orders.” The duped Obama supporters will probably say “no he will not use those dictatorial powers” because it is neither freedom nor democracy they want, but instead, a benevolent dictator.  No man should have greater powers no matter how well his intentions he may say they are.  Needless to say the evidence in the case of Barack Obama shows there is nothing good about his intentions.


Barack Obama has said repeatedly that he will have US troops out of Iraq by 2010. There is no valid reason to believe he will actually bring the troops home at that time, but even if he did, do the people of Iraq want to suffer through another two years of war, death and destruction?  Do you they want another two years of being slaughtered or raped by US military savage men?  The false justification that “we need to stay there or there will be chaos” is just that:  A false argument to continue a war which is part of the elite’s agenda for world domination to which Obama is subordinated.  Obama sounds exactly like Cheney and Bush. There was no chaos before the US invaded Iraq based on lies and US unwanted presence there can only make things worse for all.  The real reason for the two-year exit plan expressed by Obama is directly connected to the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and other criminals who planned the invasion of Iraq, under a plan scheduled to be completed in two years.  If US troops leave now the remaining militias could theoretically overthrow the puppet government and install their own regime. In two years the puppet government set up by the US will be solidified to the point where it would be capable to oppress the people of Iraq without the US military being present.  With the puppet government in charge Iraq will continue to be an “ally,” and allow its territory as a base from which to launch further wars of conquest throughout the entire Middle East, Russia and Central Asia, as part of the elite’s agenda to control the world’s natural wealth and proceed thereafter to establish their dreamed one world government.  These are the interests Barack Obama represents, and the “change” of which he spoke about during his campaign, consists only of doing things in his own Uncle Tom style.


Barack Obama is once more borrowing words from the neo-conservatives phrasebook when it comes to discussion on Iran.  He is not at all afraid to indulge in radical fear-mongering. He has repeatedly stressed that “a nuclear Iran will not be tolerated,” and also “we must protect Israel from the Iranian threat,” and so on.   He has also stated that he “will not rule out force…” It is hoped that these facts about Obama are sinking into your mind by now. Iran does not have nuclear weapons. The official US National Intelligence Estimate concluded that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. The CIA officially declared that if Iran were developing nuclear weapons, it would take no less than ten years to do so, and even then, they would have not a launching system to fire and send the weapons. If we suppose that Iran somehow managed to build nuclear weapons, what kind of sense would it make if they would start nuking countries with militaries hundreds of times more substantial than their very own?   If they decided to nuke the US, the government would immediately respond by nuking every one of their cities killing at least 80% of their population, and would respond the same way also if Iran nuked Israel.

Barack Obama campaigned on the false promise of engaging Iran in direct talks but at this point his promise is beginning to look less-and-less likely with each passing day.  There are those of us who simply don’t believe this will actually happen, but even if it did, it would be of no consequence.  What’s even more, many of us believe that under the Obama government, the US will attack Iran, most likely at defending the Zionist in Israel and their plans to take over the natural wealth in Middle East, on behalf of Jewish bankers in London and New York responsible for the great tragedies in this world.

Everything Barack Obama said during his campaign and continues saying now is empty rhetoric and nonsense of the highest order;  it is the same garbage we have been hearing from Bush and associates for years, and as we know, garbage-is-garbage, whether fumbling out of the blithering lips of a white-skin boy or a black-skin demagogue.


Although he falsely campaigned as an “opponent” of the war in Iraq, Barack Obama is in reality a supporter of the war in Afghanistan. He borrows yet another line from Bush and his associates by claiming that “we need to kill Osama Bin Laden.”   Really?   Is this a joke?   We thought he had been dead for at least ten years!  We also thought the FBI officially declared they have no evidence on Osama Bin Laden or that he even had anything to do with 9/11.  So why does Barack Obama desire to continue the war in Afghanistan?  Well, unlike Iraq, Afghanistan has a long way to go before it is subdued and controlled by proxy through a US-installed puppet regime.  Whereas Iraq was already an industrialized nation with a centralized control system, and an infrastructure that could be commandeered by invasion forces, Afghanistan was not even really a country, but rather no more than a territory with people still living there as they did thousands of years ago.  Afghanistan is a wild land and full of wild men and women who have no real conception of modern Western view of a conflict.  These rather primitive and tribal people are extremely attached to the ways and values of their ancestors and will fight hard until every one of them is dead, or the enemy has been vanquished.   Thus the manipulators of the truth are strongly pushing for “cultural reformation” featuring the elite-created false concept known as “women’s liberation and rights,” in hope they can weaken their true cultural identity and thus make then more pliable as a people, and more susceptible to conquest, control and exploitation.

The high causalities of NATO members in Afghanistan have recently begun to outnumber those of US troops in Iraq. The subjugation of Afghanistan is a long way from completed, but Barack Obama is pushing the elite’s agenda when he talks about the need to exercise further dominance over the Afghan people.  These are Obama’s true colours and for whom the duped idiots voted for in the recent “elections” charade.


Perhaps the most bizarre and insane part of this whole farce is Barack Obama’s rabid desire to bomb Pakistan regardless of the consequences.  Pakistan is presently a US ally but when Barack Obama began expressing his true wish to bomb that country to “kill Osama Bin Laden,” even Bush and his Nazi associates, were thrown off guard seemingly thinking and saying “wow, attacking an ally under the premise of hunting a dead former CIA bogyman? This guy is even more hardcore than we are.”  That’s Barack Obama for you again.

Pakistan is a country where most of its people still retain very strong religion and moral ancestral values, so even though the US controls the government, it would be necessary to use a military invasion force to subdue the people quickly, as the elite’s “new world order” is already coming into view and room must be made for it as part of their agenda.

There is not really much more than can be written about this in particular other than taken it as a whole, it is extremely frightening to realise that not only Barack Obama support all major wars conceived by neo-conservatives on behalf of the international Masonic and satanic elite, but is also planning even more wars! After reading this far, do you still believe in Barack Obama’s “change?”


For many years it was unacceptable to discuss the negative effect the US-Israel relationship has had on the country.  Due to the fact that during the Bush years his administration had so many ties to Zionist extremists, many of which were actually duel citizens within his government, and because of the amount of press pressuring the issue that Israel was putting on the US to invade more countries, the Israel lobby beast manifested itself to such an overwhelming degree, that it could no longer be completely ignored.  In 2006 members of the US academic intelligentsia wrote and published a  book that detailed the way all foreign policy of the US is dictated by what appears to be Israeli interests. It is a well known fact that Jewish Zionists run the US behind the scenes through organisations such as the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission and others, and both Israel and the US use their own mechanisms for the development of a global state, that is, a one-world-government under Zionist control. Barack Obama is subordinated to this Masonic and satanic agenda against the whole world. Whatever way you choose to look at these facts since its own illegal founding at the expense of the Palestinian lives and land Israel has been, and continues to be, an extremely hostile and war-based country and the US has allied itself closer-and-closer to its Zionist agenda over the years since 1948, while pushing for the establishment of a single world state which demands pressing the inevitable necessity to eliminate the Muslim resistance to the Zionist diabolical plans.

The short version of the story is that the entire plan for the invasion and conquest of the entire Middle East was drawn up by Richard Perle in 1996 for Benjamin Netanyahu in a paper entitled “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.”   Later we found out that the entire body of folks pushing for this Zionist agenda turned up in the Bush administration, under the banner of “neoconservatives” designing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq plus planning more wars against Iran and Syria. In addition, a paper entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defences” was published by the Project for a New American Century, a think-tank group with members such as Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Eliot Abram, Richard Perle, amount the more well known.  The paper reiterated the Middle East agenda that Richard Perle first laid out in the original Israeli whitepaper and added a heap of other madness about their vision of world conquest.

Any US president -black or white- who was really running the show and cared sincerely about the citizens of this country and the people of the world, would make severing the present financial, political and military ties to Israel his first priority.  Sadly but not in the least surprisingly, Barack Obama has allied himself completely with the hard core Zionist community in the US, and the entire Israeli agenda for taken over the Middle East as part of a much bigger plan which includes taken military control of Russia and East Asia. Barack Obama has lined his advisory board with Zionists.  He has also spoken at AIPAC and other Jewish groups in the US with audiences tearing up his total devotion to the “chosen people.” He has pledged his undying unconditional loyalty to Israel, and has also made it very clear that if Israel decides to start a war, the Zionists will have the full and immediate support of the US military.  Barack Obama is an Uncle Tom narcissist mad man.

Who funded Barack Obama’s campaign?

In our present reality and times, multinational corporations and international financiers (bankers) do not fund US political campaigns for president, because they may have some emotional issues like adequate health care and fundamental rights at stake.  They don’t even fund anyone’s campaign based on how a politician’s publicly stated policy may benefit their interests. They fund a politician’s campaign because when he gets “elected” he would owe his position to the campaign financial backers and supporters, and thus must pay the debt by manipulating government policy to further the interests of his backers.  This is the prime driving force in US politics. Campaigns can’t be run unless one has the backing of corporate sponsors who own and control all mass media.  All presidential candidates and congressmen are bought and paid for by those with big money and power. Outside of any kind of overwhelming agenda being pushed by an ancient ruling aristocracy class, the nature of the campaign finance alone dictates that no politician can ever be “for the people” and can bring about real “change.”  This is elementary but judging by the number of dupes who voted for Barack Obama, one can only conclude that too many people up there are naïve or are just plain useful idiots that professional con man like Barack Obama, know how to use and manipulate for his own selfish ends.  Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was the most expensive in US history.

Barack Obama lied through his teeth when he told us that corporate lobbyists were not funding his campaign, when in reality a multitude of evil multinational corporations threw in their hats for him.   Wall Street was the biggest backer of the campaign.  This really puts the fantasy delusion that he is going to “redistribute the wealth” into perspective. Why would a bunch of psychopathic banking elitists fund into power a man planning to redistribute their wealth?  Isn’t time for too many of you up there to start seeing reality the way it really is, and not how the elite-controlled mass media wants us to see it?

Barack Obama went against the will of the people who supposedly he represents, when he voted along with John McCain and George Bush for the “bailout” of banks with tax payers money which clearly demonstrates where his true allegiances lay. Anyone who would drive the working people into deeper debt and further devalue our currency for the benefit of a few multibillionaire bankers is not a friend of the people.   As for his tax plan, it is a joke.  Both political parties are placed in power by the same business interests and thus both serve these interests when in power.   Obama’s proposal raises the taxes on those who make more than 250 thousand dollars per year only a few points, putting it roughly back up where it was during Bill Clinton’s years and coming nowhere near where it was a couple decades prior.  Despite the rhetoric, Obama will do nothing to challenge the status quo as he is definitively a pro-establishment politician.  He will likely expand entitlement programs though only through the enlargement of the national debt causing even higher inflation which will eventually lead to the total collapse of the dollar. When this happens the strain will be on the middle class who is expected to be eradicated in the coming years, as part of the elite’s agenda to establish a one world government in which there will be only the very rich and the very poor. And this is coming sooner than what you may or may not believe or realise. If you resist you will have only two choices: total slavery or death.   Whatever choice you decide to make, you will lose.

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3 Responses to Barack Obama is a pawn of Zionism

  1. kris says:

    I’ve written the White House and numerous national publications that I am convinced that Israel(along with the British monarchy and their Illuminati brethren)represents the biggest threat and is worst enemy of the American people. The sooner we jettison the lot of these monkeys off our backs the sooner, we can get down to the business of living as true free men…we will never get much of anywhere with these bastards having any influence over us whatsoever.

    US out of Israel now! Leave the zionist to deal with the rest of the world, with out the subsidization by the US taxpayer and protection of the US military!

    • All that you express in your message can be accomplished with unity. Individuals acting alone are very likely to be destroyed whereas millions of people united, well armed and with a common goal will not be defeated. If you don’t believe this check out history and you’ll learn that all great achievements in the history of humanity were done in unity and organized violence. That’s what we believe in and don’t hide it.

  2. killer of liberals says:

    lets back the muslims against israel.they are less evil than the jews.

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