How the US government destroyed the social-political movements of the 1960s-1970s.

Counterintelligence Program [Cointelpro]: The United States government program that destroyed the social and political movements of the 1960s and 1970s

  Table of Contents

  1. Counterintelligence Program [Cointelpro] operations in general
  2. Specific covert actions against La Raza

 III. Domestic covert action remains a serious threat today

  1. Domestic covert action did not end in the 1970’s
  2. “Bags of dirty tricks”
  3. Counter Intelligence Program (Cointelpro) Operations in General


How the Cointelpro program destroyed the progressive social and political                                   movements of the 1960s and 1970s in the United States

Since Cointelpro was used mainly against the progressive movements of the 1960s and 1970s its impact can be grasped only in the context of the momentous social upheaval which shook the country during those years. Chicano and black communities throughout the United States [US] came alive with renewed political struggle. Most major cities experienced sustained disciplined Chicano and black protests and massive barrio and ghetto uprisings. Chicano and black activists galvanised multi-racial rebellion among welfare mothers, students, and prisoners. College campuses and high schools erupted in militant protest against the war in Vietnam. A predominantly white New Left inspired by Chicano and black movements fought for an end to US intervention abroad and a more humane and co-operative way of life at home. By the late 1960s deep-rooted resistance had revived among Puerto Ricans and Native Americans. Millions of people began to reject the dominant ideology and culture plus thousands challenged basic US political and economic institutions. For a brief moment “the crucial mixture of people’s confidence in the government and lack of confidence in them which allows the government and the ruling class to rule threatened to break down.” By the mid-1970s the upheaval had largely subsided.  Important progressive activity persisted, mainly on a local level and much continued to be learned and won, but the massive, militant Chicano, black and new left movements were gone. The sense of infinite possibility and of our collective power to shape the future had been lost.

Progressive momentum dissipated and radicals found themselves on the defensive as right-wing extremists gained major government positions and defined the contours of accepted political debate. Many factors besides Cointelpro contributed to this change. Important progress was made toward achieving movement goals to the war in Viet Nam and university reform.  The mass media owned or controlled mainly by Jews and their big business and cowed by government and right-wing attacks helped to bury radical activism by ceasing to cover it. Television, popular magazines, and daily papers stereotyped activists as hardened criminals and welfare chiselers or as the supposedly affluent beneficiaries of “reverse discrimination;” white radical and leftist youth were portrayed first as hedonistic hippies and mindless terrorists, later as an apolitical, self-indulgent “me generation” and both were scapegoat as threats to “decent and hard-working middle America.”

During the severe economic recession of the early to mid 1970s former student activists began entering the job market some by taking on responsibility for children. Many were scared by brutal government and right-wing attacks culminating in the murder of rank-and-file activists as well as prominent leaders. Some were strung out on hard drugs that had become increasingly available in black and Latino communities and among white youth. Others were disillusioned by mistreatment in movements ravaged by the very social sicknesses they sought to eradicate such as racism and class bias.  Limited by their upbringing, social position, and isolation from older radical traditions, 1960s activists were unable to make the connections and changes required to build movements strong enough to survive and eventually win structural change in the US. Middle-class students did not sufficiently ally with working and poor people and too few white activists accepted third world leadership of multi-racial alliances. Originally motivated by goals of quick reforms, 1960s activists were ill prepared for the long-term struggles in which they found themselves. Overly dependent on media-oriented “superstars” and one-shot dramatic actions, they failed to develop stable organisations, responsible leadership, and strategic perspective. Creatures of the culture they so despised, they often lacked the patience to sustain tedious grassroots work and painstaking analysis of actual social conditions. They found it hard to accept the slow uneven pace of personal and political change. This combination of circumstances, however, did not by itself guarantee political collapse.

The achievements of the 1960s movements inspired optimism and provided a sense of the power to win other important struggles. The rightward shift of the major media could have enabled alternative newspapers, magazines, theatre, film, and video to attract a broader audience and stable funding.  The economic downturn of the early 1970s could have united Chicano and black militants, new leftists, and workers in common struggle. Police brutality and government collusion in drug trafficking could have been exposed in ways that undermined support for the authorities and broadened the movement’s backing.  While the problems of the 1960s movements were enormous, their strengths might have enabled them to overcome their weaknesses had the upsurge not been stifled before activists could learn from their mistakes. Much of the movement’s inability to transcend their initial limitations and overcome adversity can be traced to Cointelpro. It was through Cointelpro that the public image of Chicanos, blacks and new leftists was distorted to legitimise their arrest and imprisonment and scapegoat them as the cause of working people’s problems. The FBI and police instigated violence and fabricated movement horrors; dissidents were deliberately criminalized through false charges, frame-ups, and offensive bogus leaflets and other materials published in their name. This is why and how Ramsey Muñiz of La Raza Unida Party was framed! [See part V “bag of dirty tricks.”] Cointelpro enabled the FBI and police to exacerbate the movement’s internal stresses until beleaguered activists turned on one another. Whites were pitted against blacks, blacks against Chicanos and Puerto Ricans, students against workers, workers against people on welfare, men against women, religious activists against atheists, Christians against jews, jews against Muslims, while “anonymous” accusations of infidelity ripped couples apart. Backers of women’s and gay movements were attacked as “dykes” and “faggots.”  Money was repeatedly stolen and precious equipment sabotaged to intensify pressure and sow suspicion and mistrust. Otherwise manageable disagreements were inflamed by Cointelpro until they erupted into hostile splits that shattered alliances, tore groups apart, and drove dedicated activists out of the movement. Government documents implicate the FBI and police in the bitter break-up of such pivotal groups as the La Raza Unida Party, the Brown Berets, Black Panther Party, Students for Democratic Society (SDS), the Liberation News Service, and in the collapse of repeated efforts to form long-term coalitions across racial, class, and regional lines. While genuine political issues were often involved in these disputes, the outcome could have been different if government agencies had not covertly intervened to subvert compromise and fuel hostility and competition.  Finally, it was Cointepro that enabled the FBI and police to eliminate mass movement leaders without undermining the image of the US as a “democracy” complete with free speech and the rule of law. Charismatic orators and dynamic organisers were covertly attacked and neutralised before their skills could be transferred to others and stable structures established to carry on their work.

Corky Gonzalez and Ramsey Muñiz were imprisoned and Malcolm X was murdered in a “factional dispute” which the FBI took credit for having developed in the Nation of Islam. Martin Luther King was the target of an elaborate plot to drive him to suicide and replace him “in his role of the leadership of the negro people” with conservative black lawyer Samuel Pierce [later named to Reagan’s cabinet].  Many have come to view King and Malcolm’s assassinations as in itself a domestic covert operation.  Other prominent radicals faced similar attack when they began to develop broad followings and express anti-capitalist ideas. Some were portrayed as crooks, thugs, philanderers, or government agents, while others like David Sanchez of the Brown Berets were physically threatened or assaulted until they abandoned their work. Still others were murdered under phoney pretexts such as “shootouts” in which the only shots were fired by the police. To help bring down a major target, the FBI often combined these approaches in strategic sequence. Take the case of the underground press, a network of some 400 radical weeklies and several national news services, which once boasted a combined readership of close to 30 million. In the late 1960s, government agents raided the offices of alternative newspapers across the country in purported pursuit of drugs and fugitives. In the process, they destroyed typewriters, cameras, printing presses, layout equipment, business records, and research files, and roughed up and jailed staffers on bogus charges. Meanwhile, the FBI was persuading record companies to withdraw lucrative advertising and arranging for printers, suppliers, and distributors to drop underground press accounts. With their already shaky operations in disarray, the papers and news services were easy targets for a final phase of Cointelpro disruption. Forged correspondence, anonymous accusations, and infiltrator manipulation provoked a flurry of wild charges and countercharges that played a major role in bringing many of these promising endeavours to a premature end. A similar pattern can be discerned from the history of the La Raza Unida and Black Panthers. Brutal government attacks initially elicited broad support for these new militant and highly visible national organisations and their popular programs for self-determination. But the repressive onslaught severely weakened these Parties making them vulnerable to sophisticated psychological warfare which so discredited and shattered them to such an extend, that only a few people today have any notion of the power and potential that these organisations once represented. What proved most devastating in all of this was the effective manipulation of the victims of Cointelpro into blaming themselves. Since the FBI and police operated covertly, the horrors they engineered appeared to emanate from within the movements.  Activists trust in one another and their collective power was subverted and the hopes of a generation died, leaving a legacy of cynicism and despair which continues to haunt us today.

Specific operations against La Raza

La Raza Unida Party of Texas was plagued with repeated unsolved Cointelpro-style political break-ins. Former government operative Eustacio “Frank” Martinez admitted that after the close of Cointelpro the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) paid him to help destroy “La Casa del Carnalismo” [The House of Brotherhood] a Chicano community anti-drug program in Los Angeles. Martinez, who had previously infiltrated the Brown Berets and the Chicano Moratorium, stated that the ATF directed him to provoke bombings and plant a drug pusher inside of “La Casa del Carnalismo.”

In 1973, Chicano activist and Lawyer Francisco “Kiko” Martinez was indicted in Colorado on trumped-up bombing charges and suspended from the bar. He was forced to leave the country for fear of assassination by police directed to shoot him “on sight.” When Martinez was eventually brought to trial in the 1980s, many of the charges against him were dropped for insufficient evidence and local juries acquitted him of others. One case ended in a mistrial when it was found that the judge had met secretly with prosecutors, police, and government witnesses to plan perjured testimony, and had conspired with the FBI to conceal video cameras in the courtroom.  A serious and damaging Cointelpro action against La Raza has been the framing of Ramsey Muñiz. Ramsey Muñiz was an effective leader of La Raza Unida Party in Texas and was its candidate for governor in 1974. Falling victim to trump up charges, Ramsey is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole at Leavenworth federal penitentiary. There is a strong movement underway to obtain his freedom and to release him from long term “solitary confinement” within the prison.  Starting in 1976 the FBI manipulated the grand jury process to assault both the Chicano and Puerto Rican movements. Under the guise of investigating the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña [FALN] and other Puerto Rican urban guerrillas, the bureau harassed and disrupted a cultural centre, an alternative high school, and other promising community organising efforts in Chicago and Puerto Rican barrios and in the Chicano communities of Denver and Northern New Mexico. It subpoenaed radical Puerto Rican trade union leader Federico Cintrón Fiallo, a key staff of the National Commission on Hispanic Affairs of the US Episcopal Church, to appear before federal grand juries and jailed him for refusing to cooperate.  The independent labour movement in Puerto Rico and the Commission’s important work in support of Puerto Rican and Chicano organising were effectively discredited.

On July 25, 1978 an undercover agent lured two young Puerto Rican independence activists, Carlos Soto and Arnaldo Darío Rosado, to their deaths in a police ambush at Cerro Maravilla, Puerto Rico.  The agent, Alexander Gonzalez Malave, worked under the direct supervision of the FBI trained intelligence chief of the island’s police force. The FBI refused to investigate when the police claimed they were merely returning gunfire initiated by the activists. Later it was proved that Soto and Dario had surrendered and were then beaten and shot dead while on their knees.  Though a number of officers were found guilty of perjury in the cover-up and one was sentenced for the murder the officials who set up the operation remain free. Gonzalez was even promoted. On November 11, 1979 Angel Rodriguez Cristobal, a popular socialist leader of the movement to stop the US navy bombing practice on the inhabited Puerto Rican island of Vieques, was murdered in the penitentiary at Tallahassee, Florida. Although prison authorities claimed “suicide,” Rodriguez Cristobal in the second month of a six-month term for civil disobedience had been in good spirits when seen by his lawyer only hours before his death.  He had been subjected to continuous threats and harassment including forced drugging and isolation during his confinement. Though he was said to have been found hanging by a bed sheet there was a large gash on his forehead and blood on the floor of his cell.  Another front line organisation victim of Cointelpro type operations was the Brown Beret National Organisation. David Sanchez, its leader, was the victim of a Cointelpro “psychological war” against him. His home was fired bomb during the early 1970’s and this almost resulted in the death of his little sister.  He had to disband the Berets during the upheavals of the National Chicano Moratorium Committee marches in East Los Angeles in order to stop the shedding of blood between some of the units. The disunity and division was caused by the infiltration of Cointelpro agents.

III. Domestic covert action remains a serious threat today

The public exposure of Cointelpro and other government abuses elicited a flurry of apparent reform in the 1970s. President Nixon resigned in the face of impeachment.  His Attorney General, other top aides, and many of the “plumbers” were prosecuted and imprisoned for brief periods. The CIA director and counter-intelligence chief were ousted and the agency was directed to cease covert operations against domestic targets.

The FBI had formally shut down Cointelpro a few weeks after it was uncovered. As part of the general face-lift the bureau publicly apologised for Cointelpro and municipal governments began to disband the local police “red squads” that had served as the FBI main accomplices. A new attorney general notified several hundred activists that they had been victims of Cointelpro and issued guidelines limiting future operations. Top FBI officials were indicted for ordering the burglary of activists’ offices and homes, two were convicted, and several others retired or resigned. The bureau’s egomaniacal crudely racist, closet homosexual and sexist founder Edgar J. Hoover died in 1972. After two interim directors failed to stem the tide of criticism, a prestigious federal judge, William Webster, was appointed by President Carter to clean house and build a “new” FBI.  Behind this public hoopla, however, the bureau’s war at home continued unabated. Domestic covert action did not end when it was exposed in the 1970s. It has persisted throughout the 1980s and become a permanent feature of the US government domestic policy.

Domestic covert action did not end in the 1970s

Director Webster’s highly touted reforms did not create a “new” FBI. They served mainly to modernise the existing bureau and to make it even more dangerous. In place of the backbiting competition with other law enforcement and intelligence agencies, which had previously impeded coordination of domestic counter-insurgency, Webster promoted inter-agency co-operation.  Adopting the mantle of an “equal opportunity employer,” his FBI hired women and people of colour to more effectively penetrate a broader range of political targets.  By cultivating a low-visibility image and discreetly avoiding public attack on prominent liberals, Webster gradually restored the bureau’s respectability and won over a number of its former critics.  State and local police similarly upgraded their repressive capabilities in the 1970s while learning to present a more friendly public face. The “red squads” that had harassed 1960s activists were quietly resurrected under other names.  Paramilitary police [swat] teams and tactical squads were formed, along with highly politicised “community relations” and “beat rep” programs featuring conspicuous Black, Chicano, and female officers. Generous federal funding and sophisticated technology became available through the law enforcement assistance administration, while FBI-led “joint anti-terrorist task forces” introduced a new level of inter-agency co-ordination. Meanwhile, the CIA continued to use university professors, journalists, labour leaders, publishing houses, cultural organisations, and philanthropic fronts to mold public opinion. At the same time, army Special Forces and other elite military units began to train local police for counter-insurgency and to intensify their own preparations, following the guidelines of the secret pentagon contingency plans called “garden plot” and “cable splicer.” They drew increasingly on manuals based on the British colonial experience in Kenya and Northern Ireland, which teach the essential methodology of Cointelpro under the rubric of “low-intensity warfare” and stress early intervention to neutralise potential opposition before it can take hold. While domestic covert operations were scaled down once the 1960s upsurge had subsided they did not stop. In its April 27, 1971 directives disbanding Cointelpro the FBI provided for future covert action to continue “with tight procedures to ensure absolute security.” The results are apparent in the record of 1970s covert operations, which have so far come to light.

The Native American Movement

The 1970s FBI attacks on resurgent Native American resistance have been well documented. In 1973, the bureau led a paramilitary invasion of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota as American Indian Movement [AIM] activists gathered there for symbolic protests at Wounded Knee, the site of an earlier massacre of Native Americans by whites. The FBI directed the entire 71-day siege deploying federal marshals, US army personnel, Bureau of Indian Affairs police, local Goons [Guardians of the Oglala Nation, an armed tribal vigilante force] and a vast array of heavy weaponry.

In the following years, the FBI and its allies waged all-out war on AIM and the Natives.  From 1973-76 they killed 69 residents on the tiny Pine Ridge reservation, a rate of political murder comparable to the first years of the Pinochet regime in Chile. To justify such a reign of terror and undercut public protest against it, the bureau launched a complementary program of psychological warfare. Central to this effort was a carefully orchestrated campaign to reinforce the already deeply ingrained myth of the “indian savage.”  In one operation the FBI fabricated reports that AIM “dog soldiers” planned widespread “sniping at tourists” and “burning of farmers” in South Dakota. The son of liberal Senator [and Arab-American activist] James Abourezk was named as a “gunrunner” and the bureau issued a nationwide alert picked up by media across the country.  To the same end, undercover operatives framed AIM members Paul “Skyhorse” Durant and Richard “Mohawk” Billings for the brutal murder of a Los Ángeles taxi driver. A bogus AIM note taking credit for the killing was found pinned to a signpost near the murder site, along with a bundle of hair said to be the victim’s “scalp.” Newspaper headlines screamed of “ritual murder” by “radical indians.” By the time the defendants were finally cleared of the spurious charges, many of AIM’s main financial backers had been scared away and its work among a major urban concentration of native people was in ruin. In March of 1975, a central perpetrator of this hoax, AIM’s national security Chief Doug Durham, was unmasked as an undercover operative for the FBI.  As AIM’s liaison with the Wounded Knee Legal Defence Committee during the trials of Dennis Banks and other Native American leaders, Durham had routinely participated in confidential strategy sessions. He confessed to stealing organisational funds during his two years with AIM and to setting up the arrest of AIM militants for actions he had organised.  It was Durham who authored the AIM documents that the FBI consistently cited to demonstrate the group’s supposed violent tendencies. Prompted by Durham’s revelations, the senate intelligence committee announced on June 23, 1975 that it would hold public hearings on FBI operations against AIM. Three days later, armed agents assaulted an AIM house on the Pine Ridge reservation. When the smoke cleared, AIM activist Joe Stuntz Killsright and two FBI agents lay dead. The media, barred from the scene “to preserve the evidence,” broadcast the bureau’s false accounts of a bloody “indian ambush” and the congressional hearings were quietly cancelled.

The FBI was then free to crush AIM and clear out the last pockets of resistance at Pine Ridge. It launched what the Chairman of the “civil rights” commission described as “a full-scale military-type invasion on the reservation” complete with M-16 rifles, huey helicopters, tracking dogs, and armoured personnel carriers. Eventually AIM leader Leonard Peltier was tried for the agent’s deaths before a right-wing judge who met secretly with the FBI. AIM member Anna Mae Aquash was found murdered after agents threatened to kill her unless she helped them to frame Peltier. Peltier’s conviction based on perjured testimony and falsified ballistics evidence was upheld on appeal.  The panel of federal judges included William Webster until the very day of his official appointment as director of the FBI.  Despite mounting evidence of impropriety in Peltier’s trial, and Amnesty International calls for a review of his case, the Native American leader remains in maximum security prison.

The black movement

Government covert action against black activists also continued in the 1970s. Targets ranged from community-based groups to the provisional government of the republic of new Africa and the surviving remnants of the Black Panther Party. In Mississippi, federal and state agents attempted to discredit and disrupt the united league of Marshall County, a broad-based grassroots “civil rights” group struggling to stop racist violence. In California, a notorious paid operative for the FBI Darthard Perry, code-named “Othello,” infiltrated and disrupted local black groups and took personal credit for the fire that razed the Watts writers workshop, a multi-million dollar cultural centre in Los Angeles in 1973. The Los Angeles police department later admitted infiltrating at least seven 1970s community groups including the coalition against police abuse.

In the mid-1970s, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms [BATF] conspired with the Wilmington, North Carolina police to frame nine local “civil rights” workers and the Rev. Ben Chavis, field organiser for the commission for racial justice of the United Church of Christ. Chavis had been sent to North Carolina to help black communities respond to escalating racist violence against school desegregation. Instead of arresting racist Klansmen, the BATF and local police coerced three young black prisoners into falsely accusing Chavis and the others of burning white-owned property. Although all three prisoners later admitted they had lied in response to official threats and bribes, the FBI found no impropriety. The courts repeatedly refused to reopen the case and the Wilmington ten served many years in prison before pressure from international religious and human rights groups won their release.

As the republic of new Africa began to build autonomous, economic, and political institutions in the Deep South, the bureau repeatedly disrupted its meetings and blocked its attempts to buy land. On August 18, 1971, four months after the supposed end of Cointelpro the FBI and police launched an armed pre-dawn assault on its national office in Jackson, Mississippi. Carrying a warrant for a fugitive who had been brought to its headquarters by FBI informer Thomas Spells, the attackers concentrated their fire where the informer’s floor plan indicated where President Imari Obadele slept.  Though Obadele was away at the time of the raid, the bureau had him arrested and imprisoned on charges of conspiracy to assault a government agent.

The Cointelpro triggered the collapse of the Black Panther Party and support in the winter of 1971 left them defenceless as the government moved to prevent them from regrouping. On August 21, 1971 national party officer George Jackson, author of the political autobiography “soledad brother” was murdered by San Quentin prison authorities on the pretext of an attempted jailbreak. In July 1972, Southern California panther leader Elmer “Geronimo” Pratt was successfully framed for a senseless $70.00 robbery-murder committed while he was hundreds of miles away in Oakland, California while attending a panther meetings for which the FBI managed to “lose” all of its surveillance records. Documents obtained through the freedom of information act later revealed that at least two agents had infiltrated Pratt’s defence committee. They also indicated that the State’s main witness, Julio Butler, was a paid informer who had worked in the party under the direction of the FBI and the Los Angeles police department.  For many years, director Webster publicly denied that Pratt had ever been a Cointelpro target despite the documentary proof in his own agency’s records. Also targeted well into the 1970s were former panthers assigned to form an underground to defend against armed government attacks on the party. It was they who had regrouped as the Black Liberation Army [BLA] when the party was destroyed.  Files show that within a month of Cointelpro closing, further bureau operations against the BLA were mapped out in secret meetings convened by presidential aide John Ehrlichman and attended by President Nixon and Attorney General Mitchell. In the following years, many former panther leaders were murdered by the police in supposed “shoot-outs” with the BLA.

A recent covert domestic operation by the CIA has come to light. Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News and US representative Maxine Waters has uncovered a “CIA crack cocaine connection” that has shocked the nation. The operation consisted of allowing the importation of tons of cocaine from Colombia in order to fund the right wing “contras” that were operating in Nicaragua. The plot in the early days of the “crack cocaine epidemic” consisted of the manufacture and distribution of crack cocaine in Latino barrios and in black communities through the utilisation of gangs such as the “bloods,” the “crips,” and Chicano gang members. The operation had a double benefit for the CIA.  Not only did it provide covert funds but it also assured the addiction to cocaine of potential young leaders in our community.

“Bags of dirty tricks”

Harassment through psychological warfare

While boring from within, the FBI and police also attack dissident movements from the outside. They openly mount propaganda campaigns through public addresses, news releases, books, pamphlets, magazine articles, radio, and television.  They also use covert deception and manipulation.  Documented tactics of this kind included the following:

False mass media stories

Many Cointelpro documents expose frequent collusion between news media personnel and the FBI to publish false and distorted material at the bureau’s behest. The FBI routinely leaked derogatory information to its collaborators in the news media. It also created newspaper and magazine articles and television “documentaries” which the media knowingly or unknowingly carried as their own. Copies were sent anonymously or under bogus letterhead to activist’s financial backers, employers, business associates, families, neighbours, church officials, school administrators, landlords, and whoever else might cause them trouble. One media fabrication claimed that Jean Seberg, a white film star active in anti-racist causes, was pregnant by a prominent black leader. The bureau leaked the story anonymously to columnist Joyce Haber and also had it passed to her by a “friendly” source in the Los Angeles Times editorial staff. The item appeared without attribution in Haber’s nationally syndicated column of May 19, 1970. Seberg’s husband sued the FBI as responsible for her resulting stillbirth, nervous breakdown and suicide.

Bogus leaflets, pamphlets, and other publications

The Cointelpro documents show that the FBI routinely put out phoney leaflets, posters, pamphlets, newspapers, and other publications in the name of movement groups. The purpose was to discredit the groups and turn them against one another. Cartoon leaflets were used to divide and disrupt the main national antiwar coalition of the late 1960s.  Similar fliers were circulated in 1968 and 1969 in the name of the Black Panthers and the “United Slaves” [US] which were a rival black group based in Southern California. The phoney panther leaflets together with other covert operations were credited with subverting a fragile truce between the two groups and igniting an explosion of internecine violence that left four panthers dead and many more wounded in a once-flourishing regional movement decimated. Another major Cointelpro operation involved children’s colouring book which the Black Panther Party had rejected as gratuitously violent. The FBI revised the colouring book to make it even more offensive. Its field offices then distributed thousands of copies anonymously or under phoney organisational letterheads. Many backers of the party’s program of free breakfasts for children withdrew their support after the FBI conned them into believing that the bogus colouring book was being used in the program.

Forged correspondence

Former employees have confirmed that the FBI has the capacity to produce state-of-the-art forgery. This capacity was used under Cointelpro to create snitch jackets and bogus communications that exacerbated differences among activists and disrupted their work. One such forgery intimidated civil rights worker was Muhammad Kenyatta [Donald Jackson] causing him to abandon promising projects in Jackson, Mississippi.  Kenyatta had foundation grants to form black economic co-operatives and open a “black and proud” school for dropouts. He was also a student organiser at nearby Tougaloo College.  In the winter of 1969 after an extended campaign of FBI and police harassment, Kenyatta received a letter purportedly from the Tougaloo College Defence Committee which “directed” that he cease his political activities immediately.  If he did not “heed our diplomatic and well-thought-out warning” the committee would consider taking measures “which would have a more direct effect and would not be as cordial as this note.” Kenyatta and his wife left. Only years later did they learn that it was not Tougaloo students but FBI covert operators who had driven them out.  Later in 1969, FBI agents fabricated a letter to the mainly white organisers of a proposed Washington, D.C. anti-war rally demanding that they pay the local Negro community a $20.000 “security bond.” This attempted extortion was composed in the name of the local black united front and signed with the forged signature of its leader. Informers inside the front then tried to get the group to back such a demand and bureau contacts in the media made sure the story received wide publicity. The senate intelligence committee uncovered a series of FBI letters sent to top panther leaders throughout 1970 in the name of Connie Matthew, an intermediary between the Black Panther Party national office and leader Eldridge Cleaver. These exquisite forgeries were prepared on pilfered stationery in panther vernacular expertly simulated by the FBI in their Washington, D.C. laboratory.  Each was forwarded to legal attaché at a US Embassy in a foreign country that Matthew was due to travel through and then posted at just the right time “in such a manner that it cannot be traced to the bureau.” The FBI enhanced the eerie authenticity of these fabrications by lacing them with esoteric personal tidbits culled from electronic surveillance of panther homes and offices. Combined with other forgeries, anonymous letters, phone calls, and the covert intervention of FBI and police infiltrators, the Matthew’s correspondence succeeded in inflaming intra-party mistrust and rivalry until it erupted into the bitter public split that shattered the organisation in the winter of 1971.

Anonymous letters and telephone calls

During the 1960s, activists received a steady flow of anonymous letters and phone calls, which turn out to have been from the FBI. Some were unsigned while others bore bogus names or purported to come from unidentified activists in phoney or actual organisations. Many of these bogus communications promoted racial divisions and fears often by exploiting and exacerbating tensions between Jewish and black activists. One such FBI concocted letter went to Students for Democratic Society [SDS] members who had joined black students protesting the New York University’s discharge of a teacher in 1969. The supposed author an unnamed SDS “member” urged whites to break ranks and abandon black students because of alleged anti-Semitic slurs by the fired teacher and his supporters.

Other anonymous letters and phone calls falsely accused movement leaders of collaboration with the authorities, corruption, or sexual affairs with other activist’s. The letters were used to provoke “a lasting distrust” between a black “civil rights” leader and his wife. The FBI authors hoped that his “concern over what to do about it” would “detract from his time spent in the plots and plans of his organisation.” As in the Seberg incident inter-racial sex was a persistent theme. The husband of one white woman active in “civil rights” and anti-war work filed for divorce soon after receiving the FBI-authored letter. Still other anonymous FBI communications were designed to intimidate dissidents, disrupt coalitions, and provoke violence. Calls to Stokely Carmichael’s mother warning of a fictitious panther murder plot drove him to leave the country in September 1968. Similar anonymous telephone threats to leader James Forman were instrumental in thwarting efforts to bring the two groups together.  The Chicago FBI office made effective use of anonymous letters to sabotage the panther’s efforts to build alliances with previously apolitical black street gangs. The most extensive of these operations involved the “black stone nation” or “blackstone rangers,” a confederation of several thousand local black youth. Early in 1969 as FBI and police infiltrators in the rangers spread rumours of an impending panther attack, the bureau sent ranger chief Jeff Fort an incendiary note signed by “a black brother you don’t know.”

Fort’s supposed friend warned that “the brothers that run the panthers blame you for blocking their thing and there’s supposed to be a hit out for you.” Another FBI-concocted anonymous “black man” then informed Chicago panther leader Fred Hampton of a Ranger plot “to get you out of the way.” These fabrications squelched promising talks between the two groups and enabled Chicago panther security Chief William O’Neal, an FBI-paid provocateur, to instigate a series of armed confrontations from which panthers barely managed to escape without serious casualties.

Pressure through employers, landlords, and others

Large number of records reveals repeated manoeuvres to generate pressure on dissidents from their parents, children, spouses, landlords, employers, college administrators, church superiors, welfare agencies, credit bureaus, and the like.  Anonymous letters and telephone calls were often used to this end.  Confidential official communications were effective in bringing to bear the bureau’s immense power. Reports indicate that such FBI interventions denied Martin Luther King and other 1960s activist’s foundation grants and public speaking engagements. It also deprived alternative newspapers of their printers, suppliers, and distributors and cost them crucial advertising revenues when major record companies were persuaded to take their business elsewhere. Similar government manipulation may underlie steps recently taken by some insurance companies to cancel policies held by churches giving sanctuary to refugees from Central America.

Tampering with mail and telephone service

The FBI and CIA routinely used mail covers (the recording of names and addresses) and electronic surveillance in order to spy on 1960s social and political activists. The CIA alone admitted to photographing the outside of 2.7 million pieces of first-class mail during the 1960s and to opening almost 315.000 letters. Government agencies also tampered with mail, altering, delaying, or “disappearing” it. Activists were quick to blame one another and infiltrators easily exploited the situation to exacerbate tensions. Dissident’s telephone communications often were similarly obstructed.  The SDS regional office in Washington, D.C., for instance, mysteriously lost its phone service the week preceding virtually every national anti-war demonstration in the late 1960s.

Misinformation to prevent or disrupt meetings and activities

A favourite Cointelpro tactic uncovered by senate investigators was to advertise a non-existent political event, or to misinform people of the time and place of an actual one. They reported a variety of disruptive “dirty tricks” designed to cast blame on the organisers of movement events. In one “misinformation” case, the FBI Chicago office duplicated blank forms prepared by the National Mobilisation Committee to End the War in Vietnam [NMC] soliciting housing for demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention.  The FBI filled out 217 of these forms with fictitious names and addresses and sent them to the NMC which provided them to demonstrators who made “long and useless journeys to locate these addresses.” The NMC then decided to discard all replies received on the housing forms rather than have out-of-town demonstrators tried to locate non-existent addresses. The same program was carried out when the Washington Mobilisation Committee distributed housing forms for demonstrators coming to Washington for the 1969 presidential inaugural ceremonies.

In another case, a FBI Midwest field office disrupted arrangements for State University students to attend the 1969 inaugural demonstrations by making a series of anonymous telephone calls to the Transportation Company.  The calls were designed to confuse both the Transportation Company and the SDS leaders as to the cost of transportation and the time and place for leaving and returning.  This office also placed confusing leaflets around the campus to show different times and places for demonstration-planning meetings, as well as conflicting times and dates for travelling to Washington.


The Truth Publications

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Alienation: It’s not just in your head

“Getting rid of alienation by talking to people regardless of ‘race’ is an individual responsibility and the first step towards the solution of a historical problem of the U.S. as a society that must be resolved according to objective reality.”

“Mass protesting worked well in the 1960s but will not work now and the only alternative is an organized multiracial mass revolutionary movement involving millions that can only become reality through an organic unity among white, black, and brown.”

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Is the abduction and mysterious disappearance of kids linked to the Jewish ritual murder “religious” practice?

Jewish Blood Passover

By Ariel Toaff

 The author Ariel Toaff maintains the following regarding Jews:

1)  Jews are evil by nature, unnatural, corrupting, disruptive, and destructing element in society that must be eliminated if humanity wants to defeat their diabolical plan to enslave us and live according to human nature

2) Jews purposely lend money at excessively high levels of percentage to enslave borrowers to the banking system they own or control

3) Jews buy and sell justice with huge bribes

4)  Jews pull off all sorts of fraudulent bankruptcies and swindles

5) Jews resort to poisoning and assassination when thwarted

6)  Jews are obsessed with hatred for Christians and the Christian religion

7)  Jews have in the past and continue in the present to kidnapped, rape and castrate Christian boys on a large scale and sold them into slavery for centuries. This is the true reason why they were expelled from England in 1290 and from Spain in 1492.

8)  Jews use human blood in all sorts of quack practices despite Biblical prohibition

9)  Jews use Christian human blood in their matzoth balls at Passover and for this purpose they kidnap young white children to torture and murder them by draining their blood out of the body.

10)  Jews use Christian human blood in their wine at Passover but the blood must be from Christian boys no more than 7 years of age. Most white children are abducted and murdered for this purpose.  The blood has to be certified kosher by a rabbi.

11)  There is a large trade in fake blood products and animal blood which is unsuitable to this purpose according to Talmudic requirements strictly followed by Jews. Some have tried to sell blood to Jews but were rejected because they [Jews] claimed that it was animal blood since no Christian boys were abducted and murdered by torture to drain out the blood from their bodies by cruel torture methods.

 Blood Passover:  Jews and ritual murder

 By Ariel Toaff

 This writing courageously faces one of the most controversial topics in the history of  Jews; one which has always served as a war horse of “anti-Semitism” by the accusation against them for centuries of abducting, sexually abusing, and murdering Christian children to use their blood in Jewish Passover rites. Where Italy is concerned, nearly all ritual murder trials were held in the North Eastern regions characterized by large settlements of German origin Jews i.e., Ashkenazims. The most famous case of this kind occurred in Trent, Italy during 1475 as a result of which many local Jews were indicted and sentenced to death for the murder of  a young boy who became known as “Simon of Trent” and was venerated as a saint for several centuries until only a few decades ago.  An unprejudiced rereading of the original trial records, however, together with records of several other trials viewed within the overall European context and supplemented by an exact knowledge of the relevant Hebrew texts, throws new light on the ritual and therapeutic significance of blood in Jewish “culture” leading the author of the present study to the reluctant conclusion that particularly where Ashkenazi Jewry was concerned, the “blood libel” accusation was not always an invention.

Ritual homicide trials are a difficult knot to unravel. Most researchers simply set out in search of more or less convincing confirmation of previously developed theories of which the researcher himself appears firmly convinced. The significance of any information failing to fit the preconceived picture is often minimized and sometimes passed over entirely in silence.

Oddly, in this type of research that which is to be proven is simply taken for granted to begin with.  There is a clear perception that any other attitude would involve hazards and repercussions which are to be avoided at all costs. There is no doubt that the uniformity of the defendant’s confessions contradicted only by variants and incongruities generally relating to details of secondary importance was assumed by the judges and so-called “public opinion” to constitute proof that Jews are characterized by their great mobility and widespread dispersion, and practiced horrible murderous rituals in hatred of the Christian religion. The stereotype of ritual murder like that of profanation of the host and cannibal sacrifice was present in their minds from the outset suggesting to both judges and inquisitors alike the possibility of extorting symmetrical, harmonious and significant confessions, triggering a chain reaction of denunciations veritable and proper manhunts and indiscriminate massacres. While attempts have been made to reconstruct the ideological mechanisms and underlying theological and mythological beliefs, with their theological and mythological justifications which rendered the persecution of  Jews possible as the practitioners of outrageous and blood thirsty rituals, particularly in Europe, little or nothing has been done to investigate the beliefs of  the men and women Jews accused of ritual crucifixion, desecration of the host, haematophagy [eating of blood products] and cannibalism.

On the other hand, if an exception be made for the first sensational case of ritual crucifixion which occurred in Norwich, England during 1146 or the equally well known “blood libel” case at Trent, Italy in 1475 the trial records and transcripts usually referred to under the generic term “historical documentation” constitute in actual fact, very poor and often purely circumstantial evidence highly condensed in form and very sparse in detail and totally insufficient for research purposes.

Perhaps for this very same reason that which is missing is often artificially added assumed or formulated as a hypothesis in the absence of any explicit probative evidence one way or another i.e., in the desired direction. In the meantime, the entire matter is immersed in a tinted bath from which the emerging image is superficial at best and enveloped in a cloud of mystery with all the related paraphernalia from a distant past, and must remain forever incomprehensible to researchers intent on examining these problems through the application of anachronistic interpretive categories. These efforts — obviously unreliable — are generally performed in good faith or more exactly almost always in good faith. Thus in Anglo-Saxon historical / anthropological research on Jews and ritual murder, magic and witchcraft traditionally feature among the favorite aspects under examination. This approach for a variety of reasons, is enjoying an extraordinary rebirth at the present time but that which seems to obtain a high degree of popularity at the moment is not necessarily convincing to meticulous scholars, not content with superficial and impressionistic responses. Nearly all the studies on Jews and the “blood libel” accusation to date have concentrated almost exclusively on persecutions and persecutors; on the ideologies and presumed motives of those same persecutors for their hatred of Jews; their political and / or religious cynicism; their xenophobic or racist rancor and contempt for minorities. Little or no attention has been paid to the attitudes of the persecuted Jews themselves and their underlying patterns of ideological behavior – even when they confessed themselves guilty of the specific accusations brought against them. Even less attention has been paid to the behavioral patterns and attitudes of these same Jews; nor have these matters been considered worthy even of interest, attention or serious investigation. On the contrary, these behavioral patterns and attitudes have simply been incontrovertibly dismissed as non existent or as if invented out of whole cloth by the minds of “anti-Semites” and fanatical obtusely dogmatic Christians. Nevertheless, although difficult to digest, these actions once their authenticity is demonstrated or even supposed as possible should be the object of serious study by reputable scholars. The condemnation or alternatively the aberrant justification of these rituals cannot be imposed upon researchers as the sole and banal options. Scholars must be permitted the possibility of attempting serious research on the actual or presumed, religious, theological and historical motivations of the Jewish protagonists themselves. Blind excuses are just as worthless as blindly dogmatic condemnation for neither can they demonstrate anything other than that which already existed in the mind of the observer to begin with. It is precisely the possibility of evading any clear, precise and unambiguous definition of the reality of ritual child murders rooted in religious faith which has facilitated the intentional or involuntary blindness of Christian and Jewish scholars alike both pro and anti Jewish. Any additional example of the two dimensional “flattening” of Jewish history viewed exclusively as the history of religious or political “anti-Semitism” at all times, must necessarily be regretted. When “one-way” questions presuppose “one-way” answers; when the stereotype of “anti-Semitism” hovers menacingly over any objective approach to the difficult problem of historical research in relation to Jews, any research ends up by losing a large part of its value. All such research is thus transformed by the very nature of things into a “guided tour” conducted against a fictitious and unreal background in a “virtual reality show” intended to produce the desired reaction which has naturally been decided upon in advance. As stressed above, it is simply not permissible to ignore the mental attitudes of the Jews who were tried and executed for ritual murder or persecuted on the same charge. At some point, we must ask ourselves whether the confessions of the defendants constitute exact records of actual events or merely the reflection of beliefs forming part of a symbolic, mythical and magical context which must be reconstructed to be understood. In other words, do these confessions reflect merely the beliefs of gentile judges, clergy and populace with their private phobias and obsessions or on the contrary, of the defendants themselves?  Untangling the knot is not an easy or pleasant task but perhaps it is not entirely impossible.

In the first place, therefore, we must investigate the mental attitudes of  Jews themselves in the tragic drama of ritual sacrifice together with the accompanying religious beliefs,  superstitious and magical elements. Due attention must be paid to the admissions which made historical and local context identifiable within a succession of German speaking territories on both sides of the Alps throughout the long period from the first crusade to the twilight of the Middle Ages. In substance, we should investigate the possible presence of Jewish beliefs relating to ritual child murders linked to the feast of Passover while attempting to reconstitute the significance of any such beliefs.

The trial records particularly the minutely detailed reports relating to the murder of  little boy Simon of Trent cannot be dismissed on the assumption that all such records represent simply the specific deformation of beliefs held by the judges, who are alleged to have collected detailed but manipulated confessions by means of force and violence to ensure that all such confessions conformed to the anti-Jewish theories already in circulation at the time. A careful reading of the trial records in both form and substance recall too many features of the conceptual realities, rituals, liturgical practices, and mental attitudes typical of and exclusive to one distinct particular Jewish world features which can in no way be attributed to suggestion on the part of judges or prelates to be ignored. Only a frank analysis of these elements can make any valid, new and original contribution to the reconstruction of beliefs relating to child sacrifice held by Jewish perpetrators themselves — whether real or imagined – in addition to attitudes based on the unshakeable faith in their redemption and ultimate vengeance against gentiles emerging from blood and suffering which can only be understood in this context. In this Jewish Germanic world in continual movement profound currents of popular magic had over time, distorted the basic framework of Jewish “religious” law changing its forms and meanings. It is in these “mutations” in the Jewish tradition – which are so to speak authoritative – that the theological justifications of the commemoration in mockery of the passion of Christ is to be sought which in addition to its celebration in the liturgical rite, was also intended to revive in action and vengeance against a hated enemy continually reincarnated throughout the long history of Israel.

Paradoxically, in this process which is complex and anything but uniform, elements typical of Christian culture may be observed to rebound –sometimes inverted unconsciously but constantly– within Jewish beliefs mutating in turn and assuming new forms and meanings. These beliefs in the end became symbolically abnormal, distorted by a Judaism profoundly permeated by the underlying elements and characteristic features of an adversarial and detested religion, and unintentionally imposed by the same implacable Christian persecutor.  We must therefore decide whether or not the confessions relating to the crucifixion of children by Jews the evening before Passover and the testimonies relating to the utilization of Christian blood in the “celebration” of the Talmudic feast, represent in actual fact or mere myths, i.e., beliefs and ideologies dating far back in time or actual ritual practices on events which actually occurred in reality and were celebrated in prescribed and consolidated forms, with their more or less fixed baggage of formulae and anathemas accompanying the magical practices and superstitions which formed an integral part of the mentality of the Jews themselves. In any case, we should avoid the easy short cut of considering these trials and testimonies only as projections of the stereotypes, superstitions, fears, and beliefs of the judges and populace. Such a method would trigger a process inevitably leading to the dismissal of these same testimonies as valueless documents with little basis in reality except as indications of the obsessions of a Christian society which saw in the Jew, merely a distorted mirror image of its own defects. This task appears to have seemed absolutely prohibitive to many scholars and well educated men of good will having concerned themselves with this difficult topic. First, Gavin Lanmuir who starting from the facts of Norwich, England considers the crucifixion and ritual haemotophagia which appear in two different phases of history, as simply the cultivated and interested inventions of ecclesiastical groups denying Jews any role at all except a merely passive one devoid of responsibility. Lanmuir was later followed by others who although examining the phenomenon of ritual child murder from different points of view, intelligently and competently starting with the late Middle Ages, paying particular attention to the Trent trial documentation, considered it all tout court and often a priori a baseless libel, an expression of hostility on the part of the Christian majority against the Jewish minority. According to the point of view adopted by these researchers, the inquisitor’s interrogation methods and tortures served no purpose other than to orchestrate a completely harmonious confession of guilt i.e., of adherence to a truth already existing in the minds of the inquisitors. The use of leading questions and a variety of stratagems, including in particular were intended to force the defendants to admit that the victim had indeed been kidnapped and tortured according to Jewish ritual, and finally killed in hatred of the Christian faith. The confessions are said to be obviously unbelievable since the murders were allegedly committed to permit the ritual use of Christian blood, in violation of the Biblical prohibition against the ingestion of blood, a prohibition scrupulously observed by all Jews. As to torture, it is best to recall that its use in the municipalities of northern Italy at least from the beginning of the 13th century was regulated not only by tractate but by statute as well. As an instrument for determining the truth, torture was permitted in the presence of serious and well-justified clues in cases in which it was considered truly necessary by the magistrate and judges. All confessions extorted in this manner to be considered valid had to be corroborated by the inquisitor under normal conditions i.e., in the absence of physical pain or even the threat of renewed torture. These procedures while unacceptable in our eyes today were normal and seem to have been observed in the case of the Trent trials. Israel Yuval, following in the footsteps of Cecil Roth’s stimulating pioneering study is more critical and seems more open minded. Yuval stresses the link between the ” blood libel” accusation and the phenomenon of mass suicides and child murders among the German Jewish communities during the first crusade.

The picture which emerges is one of Ashkenazi Jewry’s hostile and virulent reaction against surrounding Christian society — a reaction finding expression not only in liturgical invective but above all, in the conviction that Jews themselves were capable of compelling God to wreak bloody revenge against their Christian persecutors thus bringing redemption closer. More recently, Yuval very relevantly demonstrated that the Ashkenazi responses to ritual murder accusations were surprisingly weak. These responses whenever they were recorded contained not the slightest rejection of the probative evidence, but rather consisted of a mere tu quoque of the accusation against Christians: “Nor are you yourselves exempt from guilt of ritual cannibalism.” As Yuval wrote, David Malkiel had already noted the manner in which phenomenal prominence was given to the scene described in a secondary Midrash even in the illustrations of the Passover Haggadah of the German Jewish communities to the scene of the Pharaoh taking a health giving bath in the blood of cruelly massacred Jewish children. The message, which cast not the slightest doubt upon the magical therapeutic effectiveness of children’s blood seemed intended to turn the accusation around: “It is not we Jews or if you wish not just we Jews who have committed such actions; the enemies of Israel in history have been guilty of these things as well in which case it was Jewish children who were the innocent victims.” Any showing that these murders celebrated in the Passover ritual represented not just myths i.e., more or less consistently widespread consistent religious beliefs, but rather actual rites pertaining to organized groups and forms of worship which were actually practiced, requires a respect for due methodological prudence. The existence of this phenomenon once it is unequivocally proven, must be viewed within its historical, religious and social context, not to mention the geographical environment in which it is presumably said to have found expression with all the related and peculiar characteristics which cannot be replicated elsewhere. In other words, we must attempt to search for the heterogeneous elements and particular historical religious experiences which are alleged to have made the killing of Christian children for ritualistic purposes, appear plausible during a certain period within a certain geographical area within the German speaking regions of trans-Alpine, Cisalpine Italy and Germany or wherever there were strong ethnic elements of Jewish origin any time between the Middle Ages and the early modern era as the expression of collective adjustment of Jewish groups and a presumed desire on the part of God in this sense, or as the irrational instrument of pressure to reinforce that desire as well as in the mass suicides and child murders during the first crusade. In this research we should not be surprised to find customs and traditions linked to experiences which did not exist elsewhere; experiences which were to prove more deeply rooted than the standards of religious law itself although diametrically opposed in practice accompanied by all the appropriate and necessary formal and textual justifications. Action and reaction, instinctive, visceral, virulent, in which children, innocent and unaware, became the victims of vengeance. The blood of innocent Christian children bathing the altars of a God considered to be in need of guidance, and sometimes of impatient compulsion impelling him to protect and to punish.  At the same time, we must keep in mind that in the German speaking Jewish communities the phenomenon where it took root, was generally limited to groups in which popular tradition which had over time distorted, evaded or replaced the ritual standards of Jewish halakhah in addition to deeply rooted customs saturated with magical and alchemical elements, all combined to form a deadly cocktail when mixed with violent and aggressive religious fundamentalism. There can be no doubt that once the tradition became widespread the stereotypical image of Jewish ritual child murder continued inevitably to take its own course out of pure momentum. Thus, Jews were accused of every child murder much more often wrongly than rightly especially if discovered in the springtime. In this sense, Cardinal Lorenzo Ganganelli later Pope Clement XIV was correct in his famous report in both his justifications and distinctions. The records of the ritual murder trials should be examined with great care and with all due caution.

In connection with the witchcraft trials, Carlo Ginzburg pointed out that the defendants in a trial of this type, […] “ended up by losing all sense of their own cultural identity as a result of the acceptance in whole or in part by violence or apparently out of spontaneous free choice of the hostile stereotype imposed by their persecutors. Anyone who fails to conform by simply repeating the results of these findings of historical violence must seek to work upon the rare cases in which the documentation is not just formally set forth in question and answer form, in which therefore, one may find fragments relatively immune from distortions of the culture which the persecution was intent upon blotting out.”

 The Trent trials are a priceless document of this very kind. The trial records especially the cracks and rifts in the overall structure permitting the researcher to distinguish and differentiate, in substance, and not just in form between the information provided by the accused and the stereotypes imposed by the inquisitors, are dazzlingly clear. This fact cannot be glossed over or distorted by means of preliminary categorizations of an ideological or polemical nature, intended to invalidate those very distinctions. In many cases, everything the defendants said was incomprehensible to the judges – often, because their speech was full of Hebraic ritual and liturgical formulae pronounced with a heavy German accent, unique to the German Jewish community, which not even Italian Jews could understand; in other cases, because their speech referred to mental concepts of an ideological nature totally alien to everything Christian. It is obvious that neither the formulae nor the language can be dismissed as merely the astute fabrications and artificial suggestions of the judges in these trials. Dismissing them as worthless, as invented out of whole cloth, as the spontaneous fantasies of defendants terrorized by torture and projected to satisfy the demands of their inquisitors, cannot be imposed as the compulsory starting point, the prerequisite, for valid research, least of all for the present paper.

Any conclusion, of any nature whatsoever, must be duly demonstrated after a strict evaluation and verification of all the underlying evidence sine ira et studio, using all available sources capable of confirming or invalidating that evidence in a persuasive and cogent manner. The present paper could not have been written without the advice, criticism, meetings and discussions with Dani Nissim, a long-time friend, who, in addition to his great experience as a bibliographer and bibliophile, made available to me his profound knowledge of the history of the Jewish community of the Veneto region, and of Padua in particular. The conclusions of this work are nevertheless mine alone, and I have no doubt that that the above named persons would very largely disagree with them. I have engaged in lengthy discussions of the chapters on the Jews of Venice with Reiny Mueller, over the course of which I was given highly useful suggestions and priceless advice. Thanks are also due to the following persons for their assistance in the retrieval of the archival and literary documentation; for their encouragement and criticism, to Diego Quaglioni; Gian Maria Varanini; Rachele Scuro; Miriam Davide; Elliot Horowitz; Judith Dishon; Boris Kotlerman and Ita Dreyfus.  Grateful thanks are also due to those of my students who participated actively in my seminars on the topic, held at the Department of Jewish History at Bar-Ilan University (2001-2002 and 2005-2006), during which I presented the provisional results of my research. First and foremost, I wish to thank Ugo Berti, who persuaded me to undertake this difficult task by giving me the courage to overcome the many foreseeable obstacles which stood in the way.


Ariel Toaff

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Race mixing and “diversity” are Jewish-created hoxes in their satanical quest for a world government agenda

Publisher’s Note: Every-now-and then The Truth would publish pieces written by non-members of our collective on the basis of quality writing, subject knowledge, or social interest but above all, we would publish articles written by non-members on the basis of the subject. Writings on the subject of race mixing or race in general are not abundant yet race play a daily role in our lives in different ways, and this was the main reason why we decided to publish the writing below. We hope you will enjoy reading it.

The Dire Consequences of Race Mixing

By Sven Longshanks

You would think that informing people about the negative consequences of race mixing would be gratefully received and seen as similar to giving warnings about the dangers of smoking or eating “fast food,” but when the subject is brought up and you try to warn people about it, they don’t appreciate it and instead accuse you of “hating” people of mixed race such as mulattoes. If common people knew the facts about the differences among the different races they would then realize that it is actually the parents of mixed race people who hate them by forcing on them their genetic status in the first place.

Herein it is hoped to give common people –in particular whites– an understanding of real life negative consequences of race mixing resulting mainly from psychological conditioning, mostly acquired in the Jewish controlled mass media for specific purposes related to their quest for world control. There is very little or nothing around devoted to this subject and most people seem as if they have never really thought about it before while the fact is that one quick fumble in bed can have long lasting negative effects on all successive generations.

The genetic similarity theory

There are two genetically directed instincts within all humans regarding the choosing of a mate. The most powerful one is explained by “Genetic Similarity Theory” which is the drive that makes you seek out a partner with a large amount of the same hereditary genes as you. This is to ensure that the features your combined genes contribute to in your children’s physical and mental traits are the same as the ones your ancestors’ had. This is the reason why there are people that look like you from far back in your family past like grandparents or great grandparents. This is not only because you are related to them but because their parents choice of partner was similar to your own parents choice of partner. Your hereditary genes will have stayed the way they were in your ancestors being continually passed down from generation to generation while molding descendants in the likeness of their predecessors. This is why there are musical families where each generation had musicians in it. The parent instinctively found a partner with the same genes their parents had and the talent for music was passed on. It is also why people say that husbands pick women for wives who are similar to their mothers. If there were no drives to find partners with similar hereditary genes then there would be no distinct races. If you are a mixed race individual then there would be no one in your family past that you resemble. They will all have been prevented from having an unobstructed influence on your form and character.

The second lesser instinct is for variety and it is there to ensure that you don’t mate with an extended family member encouraging you to look for someone who is unlike you. This will add novel DNA to your offspring’s genome leading to less chance of genetic disease. It is the source of the phrase “opposites attract” and works well when you are living among people of your own race creating thereby a healthy disease resistant population. Unfortunately, if other races are living among you it can turn into a genetically destructive desire to mate with them and will result in a weakening of disease resistance. Different races are susceptible to different diseases and this susceptibility will then be passed on to the mixed race child giving them the weakness of both races instead of only one.

The Mendelian Inheritance

In a mixed race relationship between two pure types their children will not have a smooth blend of characteristics from each parent but each will separate out into their own individual race components forming a patchwork of features in the offspring. This is true for all hybrids even those produced from breeds of the same species; the finished plants will show individual features from each parental type rather than a harmonious blend with the majority of the plants showing more of the dominant characteristics. If you crossed a recessive small leaf plant with a dominant big leaf plant you would not get a medium leaf plant but instead a mainly big leaf one with a few small leaves here and there. If you bread the hybrid back in with the pure types you would not any longer be able to predict how the plants would turned out as each formerly pure type would have been adulterated and every so often, it would produce a plant with wildly different characteristics of the parent’s type. The same happens with animals. You can’t get back to a pedigree once you have been left with a mongrel. Hybridization shatters the form entirely into separate units of characteristics and get jumbled up again each time they get passed on. People see attractive half castes and think their children will have the same characteristics but it is impossible for them to be passed on like that as they separate out again into individual race features ensuring there is no unity of form to be passed on. Since black genes are dominant while white genes are recessive mulattoes will always look more black than white. This is why the mixed race children of white woman Heidi Klun and negro man “Seal” look nothing whatsoever like either parent as they don’t have a harmonious and natural brown blend of each parents features but have black ones instead. This union is an overwhelming proof that blood mixing between blacks and whites simply does not work and the idea that black and white will produce brown is a myth. It will not happen because neither one have the required genes to make it possible.

Species, subspecies and breeds

According to the evolutionary definition of race, all races started out as the same species but have diverged far enough apart from one another over time to be almost classified as separate species. In all defining categories man is composed of subspecies at least and by many standards and variations are enough for all races to be classed as different species entirely. For example, if you saw two animals one with feathers and one with fur you would call them different species. The difference between Caucasian hair and Negro hair is nearly as big a difference between fur and feathers. The reality is that Negro “hair” can’t be felted as it lacks the natural oil glands of real hair and actually has far in common with wool than it does with hair and was defined as such up until the last century.

The differences between races of man show more variance between them than even different breeds of dogs which is why human races are not called breeds. Human breeds are the separate strains within the race; Caucasian for example has Nordic, Alpine, Slavic, Mediterranean and others. Breeding between human races is like breeding bulls and mares or goats with sheep; both of these produce viable offspring’s so being able to produce as offspring together is no guarantee of being the same species.

The differences between Caucasians and Negroes

People think and say that Caucasian men and women have only 0.5% difference in their DNA from Negroes implying that there is only a very small difference between them, yet there is only 1.5% difference in DNA between a Caucasian and a chimpanzee. A very small amount of change in the DNA makes for huge differences between species due to the many different ways genes themselves can be combined. Unlike the Marxist lie that “race is only skin deep” every part of the human body is uniquely different among races.

They have different genital size, position and placing, different shape and size of feet, legs and arms, different amounts of teeth, muscle, different skull shape and thickness and in fact the bones are so different that forensic scientists can tell what race someone is just from a tiny scrap of bone from anywhere in the body by sight alone. Blood transfusions are not possible between the human races [they are possible between cats and dogs] and neither are bone marrow transplants. A mixed race individual stands little chance of finding a donated organ that will not reject their mismatched body since the organs are irreconcilably different as well. Obviously the skin is different but so are the lungs, testicles, brain, kidneys, etcetera. Caucasoid brains are larger than Negroid and the and the frontal lobes have deep fissures associated with complex problem solving, while Negroid brains are smaller and have shallow fissures. Consequently the average Negro IQ is 15 points lower than the average Caucasian IQ. This result is found regardless of geography and social status. Negroes adopted into affluent white families and Negroes in Africa and in America all produce the same average IQ results. Obviously not all people have their average racial IQ and there are always exceptional individuals at either end of the scale yet exceptions serve to prove the rule rather than to negate it.

Different rates of hormones

The quote below was taken from “The Biology of The Race Problem” using breeds of dogs as an example:

“It may be assumed that in two behavioral types of genetics of each system is different and the interaction between genetic factors and the glandular processes also differs. Within the pure behavioral types there is a harmonious relationship between behavioral systems and the other bodily organs. This holds both for the inactive and active types. Among the hybrids however, in which there is mixed physical form, there is also a disharmonious relationship between the bodily organs and the reaction systems. The factors which influence behavior become mixed and varied just as those that determine physical form. In the mixed type the harmonious relationship found within each pure behavioral type is broken up and the result is disharmony among the systems.”

One of the most important differences between the human races is the rate of hormones that each one produce. Hormones control our emotions, pain control, plus sensitivity and all different feelings that affect our behavior are correlative with various secretions from different glands. Mixed race individuals can have a different rate of secretions needed for particular organs they have ended up with which can cause a highly unstable temperaments. This is caused by the same conflicting racial characteristics that result in aberrations such as having a Negro skull with a Caucasian skin or Caucasian skeleton with Negro skin. Rather than having each organ being partially Caucasian and Negro in a harmonious blend of the two, some of the organs will be Negro but some will be Caucasian. So you might get white testicles in a black body or a black brain in a white skin body. In a mixed race individual who appears to be mainly Negro there is no way to predict whether all of his/her organs are Negro too. Negroes in general have a higher testosterone rates than Caucasians, are more aggressive and less emotionally balanced because of this but at least their organs are intended for that amount of testosterone. Hormone irregularities are also linked with depression and not surprisingly there is a very high rate of depression as well as other health problems among mixed race individuals when compared to non-mixed race men or women. There is also a much higher suicide rate among mixed raced children as they are five times more likely to commit suicide than someone of a singular race.

Women, children and marriage

Children like to look like their parents. Little girls in particular like to look like their mother. It must be very upsetting for mixed race children to see someone who looks nothing like him or her and also very upsetting to know that this was knowingly done to them by their own parents. Chemical beauty products to make black people look white are a massive multi-million industry as most blacks are desperate to make themselves look white. Why do they want to be white but say they are proud to be black? Someone explain this contradiction.  A mixed race child has to live with the knowledge that he or she could have been born happy with their skin color and kinky hair if only the parents had not deliberately deprived him or her of this. Some people like to think that they own their bodies but you can only really own something that you have made yourself or that you have purchased. The human body is formed according to its genes and you are only its trustee. The beneficiary is the race and the genes are relying on you to replicate them in a way so that they can grow in the form nature chose for them. You are just the current captain of your gene chariot and not the owner of it and the consequent drivers are all counting on you to be a careful pilot. White women who commit miscegenation are giving away something that it is not theirs to give up since they owe their very existence to their ancestors who laid down their lives to protect them and provided everything they now enjoy or benefit from.

As well as the permanent alteration to your posterity mixed race relationships are also more likely to split up but what really is even more alarmingly nowadays is the high rate of white women being murdered by their black husbands or boy friends. Statistics clearly show that a white woman is more likely to be killed by a black man in a relationship than with a white man or other, and white men are twenty one times more likely to be murdered by a black wife than by a woman of another race. As of this writing femicide i.e., the homicide of women, is the leading cause of death in the United States among black and white mix race relationships. Black males are 33% more likely to murder their spouse if she is white instead of black. These facts can be attributed to the real nature of blacks that is either disguised or hidden by the Zionist-controlled mass media, for reasons linked to the Jewish quest to control the world through a world government.


Race is more fundamental than gender and yet confusion is acknowledged as a disorder that modern medicine thinks is so drastic that it requires mutilation to attempt to put right. How much more of a disorder is being mixed race? Does anyone seriously think that a child would choose to have no ancestors, no people, no community? These unfortunates do their best with a bad lot trying not to end up hating life and despising those who have a family tree behind them. And there is nothing that they can do about it. Even three month old babies know more about race than most adult Europeans and show a preference for the faces of their own race even when they are of people they have never seen before. They instinctively know what race they are.  Which race face is it that a three month old mixed race babies find comforting? The natural state of babies and children is racist and this lasts until they are old enough to understand and succumb to the liberal programming that all whites are now being subjected to. Prior to the advent of cultural Marxism race mixing was always seen as the ultimate sin against nature in our society. We can see that this is objectively due to an in-born biological drive to preserve the genetics of our ancestors and prevent a decline in future generations.

Historically there were rapes and unlawful marriages but genetic similarity theory shows that desiring people of a different ethnicity as a partner to produce children with, is an unnatural aberration and those who have already engaged in this destructive behavior were able to prove that it does not work. There has been for almost two generations –starting in the 1960s– and continues now a massive brainwashing program that seeks to encourage the races to mix with each other. I object to this because I can’t think of anything more selfish and destructive than breaking an unbroken line of an immortal type of man for the sake of what is essentially a fetish that will still be affecting all of your offspring’s long after you are gone.

Since the purpose of all life is to be able to recreate itself in the perfect form that God and nature choose for it to willfully destroy that template and think you know better than nature is an active defiance of the basic order of the universe. To forcefully take away from your children the right that God and nature gave you and the right to pass on that divinely formed genetic torch is a heinous crime against life itself. The highest duty of any living human being is to pass on its existence to the next generation. There is nothing worse that a man can do in his life time than to extinguish the flame of his ancestors.

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Why the “Martin Luther” King Jr. Holiday Should be repealed

Publisher’s Note: The writing below was received by The Truth from an unknown source and the decision to publish it on this blog is based on its contents related to information on the activities of “Martin Luther” King Jr. that are not covered in the conventional media. The Truth collective is in agreement with the fundamental subject of the writing consisting of exposing the violence and hate he practiced and promoted, while preaching love and non-violence as the basis to have his national holiday repealed. The writing received did not have a conclusion so we wrote one at the end. 

 Why the “Martin Luther” King Jr. holiday should be repealed


 It is generally believed that “Martin Luther” King Jr. [Michael King] was an intelligent Negro leader who promoted peace and harmony between the races. Numerous books about his deeds to promote good will during a time when riots and strife regularly occurred have been written about him, and he is generally regarded as a man of ethics who fought against injustices perpetrated on his people and was even awarded the noble peace prize. However, there is another side of King that no one dares to discuss in today’s “politically correct” times and much of his real and hidden life don’t convey his image of a leader who promoted love and peace. Very few, in particular those who were not alive during the time period he promoted his “brotherhood,” have heard of or know anything about the other side of King. I challenge everything you have been taught about King’s “love” and his “nonviolent” tactics, beliefs and ethics. The hidden side of King needs to be discussed and I feel quite strongly about this. In fact, judging from what I have uncovered about his hidden life that only rarely is mentioned, a petition for the redress of grievances is in order to have the “Martin Luther” King Jr. holiday totally repealed in the United States.

 The background of Michael King

On January 15, 1929 a Negro baby boy named Michael was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His father’s name was also Mike. Many friends and relatives called the child “little Mike.” Little Mike’s family was somewhat wealthy despite the poverty surrounding them during the great depression and they lived in a large 13-room house. His father who was often called “daddy” in the community came from several generations of Southern Baptist preachers.

Daddy was married to a woman named Alberta who attended Spellman College in Atlanta for black women and was the daughter of the first president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP].  “Little Mike” had a sister named Christine and a brother named Alfred. Daddy was extremely religious and followed the Old Testament teachings word-for-word. He felt that activities such as dancing or playing cards were considered “immoral” and oftentimes whipped his son little Mike for misbehaving. In 1934 after touring Bethlehem and Jerusalem at the expense of the Ebenezer Baptist Church’s congregation, he expressed his wish to rename his son as “Martin Luther” King Jr. He did it because he admired the work of the protestant reformer in Germany Dr. Martin Luther for whom the Lutheran Church is named after. “Martin Luther” King Jr. and Sr. both went by those names during the rest of their lives. Like most children “Martin Luther” King Jr. played with other children. When he was young a white kid with whom he had been friends rejected him. King reacted to this experience and decided every since to “hate every white person.” Because of that he did not socialize much with whites until college. At age 15 he attended Morehouse College in Atlanta. From there he entered The Crosier Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania. While attending The Crosier Seminary he was introduced to and influenced by the late Dr. Mordecai Johnson president of Harvard University who was a strong believer in Mahatma Gandhi. In 1955 when “Martin Luther” King Jr. was 26 years old he became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. It was during that time he first gained public acclaim.

Conquering the castles

On December 1, 1955 the event that led to King’s fame occurred when a bus driver ordered blacks to stand up so that white passengers could sit-down. Rosa Parks was among them but refused to stand up and was arrested. King protested. He felt that the system which allowed sitting privileges to whites on buses was completely intolerable. [Note: At some places in the South during that time blacks although allowed to ride on the same bus as whites were forced to seat in the back]. At that time King was head of the Montgomery Improvement Association boycott against the City bus system. Because he was articulate and unafraid of the City’s leaders he was the natural spokesman against the busing system. On May 2, 1956 his demand for integrated buses was met. He then articulated the rest of his plan: “Two of our original proposals have been met but we are awaiting on the third which is the employment of  Negro bus drivers for predominantly Negro routes.”

While no one should be denied a place to sit it seems unnecessary and extreme to force white bus drivers out of their jobs for driving through predominantly Negro areas. King felt that the implementation of preferential treatment for black applicants was a noble idea and one of the special treatments they sought. On July 21, 1963 KTTV in Los Angeles had a show called “The American Experience” where prominent black activists were featured on the show. The following black leaders were interviewed: Wyatt Walker, an aid to King and Malcolm ” X” [Malcolm Little] who was a minister of the Nation of Islam at the time; Allen Morrison, editor of Ebony magazine and James Farmer head of the Congress of Racial Equality [CORE]. In the show Malcolm “X” said that Muslims wanted whites to give Negroes a nation, businesses, houses, et cetera, but far away from white people while others felt somewhat different. Walker, Farmer and Morrison demanded full integration and “compensatory preference” by “coercive force” if necessary. They claimed that mere equality was insufficient and “massive preferential treatment” was required. They demanded that Negroes be paid more for the same jobs whites did and that employers should fire them and replace them with Negroes; that employers should actively go out and find Negroes, provide transportation and hire them, qualified or not;  that the Constitution be changed or replaced to enforce these and other demands;  that the US should rapidly move towards a socialist system and that violent revolutionary measures would be taken if America failed to do this. Unfortunately, a number of politicians in Congress granted many of the demands despite the protests of many honorable Americans. Whenever King’s demands were not met he used force and intimidation as a method to reach his ends. In February of 1966 he and his men decided to launch an attack on a castle. The castle which they assumed to be “trustee ships” was a six-flat tenement in Chicago. This was done as part of his campaign to gain power among the poor he claimed to represent. King had no legal authority but his “power” actually derived from violent tactics. King felt that his “morality” was more important than the law or property rights and deemed his actions to be “supra legal” [above the law].  

Unjust Laws

On several occasions King preached that Negroes should disobey any “unjust law.” At the time there were communities that did not allow Negroes to vote in full force by imposing certain restrictions on voters. Some communities required that one had to be able to read and write in order to vote but many blacks living in rural areas were illiterate. King said that people who resided in those communities did not have to obey the laws.

In communities where blacks had the right to change the laws by voting King went to the extreme of suggesting that blacks should not obey any laws they disliked.  On March 28, 1965 while he was on the television show “meet the press” he stated his opinion regarding laws:

I do feel there are two types of laws. One is a just law and one is an unjust law. I think we all have moral obligations to disobey unjust laws. I think the distinction here is that when one breaks a law and his conscience tells him is unjust he must do it openly. He must do it cheerfully and lovingly. And he must do it with a willingness to accept the penalty. There may be a community where Negroes have the right to vote but there are still unjust laws. There may be unjust laws in a community where people in large numbers are voting and I think wherever unjust laws exist people on the basis of consciences have a right to disobey them.

King’s suggestion to disobey “unjust laws” is something that could lead to anarchy. Who would decide what is a just or unjust law? He apparently decided what laws should and should not be obeyed according to his interests. Stokely Carmichael, a well-known black militant who voiced an ideology similar to King’s but much more blatant said once: “to hell with the laws.” Carmichael much like King felt his actions were “supra legal” as if he was obeying a law of his own. When King’s actions of disobeying “unjust laws” landed him in jail he could always count on good Samaritans to bail him out. The late Thurgood Marshall, a Negro who became a member of the Supreme Court was one of those good Samaritans. He was unhappy with the way King gave his bills to the NAACP when he served as the director/counsel for the group. “With Martin Luther King’s group all he did was to dump his legal work on us including the bills” said Marshall. He also said that “it was all right with him so long as he didn’t have to pay the bills.” Because of problems between King and the NAACP of Chicago that chapter eventually and formally split from King’s group. King felt that he could personally decide what was legal and what was not. He felt that rules did not really matter and that he only had to obey what he wanted to obey. Edgar J. Hoover, the former FBI director described how King would break the laws: “Unfortunately some civil rights leaders in the past have condoned what they describe as civil disobedience in civil rights demonstrations.” King for example, after arriving in Chicago during early 1966 in connection with a civil rights drive there commented about the use of civil disobedience in demonstrations and said:

It may be necessary to engage in such acts as often an individual has to break a particular law in order to obey a higher law. Such a course of action is fraught with danger for if everyone took it upon himself to break any law that he/she believed was morally unjust it is readily apparent there would be complete chaos in this country.

 “Peaceful” protests

Due to the turmoil inspired by King and his friends at the 1966 Chicago riots, Congressman Edward Derwinski of Illinois described him and his cohorts as a “professional riot-inciting group.” The City of Chicago held a meeting hoping to avoid marches that were creating animosity and spreading the strength of the police dangerously thin. Residents noted that their attempts to appease the protesters were futile. One resident proclaimed:  “Suddenly it dawned on us that the whole meeting was a farce…    every time we would make a concession they would move to a new spokesman and push for something more. They never had any intention of calling off the marches.” Trying to appease the unappeasable is an effort in futility as residents quickly learned about the farce of the “peaceful” protest marches. In the Chicago riot of July 1966, Mayor Richard Daley said that “the strife was planned by King’s aides who were in here for no other reason than to bring disorder to the streets of Chicago…” Apparently he was right since King had spoken to numerous gang members prior to the ordeal. King even went to the extent of showing gang members a film of the Watts riots. The Baltimore Sun published an interview with King in which his motives were clearly shown. In the interview King acknowledged that his “end slums” campaign in Chicago was an implementation for the concept “black power” but under a more palatable name. He acknowledged that his presence in Chicago had more far reaching aims than the immediate dramatization of problems in impoverished Negro communities.  He spoke at West Side Organization headquarters where a large sign on the wall read: “Burn baby burn.” Roving bands of black youths and adults broke windows, looted stores, stoned police cars and vans. The riot was intense and started when Negro youths numbering more than one hundred stoned a police car. King blamed the riots on Chicago’s Mayor Daley and accused him of refusing to make concessions to the “civil rights” program. “This is his typical style and rarely has King chastised looters, arsonists, and conspirators for violence. He always justifies their actions and directly or indirectly encourages them,” said Congressman John Ashbrook. Governor Kerner of Illinois was forced to use the National Guard because police could not control the rioting that in three nights caused burning, looting, two deaths, over one hundred  injuries and large property damages,” noted Congressman Ashbrook. King also had a conversation with Stokely Carmichael in which he recommended  to “dislocate the functioning of a City but without destroying it.” These are King’s words of advice to Carmichael: “Dislocating the functioning of the City without destroying it can be longer lasting and more costly to society and it is more difficult for the government to quell it by force. The disruption of cities you want will become much easier.” Unfortunately, King’s followers not only disrupted the City but also almost destroyed a large section of Chicago following his speech. Many Negro religious leaders felt that King was doing more harm than good and asked him to leave. They said that they didn’t want their City disrupted or even destroyed and pleaded King to stop his campaign but it did no good as he continued to foment violence while preaching “peace and love.”

In May of 1961 King spoke at the Southern Baptist Seminary. After his speech three churches in Alabama voted to withhold funds from the seminary. King often warned of impending riots if his demands were not met. In November of 1967 he delivered a speech in Cleveland, Ohio where he warned of “massive winter riots” in Cleveland, Ohio; Gary, Indiana or “in any other ghetto.” King even went to the extent of threatening two mayors suggesting that they would be the “two outstanding targets we have set up as lambs for the slaughter.” King said that he was “very pleased” with certain “victories of creative black power.” The young boy who once swore to “hate every white person” was now a man keeping the promise he made in his youth. King’s violent tactics were commonplace in places he attended. In one instance, King went to Albany, Georgia and threatened to have a new drive for Negro rights. Ten days later, King set a “day of penance” following a night of rioting and destruction in which Negroes were arrested as they marched to City Hall while hooting, laughing, throwing bottles, bricks, and rocks at law officials,” said former Congressman John Ashbrook of Ohio.

When the FBI expanded COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program] in 1967 to include black hate groups and others, King’s Southern Christian Leadership [SCL] was also targeted along with the Nation of Islam. King was probably under that listing because he would often associate with other minorities who hated whites. For instance, he was allied with Cassius Clay [“Muhammad Ali”] a boxer who was a member of the radical anti-American Nation of Islam. King also met with Malcolm “X” and Stokely Carmichael and offered them his help and advice. On February 24, 1966 King met with Elijah Muhammad, the leader of neo-Muslims.

During the National Conference for New Politics which had King listed as a member of its national council he delivered a speech. The people who attended were Vietnam war protesters, “black power” advocates, “civil rights” workers, representatives from a number of leftist organizations and others. The Chicago Tribune edition of September 6, 1967 reported that the convention “turned out to be an assembly of crackpots and innocent do-gooders who meekly did the bidding for a handful of violent black fanatics.” There were marijuana parties during the convention and sex orgies before audiences of delegates. The term “black power” was written on walls, hallways, rooms, and in elevators of the hotel where delegates were staying. The “peaceful” people who came to hear King speaking caused $20 thousand in property damages to the hotel.

 The “nonviolent” advocate

Although King spoke of “nonviolence” his actions were designed to elicit violence. King once said that “Negroes will be mentally healthier if they do not suppress rage but vent it constructively and not peacefully but forcefully to cripple the operations of an oppressive society.”  Notice how his contradiction is utilized when he told the Negro audience that they should “not suppress rage but vent it constructively to cripple the operations of an oppressive society” yet this “forcefully crippling of society” was to be done “peacefully” and constructively.” What King was proposing was contradicting, illogical and inconceivable. Louis Waldman, a prominent black-labor lawyer described King’s methods as follows: “The philosophy and purpose of  King’s program is to produce crisis packed situations and tensions which purpose is the very opposite of nonviolence as this atmosphere of crisis policy leads to violence.  To describe such provocation as ‘nonviolent’ is to trifle with the plain meaning of words,” he said. Meanwhile, the government found that King’s actions were causing violence, racial problems, and the destruction of property. The Louisiana Legislative Committee noted that King was “leading Negroes down the road to bloodshed and violence.” Although he often spoke  of “nonviolence” his actions could hardly be considered peaceful. He was just  using double talk to cover his real intentions.  Congressman John Ashbrook of Ohio described the violence that occurred after one of King’s “nonviolent” marches: “On May 4, 1963 police dogs and firehouses were used to quell a demonstration by law breakers in Birmingham, Alabama. There had been violence plain and simple. King and his right hand man Fred L. Shuttles Worth threatened to continue with these type of demonstrations and said that there was “no intention of relaxing pressure.

We negotiate from strength and will consider calling off the demonstrations only after the action.” This was the mood of the well known “nonviolence” of  “Martin Luther” King Jr. The big lie technique was clearly used: Repeat “nonviolence” over-and-over so the public will believe it and then practice open violence or the encouraging of  it. A Birmingham judge issued an injunction that forbade King from participating in the march there which culminated in the aforementioned riot. King protested the injunction and took it to the Supreme Court. In June of 1967 the Supreme Court affirmed the conviction of King and seven others for violating the law. Justice Stewart speaking for the court said:

“The rule of law that Alabama followed in this case reflects a belief that in the fair administration of justice, no man can be judged in his own case however exalted his station, righteous his motives and irrespective of his race, skin color, politics, or religion. This court cannot hold that Martin Luther King Jr. and others were constitutionally free to ignore all the procedures of the law and carry their battle to the streets. Respect for judicial process is a small price to pay for the civilizing hand of law which alone can give abiding meaning to constitutional freedom.”

On the same day the Supreme Court delivered the verdict against King’s inflammatory escapades riots were raging in Tampa, Florida; Montgomery, Alabama; Los Angeles, California; and Cincinnati, Ohio. Giving the impression that he was righteous and the Supreme Court was wrong, King said that the decision would “encourage riots and violence in the sense that Negroes cannot redress their grievances through peaceful measures without facing the kind of decision we face.” How he figured that the measures he took were “peaceful” is something we will never know, but what is known is that the rioting took the lives of people and ransacked the City of Birmingham. Of course King’s diatribe was stated four years after the Birmingham riots which was brought to the attention of the Supreme Court and he probably figured that everyone had a short term memory and would not remember. Whenever police were sent to stop the random violence that King’s followers caused he would scream “police brutality.” It was a simple two step process: 1) King would provoke riots by his comments;  2)  when the police came to stop the ensuing violence his followers would resist and then blame any injuries on the police. King’s methodology was very similar to what Fidel Castro used initially to take control of Cuba. Senator James Martin of Alabama stated a distinct similarity between King’s and Castro’s methods:

 “In a memorandum circulated in Cuba before the triumph of the Castro revolution the first point in the formula was to discredit the police in every way by causing incidents which will lead to arrests and then claiming police brutality. The program now being carried on inside the United States by ‘Martin Luther’ King Jr. and others is following the Castro formula whether King and those who constantly criticize the police know it or not.”

The riots in Los Angeles in which screaming mobs burned, robbed, and murdered had not even ended before King was charging “police brutality” and demanding the firing of the nation’s finest police chiefs. King claimed there were problems in Montgomery, Alabama and asked President Eisenhower to stop what he called “a reign of terror.” The City’s police commissioner dismissed his claim as false suggesting that it was merely “the ranting of a rabble rousing agitator.” The politicians were all too quick to cave into King’s demands. King also influenced a large number of nonwhite voters. King said: “we will have Negroes so fired up they will withhold their support from candidates who do not respond to their demands.” When King said “fired up” he literally meant it as houses, apartments, and other buildings were burned down after he delivered his inflammatory speeches. King’s antics were designed to elicit violence from both his disciples and opponents. By staging marches in relatively peaceful communities he could either cause his followers to engage in a riot or provoke violence from his adversaries. Either situation worked well for him. If his followers caused a riot it would gain international attention and he would blame it on “racist whites” or on “unjust laws.” If marches generated violence from his adversaries King’s followers would attain victimization status and marchers would generate sympathy from peace-loving Americans. This would force the government to enact more laws to prevent recurring violence and quell the “nonviolent” demonstrators. It appears that King figured out his antics would make his battle seem honorable in the eyes of the masses who would not take time to delve deeply into his hidden methodology. The magazine Newsweek edition of March 22, 1965 described King’s actions: “For weeks ‘Martin Luther’ King Jr. has been escalating his Selma voter registration campaign toward the state he calls ‘creative tension’ as the setting for paroxysm of segregationist violence that can shock the nation to action. There is no question that King’s ‘creative tension’ would definitely shocked the nation especially after causing millions of dollars in damages from riots.”  Meanwhile, The New York Times edition of February 24, 1964 had this to say about the method that was utilized: “The Negroes rationale in holding night marches is to provoke the racist element in white communities to show its worst.

It appears that King was attempting to provoke anything but nonviolence.” In the Saturday Review of April 3, 1965 King revealed his methodology:

1)  Demonstrators go into the streets to exercise their constitutional rights.

2)  Racists resist by unleashing violence against them.

3)  Americans of conscience and decency demand federal intervention and legislation.

4)  The administration under mass pressure initiates measures of immediate intervention and remedial legislation.

His scheme was brilliant, somewhat iniquitous but nonetheless brilliant. First, he had his followers travel to relatively peaceful towns or places where people were unaccustomed to seeing black power advocates, organized crowds, and the lawless element that antagonize people with signs, marches, sit-ins, and chants. Next, the people residing in those peaceful communities who were unaccustomed to demonstrations and who wanted to maintain a peaceful neighborhood rebelled against the marchers. It seems that King desired that type of conflict to occur which he would blame entirely on “racists” or those whites who resisted his plans. King and his disciples would be viewed as the victims rather than the aggressors in the eyes of some Americans who were unaware of the full scope of King’s activities and those of his colleagues. With this view that portrayed him as the victim he was able to have his demands met by the “remedial legislation” that brought about preferential treatment for blacks. In many cases when King went to big cities rather than small towns his followers rioted. When his followers caused riots he would merely blame the “unjust laws.” After all King claimed that his followers could not be held responsible for their actions and everything was the fault of those evil, bigoted racist whites and not the peaceful, loving, and caring oppressed blacks who looted, burned, and destroyed the City. King’s preference for violence can be summarized by one of his remarks: “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Kink’s attempt to excuse his cohorts and own lawless behavior as being the righteous “language of the unheard” was evil and destructive. Evidently this was one of those things that he also preferred.

 The “supralegal” love and the sexually degenerated man

King professed that he loved the world and all those around him. He said it all the time and claimed to be a peaceful, nonviolent, loving citizen of good will. If he had so much love for everyone his behavior should have been validated as true feelings but that was not the case at all.

Although King may not have loved himself he did care for some of his followers and his “love” for people was oftentimes “supralegal.” Demonstrating what could only be defined as “supralegal love” federal agents investigating his life discovered that he had violated criminal laws during the overall pursuit of his goals. For example, they discovered that King had violated the Mann Act related to white slavery. They discovered also that on many occasions King shared his “love” by being sexually involved with two or three different women prostitutes at the same time in one single night with whom the champion and advocate of “nonviolence” became upset during arguments related to his sexual depravity, and then “hit and knocked them across the bed,” according to his close friend the late Rev. Ralph David Abernathy. King’s friends were also of questionable morality. For example, Bayard Rustin who worked five years as an adviser to King was once convicted of sodomy for his perverted “love” with a victim. The Federal Bureau of Investigations [FBI] had recorded many times with hidden microphones all words said during perverted “love” sessions performed by King and his disciples with different women. The FBI had been keeping tabs on King by tapping his phone and bugging his quarters since October 10, 1963. Because of investigations conducted by the late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover of subversive organizations like the Nation of Islam and the Communist Party he was repeatedly slandered by King and associates. The media were only happy to repeat the slandering probably with the hope of generating attention to themselves and the accompanying money. The FBI has always been targeted in the past by those who have felt that it is “out to get them” but in cases where those involved are criminals they may be right.  For instance, Louis Farrakhan threatened to “knock off the head of any undercover FBI agent” found in his organization during his speech called “warning to the government.” There were numerous attempts to defame the late J. Edgar Hoover much of which borders on sheer insanity and the rest of which is an outright licentious rumor by leftist hate mongers. Why would they do that? It is quite simple: By attacking Mr. Hoover with their unproven and insipid jeremiads in an attempt to discredit him, they hoped that all of  the evidence found against them would be discredited as well. For instance, there were rumors that Mr. Hoover was a clandestine racist and a closet homosexual but nothing could be further from the truth. At the same time he had left-wing extremists investigated he was doing the same with right-wing extremists as well, and despite the differences he had with King, he was personally responsible for launching a massive investigation to find his killer James Ray which led to his murder conviction.

Mr. Hoover was actually quite impartial and merely went about doing his job but by attacking him the Zionist–sponsored leftists hoped to destroy the FBI’s reputation and credibility. They hoped to discredit the facts uncovered by the government about their leftist hatemonger’s nefarious activities. The leftists in various cases had already destroyed the reputation of  some law enforcement agencies as part of their contribution to the Zionist agenda, and were also attempting to destroy anyone in the government who did not approved their opinions as truth. Mr. Hoover was unfairly, maligned and viciously attacked by unsubstantiated allegations the foremost being that he was a closet homosexual. It almost seems ironic that the leftist hate monger’s have accused him of being a fag since many of them engage in or promote its acceptance. Anthony Summers wrote a book about J. Edgar Hoover titled “Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover.” In his book he alleges that Mr. Hoover was a closet homosexual and to “prove” his ludicrous allegation he quotes some people. He cites people like Seymour Pollock a friend of mobster Meyer Lansky who said that “the homosexual thing was Hoover’s Achilles heel.” Evidently, we are supposed to believe Pollock who is an individual whose company was the mob against whom Mr. Hoover spent his entire life investigating and maintaining law-and-order. Meanwhile, Curt Gentry in his book titled “Edgar J. Hoover: The Man and the Secrets” reiterates the same baseless rumors as Summers. Contradictory to Gentry’s suggestion that Mr. Hoover may have been a homosexual he admittedly noted that he had once warned former President Richard Nixon that a “ring of hard core homosexuals” surrounded him. Apparently, Gentry cannot even see the contradiction in his own writing for if  Mr. Hoover had been a homosexual he certainly would not have cared if homosexuals were in the Nixon’s government. It is time to put an end to the false allegation that Edgar J. Hoover was a homosexual.  He was definitely not. He never did approve nor supported homosexuality and made it well known. He didn’t even allowed homosexuals to be members of the FBI which was stated in the internal rules at the time. Meanwhile, Ralph Toledano in his book titled “Edgar J. Hoover: The Man in His Time” described how the baseless and false rumors of Mr. Hoover being a closet  homosexual began. It all started in 1964 when one of Lyndon Johnson’s aides and associates was arrested for committing a deprave “homosexual act” in a bathroom at a YMCA center. Johnson’s aide emotionally collapsed after being arrested for the homosexual act and was sent to a hospital in Washington, D.C. The White House kept the lid on the story and did not tell the newspapers. But one of Mr. Hoover’s assistants found out that Johnson’s aide was in the hospital but did not know the reason why.

The FBI assistant sent flowers to Johnson’s aide using Mr. Hoover’s name which was customary. The media hoping to generate headlines were happy to make it known and Mr. Hoover had a difficulty explaining what happened for a couple of reasons which are described in his book: “If Hoover had said that he knew nothing of the homosexual charge he would have admitted that the FBI was not omniscient, but if on the other hand he claimed knowledge, then he would have convicted himself of having a friendship with homosexuals. The Communist Party’s members heard about the incident and decided that it would be in their best interest to use some under handed tactics of their own. They decided to engage in what Mr. Hoover described as a “smear campaign” against him. Their hatred for him was well known so it shouldn’t be surprising. After all Mr. Hoover had kept the Communist Party from attaining social acceptance by releasing information about its nefarious activities. The Communist Party sent a false letter to several government officials which was supposed to have been written by Mr. Hoover himself, and suggested that he was engaging in homosexual affairs as if the man who had fought valiantly against the acceptance of homosexuality into the FBI would engage in such a perverse activity. The letter was described as “scurrilous and putrid” by Senator Bourke Hickenlooper. Mr. Hoover was able to prove that the letter was just another disinformation attempt made up to discredit the FBI by attacking him personally. Though there were many attempts to use disinformation against Mr. Hoover for what the FBI had discovered on King  during the course of investigations and bugging, it was simply incredible and certainly mind boggling what they found out about his hidden and perverted activities in addition to his criminal past. This was the reason why they were attacking Mr. Hoover with false accusations related to homosexuality. 

The so-called “Martin Luther” King Jr. was certainly not a saint as he is presented in the Zionist-controlled mass media and as so many dupes still think of him. Carl Rowan, a black syndicated columnist was very perturbed when he discovered that King had been bugged by the FBI and in one of his columns, blamed FBI Director Edgar J. Hoover but later discovered that U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy had ordered the investigation and bugging of King’s place. Clyde Tolson who was an FBI associate director revealed in response to one of Rowan’s columns that “the wire tap on ‘Martin Luther’ King Jr. was specifically approved in advance and in writing by the late US Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. The device was strictly used in the field of internal security and therefore within the provisions laid down by the President of the United States,” he declared. Meanwhile, the FBI reportedly discovered that King had numerous “love” affairs in which violence was used.

The FBI had at least 15 reels of recorded tape containing sexual entertainment activities and conversations between King and Ralph David Abernathy that lead to the firm conclusion that there was definitely a homosexual relationship between the two. In one of the tapes the voice of King is clearly heard saying to Ralph David Abernathy: “Come over here you black mother fucker and let me suck your dick.” During a discussion with an FBI agent, Rowan discovered that there had been sexual intercourse in King’s suite with Ralph David Abernathy. Also, at another time it was reported that there was a homosexual orgy in King’s suite which can be heard in conversations that had been taped by the FBI’s bugs. In addition, the black newspaper writer and television talk show host Tony Brown, mentioned the reported conversation taped by the FBI between King and Abernathy behind closed doors in one of his columns titled “King’s love.” 

 The cunning plagiarist

Other areas of King’s “ethics” were also questionable especially for a man of “good will” who preached “nonviolence” and “love” while promoting riots and other violence. In the course of King’s endeavors he often plagiarized work from others claiming it as his own and not giving credit where it was due. For a person who seemed accustomed to trickery this was nothing new to him. King would quote some else work verbatim and not give credit to the original authors. In the course of his plagiarism he would occasionally change a few words and would often misspell them. Also, it is known that King was given the “Doctor” degree as a result of pressure by leftists elements linked to Zionists and not because he truly earned it. With his true but hidden background how can King be viewed as an exemplary leader? King only obeyed laws he conveniently deemed just, incited riots, threatened mayors, cheated in school throughout his life, stole other people’s intellectual creations, engaged in homosexual depravity, and more. His “love” extended way beyond his speeches. Different Congressmen felt that the type of King’s “leadership” was not something to be admired. In contradiction to the beliefs held by his misguided followers, Congressman Waggonner told some facts behind King’s actions:

“There is a great deal of concern in every quarter of the nation over the role this professional dowser has recently taken upon himself as a Secretary of State without portfolio. King is a meddler and unqualified to tell others how to run either their government or their personal affairs. The fact that he is a Negro gives him the right in the eyes of the deluded liberals to meddle in any affair in which any Negro is involved. Yet the record shows that wherever his presence is felt there has been bloodshed, strife, and anarchy. His ‘nonviolence’ has bred violence and his ‘leadership’ has turned loose the rampaging mob; his ‘peace’ has fomented hatred at a time when cool heads and reasoning was needed.”

In the latter part of March 1968 before his assassination, King decided to visit a garbage collectors strike in Memphis, Tennessee and organized a demonstration that culminated in a riot. After the traditional burning and looting was completed it was discovered that a 16-year-old was killed in the process. A judge wishing to prevent more outbursts of senseless violence put forth a mandate that made certain there would be no more demonstrations allowed. King felt that it was an “unjust law” and made it perfectly clear that he was not going to obey the law. Had he obeyed the laws or had he decided to “go home” as some congressmen desired, it is quite probable that James Ray would not have eventually killed him. It is an outrage that the Zionist-controlled government declared a day after “Martin Luther” King Jr. There is no doubt that King’s holiday was created to appease politicians representing the interest of those controlling them. There are many outstanding blacks that have served the United States well both in war and in peace and it is inappropriate to give King this undeserved recognition. As for the Nobel Peace Prize he undeservedly received, this may have been conferred by misguided members of the international community who were either unaware of King’s real activities or had feigned blindness. Although it may seem that what has already been mentioned would be enough to warrant a repeal of the King holiday, there is one thing about him that is particularly disturbing and needs to be addressed: King’s belief in communism. King and other “leaders” [Zionist puppets] in the so-called “civil rights movement” accepted the belief because they liked the idea of “redistributing” which is the communist euphemism for stealing other people’s property. In order to fully understand the reasoning for this folly and before delving into King’s involvement with the communist ideology, it is necessary to take a cursory examination of the tenets of socialism and/or communism –and most importantly– who created the theory and why. If you wish to learn the truth about who was behind socialism/communism and for what real purpose, you need to do your own research. I can only briefly tell you that communism or socialism is a Jewish invented theory which Karl Marx [also a Jew] developed after Jewish bankers among them the Rothschild’s, commissioned him to write all the crazy stuff that duped millions throughout the world.

There is no “freedom” in communism. The Russian “revolution” was a business adventure that turned out to be highly profitable at the expense of millions of real Russians who were either murdered or died as a result of hunger or illness. The results of communism can be seen in China, North Korea, Cuba and other places where people are ruthlessly governed by a few privileged who belong to the one party system. Communism is more cruel and oppressive than capitalism.

 Eskimos in Florida

Many hard-core communists supported “Martin Luther” King Jr. in his efforts to destroy US society by means of violence and not “love” as he so falsely claimed. Michael Laski who was chairman of the Communist Party USA [CPUSA] noted King’s allegiance and said that he was secretive about his relationship with the CPUSA. On April 13, 1967 Laski told a press conference this: “King knows what’s going on and he’s allowing himself to be utilized by the CPUSA. Gus Hall, a renowned communist said that “the leaders of the CPUSA consult with and advise top Negro leaders in their ‘civil rights’ campaigns.”  He also said that members of the CPUSA were very active in all Negro organizations engaged in the “civil rights” struggle. He was right. King vehemently denied to the general public his true ideology while knowing what would happen to his hidden agenda if he were to admit his affiliation with the CPUSA. In one speech he said: “I am sick and tired of people saying that the civil rights movement has been infiltrated by communists and sympathizers. There are as many communists in this freedom movement as there are Eskimos in Florida.” There must have been quite a few Eskimos getting sun burnt on Florida’s beaches at the time of his speech…

When King needed support it came from more than just the NAACP which was discovered to be filled with subversives. A meeting was held by the Emergency Committee to Support Birmingham in an effort to support King’s tactics there. The principal speaker was Rev. Fred Shuttles.  Some of the other speakers were James Farmer of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Malcolm X. What is “CORE”?  The purpose of CORE was best summarized by former Senator Eastland: “This organization is the war department of those who sell hate, collect donations, and sow the seeds of discord in this country. Since its inception, its creed has been lawlessness and its tactics have followed the pattern set by communist agitation the world over.” King vehemently denied having ever been a communist just as many others of that cause did. However, his claim did not fool the people in government who were investigating his involvement with them. According to black newspaper columnist Carl Rowan who attended National Security Council meetings and was allowed access to confidential FBI files on King [that have since been sealed by a court order] was known to be a communist. Bill Sullivan diligently working in the FBI determined than that “King was the most dangerous Negro of the future in this nation from the standpoint of communism.” If King’s communist activities were known as early as 1962 a logical question should naturally follow: Why didn’t more people knew about it?  The answer is simple: In order to prevent recurring violence a lid was put on King’s sordid actions. The Department of Justice had a “special task force” appointed to determine what to do with King’s FBI files while knowing full well that a King holiday would not be condoned or tolerated by any sensible person after reviewing the evidence amassed by the FBI on him. The special task force articulated this on January 11, 1977:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigations and its surveillance produced tapes and transcripts concerning King and others associated with him. These may be sought by King’s heirs and/or representatives. Worse still they may be sought by members of the public at large under the Freedom of Information Act. Thus we recommend that these tapes and transcripts be sealed and sent to the National Archives and that Congress pass legislation denying anyone access to them, whatever authorizing or directing their total destruction along with the material in reports and any memorandum derived from them.”

Only two weeks after the investigation was concluded by the Department of Justice task force, Federal Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. ordered the FBI “to file with the National Archives all of the tapes and documents produced out of wiretaps, bugging, and other surveillances or investigations on Martin Luther King Jr. and others, and all materials regarding him are not be made public for the next fifty years except by a court order.” Fifty years is a long time to wait and if the current falsehoods surrounding King have been instituted in about two decades, the time between his assassination and now is perturbing considering how much more can be hidden and distorted in a little more than three decades being the time between now and when the ban ends. We are expected to wait for more than 30 years for King’s files to be seen? It is interesting to note that the government felt that things would be “worse” if the public were allowed access to documents that by right people should be allowed to view under the Freedom of Information Act.  Whose real interests were being prioritized and protected by this extreme measure?

On whose behalf was Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. acting?  Who is behind the sickening campaign to glorify King in exaggerated ways and present him as “saint” while hiding or even denying his criminal and sexually degenerated life style?  What powers are behind all of this? It appears as if some people in government were attempting to hide something from their constituents who are the very people they are supposed to serve.  Fortunately, the Congressional Record is not sealed so more forthcoming evidence taken from excerpts shall be shown in order to conclusively prove the true agenda of  the so-called “Martin Luther” King Jr. It is difficult to tell exactly when King became affiliated with communist subversives but it probably began in his college days or perhaps when he joined the “dialectical society.”  While King attended Morehouse College in Atlanta he had a cordial relationship with Benjamin Mays who had an extensive record of supporting communist fronts and causes. Regardless of when King first became affiliated with his communist cohorts, he eventually curtailed membership in or was affiliated with over sixty communist groups before he was killed. That fact was made known by an affidavit issued by Karl Prussion who was an FBI counterspy from 1947 to 1960 and whose statements were inserted into the Congressional Record. Mr. Prussion promulgated that several members of the NAACP and CORE including King were affiliated with communist activities. He declared the following while under oath:

“I Karl Prussion solemnly state that at each and every meeting of five meetings attended sponsored by the US Communist Party, one Ed Beck who is presently the secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People [NAACP] of San Mateo County in California and a member of the Congress of Racial Equality [CORE] presented the directive from the district office of the Communist Party in San Francisco, to the effect that all communists working within the framework of the NAACP are instructed to work for a change of the passive attitude toward a more militant class struggle policy to be expressed in demonstrations, marches or protests for the purpose of transforming the NAACP into an organization for the achievement of the communist objective. I further swear and attest to the fact that at each and every one of the aforementioned meetings Martin Luther King Jr. was always set forth as the individual to whom communists should look and rally around in the communist struggle on the many racial issues. I hereby state also that Martin Luther King Jr. has either been a member of or wittingly accepted support from over sixty communist fronts, individuals, or organizations which give aid to or espouse communist causes.”

Karl Prussion produced a documentary report on King also in which he listed the communists who were his comrades. It is interesting to note that those types of organizations oftentimes attempt to hide their hideous agenda by having a name that sounds respectable as mentioned earlier. The asinine attempts by certain groups to deny that King had been affiliated with communist organizations are contradictory to the evidence. For brevity’s sake all the subversive groups or people who were affiliated with King are not mentioned.

Pecuniary pals

 King’s involvement in foreign affairs extended beyond the ideology of communism or talking on behalf of communists and conspiring with them. He was so involved with foreign affairs that he accepted money from shady characters who were citizens of countries not friendly to the US form of government. In other words, King was working against the US government and was paid for it. The Washington Observer disclosed King’s ties to communism noting that an extensive FBI report existed on him. The evidence contained in the report –which the government has kept hidden from the public– had some shocking revelations according to The Washington Observer:

” […] When FBI agents had King under intense close surveillance they observed him meeting a well identified Soviet espionage agent at the Kennedy International Airport in New York. The FBI also secured evidence that King was receiving large sums of money from a well-known American Communist agent who gave him instructions he implicitly obeyed.”

Stanley Levison who was one of  King’s colleagues was described by FBI Director Edgar J. Hoover as a Soviet spy and member of the US Communist Party. The late President John F. Kennedy informed King that Levinson was dangerous while hoping that he would stop meeting with him and other communist agents before something happened. During a raid a check was found. The check which had been endorsed by King was from communist James Dombrowski and was made out to King. On the check dated March 7, 1963 there was a note written that told why the money was given: “New York expenses.” Apparently Dombrowski was paying King for expenses incurred during his struggle against the US government. Congressman O. Fisher from Texas complained about King’s moneymaking activities and noted that he “had turned to a crusade in favor communists in Vietnam as a means of raising money.”

Congressman Fisher also said: “King has been both brazen and open in his violations of the law and is joined by more than a score of other sick minds and corrupt souls. The American people have a right to know when is the Department of Justice going to crack down on these disloyal elements in our society? These mercenary crackpots should be shown no mercy; they have gone far beyond the realm of normal dissent as they are openly and actively aiding the communist in Vietnam while violating the laws of this country.”

Congressman Fisher was right. The American people have a right to know when this affront to our liberties will end. Only by standing up and act will the barrage of lies that have been foisted upon us will end. We have a right to see all the FBI files on King that courts suspiciously closed for fifty years. The time has come to demand that right. A stop must be put to the “politically correct” historical revisionists who have distorted history to unprecedented lengths in order to make their motives seem wholesome. This needs to be done for what occurred after King’s death is a national disgrace.

 Le roi est mort – Vive le roi!

In France there is an age-old adage that says: “Le roi est mort vive le roi”  meaning “the king is dead long live the king.” The saying makes an appropriate title for this chapter for two reasons. One, it was not until after King’s death that only few dared to speak the truth about his nefarious activities. Two, the adage is fitting because of a chant that black eulogizers exclaimed after King was convicted for leading the Montgomery bus boycott:  “Behold the King and long live the King.” After his death many tenets he believed and promoted have become accepted living long past his life. After he was killed King’s image changed in that people tend not to speak badly of the dead especially the same ones who were worried about being victimized by all the riots that broke out afterwards. It seems that only very few politicians would discuss King’s activities after his death as they  probably did not want to upset the rioters who destroyed cities after his death. Also, some politicians were probably fearful of losing the black vote in the different cities. Although it is conceded that King openly advocated “nonviolence” when he deliberately fomented discord and strife between blacks and whites. Violence followed in his wake wherever he went until he himself fell a victim of violence. King preached compliance only with the laws he personally approved of and thus was in contempt of statutes not to his liking. Hence, he and his followers in a most brazen and flagrant manner flouted the time honored concepts of this nation which is one of laws and not of men.

In one of his last public utterances he openly stated that he intended to violate a solemn court injunction while at the same time he was planning to invade Washington D.C. with a horde of violent evils to disrupt the government. Every sensible person knows as he must have known that such an act would result in property destruction, bloodshed and death. This man trampled upon the laws of our country with impunity and the Stokely Carmichaels and Rap Browns were spawned in the waters of hate agitated by his public utterances. The American flag flew at half-mast to “honor” a man who aided and abetted communists in Vietnam as he publicly supported the draft card burners and sought to undermine and betray our fighting sons in Vietnam. In the avalanche of propaganda, hypocrisy and falsehood that followed the death of King, the President and national figures together with the news media have undertaken to eulogize and commit to martyrdom King who under the guise of “non-violence” caused violence wherever he went. The voice of truth is not being heard and all has been forgiven or forgotten. No one mentions that only one day before his death he openly declared his intention to violate a federal court order. This was nothing new since he had previously done this. We witness in our major cities looting, theft, burglary, arson, robbery and murder, all a fitting tribute to an advocate of violence. I call upon all men and women and the responsible elements in the black community to face the facts, the truth, and to dispel from all minds the falsehood and hypocrisy that have been placed upon us by individuals in and out the government and by the media on behalf of undisclosed powers to whom they are all subordinated. If the men who died in World War II, Korea or Vietnam could return, they would cry out in horror at the eulogizing of a man who aided and abetted the enemies of this nation, preached disobedience of law and incited riots and destruction.  I know I write against the tide of overwhelming emotion but let the voice of truth and reason be heard. Then may the black and the white communities join together in a truthful and realistic effort to build a better society based on the truth.

 The aftermath of King’s legacy

With all the facts known by people in government it is amazing that they would actually support and advocate King’s birthday bash. Why? In Arizona the first time citizens had an opportunity to vote on the King’s holiday they refused it for two reasons. One, many knew the truth regarding his sordid past;  Two, others did not feel it was necessary to have an expensive holiday paid by tax payers. The people of Arizona quickly learned that they would be punished for their decision not to have a King’s holiday. The 1993 Super Bowl was threatened to be taken out of Arizona because of the people’s failure to support the enacting of King’s holiday, while numerous other groups were also considering boycotting the State of Arizona including the National League of Cities and the National Urban League. Below are some of King’s legacy.

Sister Souljah, the militant hip-hop rapper who once suggested that US blacks should kill whites as they do in South Africa, was asked about how she felt about “Doctor” King in an interview with Life magazine. She said that the image of King was not correct. “People who are in power in white America have twisted his image to take out the sting of who he was.” Many others seem to echo her opinion and although she may be wrong about other things she appears to be right about that. Evan Meacham, former governor of Arizona was asked what he thought about King also in Life magazine.  He said that the government should not demote George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s holidays while elevating King’s holiday to absurd levels. He felt that if King had lived he “probably would have gone downhill substantially and without his assassination I doubt he would have ever had credibility.” New Hampshire like Arizona was one of the few States that did not have a King holiday until the “avalanche of mass media propaganda.” In 1993 New Hampshire finally agreed to have a King’s holiday thereby joining Arizona and 48 other States. Barbara Reynolds, a black columnist at USA Today magazine suggested that Americans needed  “Kinglogy” that calls for “King’s non-violent moral code of love for others, black pride and human concern.” Also, Lenora Fulani who was running for governor of New York on the New Alliance Party ticket and Al Sharpton pitched tents on Liberty Island forcing the Statue of Liberty to be closed. They did it to commemorate King’s “I have a dream” speech. In a rally at Battery Park City Fulani shared her dreams: “We want to rename New York City by calling it Martin Luther King City,” she said. Besides already having streets, buildings, monuments, holidays and numerous other things or places named after him, Michael King now has a game named after him called “King-O.” Shirley Barnes who is black invented the game and it’s is similar to bingo except there are words used instead of numbers. The words are all noble: “family, home, humble, respect, peace, love, and prize.” Ms. Barnes said that the first word on the list is “love” because “that’s what King was about.” The game even comes with ideas for teachers so that they may use it for history lessons or for “resolving conflicts peacefully.” One have to wonder how students can “resolve conflicts peacefully” by using King’s violent tactics. Numerous organizations have held rallies in which King’s name is revered and used as a call to peace.

This is strange considering the many known instances of him flagrantly disobeying the law. However, many of the rallies end in violence or promote more preferential treatment for blacks and in that respect there is a bit of similarity between King’s ideology and that of his followers. About thirty years after King led the so-called “civil rights” marches in Washington, D.C. his disciples had another one that identifies one of  his little known activities.   The march which was held by gay “rights” activists, communists, and vagabonds, among others, had Coretta Scott King speak before them. She exclaimed to the unique crowd: “Dr. King’s spirit is with us!  The crowd which was estimated at three-hundredths of one percent of America’s population responded to King’s widow: “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty we’re free at last!” Other people of notoriety either spoke or attended the rally. Ben Chavis, who was the president of the NAACP at the time spoke there and shared his demands with the unique crowd. “We want more than fair treatment, we now want a fair share of the economy,” said Chavis reiterating thereby the demands “civil rights” advocates have held for so long. Rosa Parks, Jesse Jackson, and Attorney General Janet Reno also attended the event. In an effort to combat heterosexuals Chavis’s enlisted the help of all homosexuals at NAACP: “Our board approved a stand on gay rights several months ago. It was a unanimous decision,” he said. Chavis is not new to controversy though. After being implicated in the firebombing of Mike’s Grocery Store, him and eight other blacks plus a white woman were sent to prison in 1972. During the trial several blacks testified that he had used a church as “civil rights” headquarters to plan the attack. In 1979 North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt, at the behest of black voters, granted Chavis clemency. After he was released he went to work for the National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression which was one of many U.S. Communist Party fronts. Charlene Mitchell, a black woman who was the communist party presidential candidate in 1968 served as the co-chairwoman of the group at the time. Since then Chavis befriended many people in his visits to communist nations. Chavis’s wife Martha Rivera was a translator for the Angola communist government when Chavis met her. After Benjamin Chavis became head of the NAACP he swiftly chose Don Rojas as his communications director. Apparently Rojas had the qualifications Chavis had hoped to find. Rojas had worked as Maurice Bishop’s press secretary during the time he headed the Grenada communist government. At one of the NAACP conventions that Chavis attended he raised his clinched fist in a Marxist salute with his good friend Nelson Mandela. It seems that Chavis liked the idea of redistributing people’s money.

However, none of this and more should be surprising when you consider the NAACP’s history as a Zionist front working for the “one world government” since its creation by Jews in 1908. You can be sure that whoever replaces Chavis will have similar “qualifications.” Chavis is hardly the only “civil rights” advocate to support the acceptance of sodomy and other perverted sexual activities.When Zionist pawn Bill Clinton became “president” one of the first things he did was to invite his homosexual friends to participate in the festivities. To make his inaugural party the focal point of deviancy he had the fag and dyke bands of America participate in the party. The video “Gay rights and special rights: Inside the homosexual agenda” shows actual footage of the 1993 march in Washington, DC including the homosexual plans. A militant homosexual began his speech before the assemblage by paraphrasing King in a fitting tribute. Another fag who was at the march had a sign that said: “civil rights or civil war!” Clinton expressed his thanks to the $3.5 million the fags contributed to his campaign via videotape which was shown on a large screen television at homosexuals festivities. He said: “I want to thank the gay and lesbian community for their contribution and courage.” One lesbian commented, “it’s our government now” while another one said: “Clinton is a friend of ours and he’s going to take care of all gay and lesbian rights; he’s going to shake up the country.” During homosexual festivities in Washington, D.C. transvestites did strip shows. As they threw their clothes around in the air the innocent children of homosexuals many of whom were probably adopted, stood there crying with tears running down their cheeks. Members of the “North American Man-Boy Lover Association” which is an internationally known pedophile organization also attended the event. The innocent children of the U.S. are suffering and being prevented the right to a peaceful existence because of this abomination which was born in the so-called “civil rights movement” of which Zionist pawn King was a “leader.” The homosexuals had a list of demands they called “human rights” and wanted them to be added as a Constitutional amendment.  The following is a summary of their demands:

1.  All forms of sexual expression would be allowed.

2.  All laws prohibiting sodomy would be abolished.

3. All laws prohibiting certain types of unusual clothing or lack of would be eliminated.

4. All age of sexual consent laws would be repealed thereby allowing homosexuals to have sex with whatever child they choose.

5.  Money from the government’s war department would be diverted to cover the cost of medical expenses for homosexuals with AIDS.

6. Taxes would be used to pay for sex-change operations allowing more homosexuals to parade in their surgical disguise.

7.  Homosexuals in all areas would be allowed to adopt children or provide foster care for them which combined with the homosexuals’ fourth desire would allow them to adopt and commit sodomy with any child available for adoption.

8.  Homosexual marriages would be permitted in any area.

9. Homosexuals would be accepted in designing education for children in making child care and for providing school counseling in areas in which they are not currently allowed.

10. Contraception devices and abortion would be provided to all people for free regardless of age and in the case of a very young person without parents’ approval.

11.  Artificial insemination would be allowed for any bisexual or lesbian woman who wanted to have children so that she could raise them in that type of lifestyle which would allow her to teach the child to hate men.

12.  No religious concerns of homosexuality would be allowed with religious institutions losing their tax-exempt status if they did not comply.

13.  Private groups like the Boy Scouts must accept homosexuals into their organization.

In Atlanta, Georgia a rally was held for King on January 18, 1993. Jean Bertrand Aristide, the Haiti ousted president, Jesse Jackson, and Coretta Scott King attended the rally along with about one thousand other people. King’s daughter and Rev. Bernice King officiated the ceremony at Ebenezer Baptist Church. In the course of the discussion King’s daughter referred to her father as a “prophet” and said: “It’s time for those of us who have benefited from the message and mission of the prophet King to come together and make his spirit come alive again in our midst.”  At other places, similar activities occurred on that cold January day in 1993. In Denver, Colorado some of King’s followers were engaged in a rally that quickly turned into a party. Some of those in attendance smashed a liquor store’s window to get the party supplies while others beat up a white woman until she was unconscious. These and other violent actions expressed their idea of a party. New Hampshire Governor Steve Merrill gave an order that changed the name from “civil rights” day to “King day” for his State.  After the Rodney King verdict hundreds of students in Atlanta had a march.

Mayor Maynard Jackson pleaded with students: “Let us not discredit the name of Martin Luther King in his hometown. Please don’t riot in this City.” Although the two sentences were a contradiction since King himself often provoked riots “trying to tear Atlanta up” certainly would not discredit his name and the underlying message to black students was understood: Please do not loot, burn, and destroy the city of Atlanta. The mayor’s begging was an effort in futility. The “Nubians” [another name for blacks] smashed store windows, threw stones and bottles, and assaulted white pedestrians but certainly did not “discredit” King’s name. These along with sexual perversion and more is the King’s legacy that lives on. King’s descendants are still quite active. Michael King III was a bit upset when he ran for office in Georgia hoping to become chairman of the Fulton County Commission in 1993. The newspaper Atlanta Constitution predicted that he would win by a two-to-one margin but another candidate beat him by almost 15 thousand votes which is about 15 % of all votes cast. His mother Coretta Scott King broke down in tears and asked: “How could the people vote down the King?” Indeed, why would “people vote down the King” when there is plenty of pro-King false propaganda disseminating from every corner of America? Even though Martin Luther King III may not be as charismatic and articulate as his father, his name still carries some weight with those who accept falsehoods without question. King III was involved in a problem with the IRS which may have had an effect on the voters’ decision. He reportedly did not pay the IRS taxes which in legal terms is called “tax evasion.” He settled the dispute by borrowing $150 thousand from his mother which he promptly gave to the IRS.

Michael King Jr. has become an internationally celebrated figure. Shortly after his death Congressman John R. Rarick from Louisiana speaking before the House of Representatives said that King was the “United Nations proclaimed messiah.” Rarick could not understand why some of the politicians attended King’s funeral. After all said Rarick, “King was a disloyal American linked with over 60 organizations bent on the destruction of America.” Congressman Rarick had a good reason for calling King the “United Nation proclaimed messiah.” King once said: “I would strengthen a channel already in existence, I would work to bring about universal disarmament and set up a world police force through the United Nations, I would also consider some form of world government.” King was not the only prominent spokesman to promote some type of bizarre “world government” as there have been others that believe the United Nations should be used for things other than resolving disputes among different nations through peaceful means rather than violent conflicts which is why the U.N. was supposedly created.

Some members appear to be power hungry and want to be able to control the actions of different nations thinking that they are some worldly congress instead of  mediators. It appears that some U.N. members believe that they can control, encourage, and regulate what people do.

 International Implications

King became an internationally celebrated figure among blacks everywhere. In South Africa blacks there revere him and civil disorder is now commonly associated with his violent past. Just as the U.S. had riots under King’s leadership and still continues to have them sporadic under the guidance of others, South Africa experiences similar violence but in many cases is even worse. During the course of “nonviolence” modeled after King’s tactics in America riots occurred as you might expect. The ANC has a similar history of hate groups that operated in America and the communist party with the ANC worked hand-in-hand in South Africa. However, when the communist party in South Africa was banned its members did not just quit; when the party was outlawed they became exclusive members of the ANC unless otherwise affected. It should come as no surprise that when both the ANC and the communist party were allowed to have rallies violence took place. It should come as no surprise either that Nelson Mandela called Fidel Castro and Moammar el Kaddafi “comrades in arms since they support our struggle to the hilt”  Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela [his middle name means “someone who brings trouble upon himself”] was a leader of the “Umkhonto We Sizwe” which is a group that engaged in terrorist attacks against whites in South Africa. The head of the African National Congress Youth League has asked followers to kill former South African President de Klerk. Michael Johns of the Heritage Foundation described Nelson Mandela and the ANC as: “Hitting civilian targets and refusing to renounce the use of violence against civilians for political purposes makes the ANC a terrorist group and Mandela has not distanced himself from that policy even when asked specifically to do so.”  So it should come as no surprise that much like King and Bishop, Mandela also received the Nobel Peace Prize even when he [like King] practiced violence while preaching “love” and “nonviolence.” Similar to King, Mandela was quite proficient with double talk tactics. For instance, around the time he gained power he said that his freedom charter was “by no means a blueprint for a socialist state but for redistribution of all wealth and nationalization of land which provides for the take over of mines, banks, and monopoly industry.” In short, his real plans were to take away all wealth and land from owners and redistribute it among his followers.

The very essence of Jewish invented “socialism” which he always denied not to be his real plan. Furthermore, he was quick to point out his foremost goal when he declared this: “The ideological creed of the ANC is and always has been African nationalism.” As the embittered white communists who so foolhardy followed Mandela quickly learned that he had no intentions of allowing them to keep anything they owned and as unfortunate as that is,  it included their lives too while he falsely claimed that his policies “will not drive the white man into the sea.” However, we see now that this was not the case as his policies are causing exactly what he said he would not do. It will be interesting to see what happens in South Africa as a very similar history in the US is developing except for one difference: Whites are for now the majority rather than the minority. It appears that Mandela’s views may not differ too much from those of the Nation of Islam. That should not be too surprising since the Nation of Islam with its own newspaper The Final Call with a circulation of approximately one million, recently opened “information centers” in different countries of Africa. In a speech by one of Louis Farrakhan’s aides he told the audience that “black South Africans should kill white people.” And they are now doing exactly that. The aide who changed his name to “Khallid Abdul Muhammad” and has since passed away openly said many times that he wanted blacks in South Africans and everywhere else “to kill every white man, women, and child wherever they are found.” Zionist stooge and former manager of their interest in the white house Bill Clinton, knowing that his fellow communists needed help to carry out their terrorist plans and double the amount given to South Africa to $600 million of U.S. taxpayers’ money to help Mandela and his comrades. The U.S. Democratic Party even sent some of Clinton’s lackeys such as Stanley Greenburg and Frank Creer to assist Mandela and the “African” National Congress.

The influence of King’s actions continue to have an adverse effect on the US and other countries around the globe while many misguided people do not fully understand the ramifications of following his beliefs and continue to believe the foolhardy notion that King was an ethical man of nonviolence. Unfortunately, due to the stupidity called “politically correctness” King has been made into a figurehead that inside the brains of too many people his actions translate into the ridiculous false belief that he was a “prophet.” But when you take a deep look at the real King after sifting through the platitudinous propaganda in the Zionist-controlled mass media, you begin to understand how this nation has been led dangerously astray from the concepts and values that once made it great.

I am only one man and can only do so much by myself  but with your help and in unity with others against the lies and falsehoods that have separated this nation from its natural course we can make a difference. It will not be easy and I make no imaginary promises of something that can be accomplished on a weekend or in between breaks in television shows. It may take years or even one or more generations but it is something that must be done. And when it is finally done, all the lies that have been built around this enemy of our nation will be rescinded. So let the veil of lies on “Martin Luther” King Jr. be lifted by all decent people of the United States of America.

Conclusion by The Truth

As you know now after reading the above writing, there are many facts regarding the so-called “Martin Luther” King Jr. that are either unknown totally or known only to a small degree, thanks to a systematic brainwashing that society has been subjected to for the past fifty years produced by the Zionist-controlled mass media. The violence and perverted deeds of King described in the above writing, are only the surface of a much wider and deeper involvement and commitment he had with Zionists to push forward their over-all agenda aimed at destroying not only the United States, but also other countries for the purpose of imposing their vision of the world’s future known as “one world government.” In the United States the Zionists conceived and subsequently created what they conveniently labeled as the “civil rights movement” of which King was chosen to be its most important “leader” due to his background and idiosyncrasy.

The so-called “civil rights” concept was started to be implemented with the creation of the National Association for the Advancement of Color People [NAACP] in 1909. The Zionist-created NAACP was and still is a camouflaged Zionist front disguised as a “civil rights” organization. [See the related piece titled “Barack Obama and the Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” published on this blog]  King was a member of that organization naturally since he was a Zionist pawn whose actions served only the interest of those for whom he worked. The so-called “civil rights movement” was perhaps the biggest farce in the history of the United States; it was not a “movement” and did not seek the “freedom” of black people as they made society believe with subliminal psychological effects created by the Zionist-controlled mass media. The so-called “civil rights movement” of the 1960s was a stepping-stone in the Zionist’s quest for global enslavement, and Michael King Jr. was an important tool in the context of the Zionist’s effort to complete their agenda nowadays in advanced stages, thanks to a duped generation that was brainwashed and has spent the last forty years worrying about the “rights” of fags and blacks while ignoring the real reality. 

The so-called “Martin Luther” King Jr. betrayed the nation when he subordinated himself to Zionism and their agenda consisting of destroying the United States and enslave its people. This is the true reason why he is honored so much and even presented as “saint” or called a “prophet” by duped idiots.





























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White people everywhere need to identify who their real enemies are

Jews conspired to destroy the white South African government and were successful in establishing the current puppet government that murder white people through their Negro surrogates and pawns

Publisher’s Note: The piece below was found amid other writings in the messenger website at where the original is probably archived. The Truth now publish this slightly edited version of the short article in conformity with our publishing policy, and the relevance to other writings on this blog


In the 19th Century the British fought wars to subject the Boer states to their rule and in 1948 the they took power democratically with the election of the National Party.

In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made the country an economically strong nation that gave blacks and whites the highest standard of living of any other African country. Verwoerd’s policies had two main Jewish opponents: Harry Oppenheimer and Anton Ruppert. Both of these Jews controlled the banking monopolies in the country and wanted “rights” extended to blacks for the purpose of increasing their usury money lending business. Oppenheimer had close ties to the Rothschild banking Jewish family and to the CIA which throughout the 1970s and 1990s, supported the overthrow of the white South African government at the direction of the well known Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger. Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschild to overthrow Hendrik Verwoerd who had publicly denounced the activities of the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament. The Rothschild’s obtained the full support of bankers like the Rockefeller’s and other “Anglo” families in the United States [US] and had them lobby against the white South African government. The Rockefeller bankers influenced the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] and its members in the US government to oppose white rule in South Africa.

The “African” National Congress [ANC]

In 1963 a group of Jews conceived and founded the “African” National Congress [ANC] as we know it now. The Jews who created the ANC were: Lionel Bernstein, Robert Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich, and James Kantor. These Jews had a few native Africans under their control acting as figureheads were their front men including Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. This deceptive set in can be compared to the model Jews established in the US after they had created the Zionist front known as the National Association of Color People [NAACP] in 1906 disguised as “civil rights” organization that played a significant role in what is probably the biggest hoax in US history: The so-called “civil rights movement.” This Jewish-created sham was an integral part of their evil plan to impose on the US and the whole world their “new world order” and Negroes were –and still are — a very convenient tool they needed to move their plan forward, nowadays in an advanced level. The ANC received funding and support from the CIA.

In 1966 the CIA financed and helped with the assassination of South African President Hendrik Verwoerd through their “lone nut” operative Demtrio Tsafendas, a Greek immigrant in South Africa. In particular, Harry Oppenheimer funneled CIA money to Hendrik Van Den Bergh of the South African security police, and John Vorster, Minister of Justice. These were the men who recruited and trained the Greek immigrant to murder Hendrik Verwoerd.

By the 1970s the Jews dirty campaign to subvert the white South African government was having no effect and the economy was unaffected by sanctions and social unrest was very minimal. In 1978 the CIA recruited Pik Botha who was the South African Minister of Foreign Affairs to be a spy and used him to subvert the government from within. Botha’s main role was to undermine and alter the attitudes of the government regarding black rule. Botha recruited Piet Koornhof, the Minister of Sports and General Tienie Groenewald, head of the military intelligence. He passed on to the CIA a list of names with photos and address’s of Afrikaner nationalist and other activists; he also arranged for violence to be used against Boer activists throughout the country. In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Jewish banker leader Harry Oppenheimer began to speculate for the purpose of devaluing the currency. Inflation rose to a 7% and growth fell to 3% with inflation reaching 16% in the early 1980s.

In 1989, Frederik De Clerk, a Freemason with close ties to a Jewish fraternity controlling the ADL was elected President of South Africa. He was a Jewish-backed candidate with close ties to the international Zionist establishment who worked for and eventually achieved the Jewish goal of black rule as a front in South Africa.  Today the central bank is controlled by Jew Gill Marcus while using as a running dog, a Negro named Tito Mboweni who take his instructions on how and what’s to be done. Just like pawn Barack Obama does at the white house. Meanwhile, Trevor Manuel, a Jew, is the Minister of Finance, while Alec Erwin, also a Jew, is the Minister of Trade and Industry. In addition, Helena Dolny, a Jew, and ex-wife of KGB agent Joe Sloro runs the land bank; Ronnie Kasrils, a Jew, is the Minister of Water and Forestry; Louise Tager, a Jew, is the chairman of the railway system Spoornet; Michael Katz, a Jew, is the chief consultant on tax; Meyer Kahn, a Jew, is in charge of the police. Also, three Jews: Richard Goldstone, Arthur Chaskalson, and Albert Sachs, control the Supreme Court of South Africa.

What has happened in South Africa under the sham called “democracy” is the Jewish total takeover and control of the country. As with all countries where there is Jewish influence or control, South Africa is today a failed nation, very poor for whites and the majority of natives, crime and drug ridden, and highly unsafe. To keep the present status quo Jews will wage war on anyone who opposes their control and domination of the country, and work to make sure that other governments of countries around the world fall under their control also. The cunning and diabolical Jews will use whatever tools they can to accomplish their ends, including phony allegations of “racism,” pleas for “democracy,” convenient accusations of “antisemitism” against those who tell the truth, and more. They also work behind the scenes and use stupid and thoughtless non-Jews who carry out orders according to their plans. All “leftist” and “anti-racist” groups who demand “diversity” are controlled and financed by Jews.

The Truth Publications [2012]

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Common people of all races need to unite, but…

The Negro’s campaign to murder Caucasians is a manifestation of their inborn savage and destructive nature

There is information in non-conventional media sources [Internet in particular] regarding the on-going macabre campaign by Negros to murder Caucasians — including innocent children — for no other reason than hate while the Jewish-controlled mass media keep a silence of complicity and ignore the senseless and gruesome criminal activity. The Negro’s alleged reason to justify their crimes against innocent people is based on the part of history related to slavery in which Jews had a vital role. According to different Internet sources, about 900 Caucasians [mostly women] are murdered each year by Negros in the United States [US] alone, while the numbers are much higher in South Africa and other countries with Caucasian population. The numbers are also high in England. In the US most of the victims are white women who are involved with Negro men in personal relationships. The YouTube video channels “protect white people now” and “black on white crimes” feature a list of cases on Caucasians who were murdered by Negros, including the case of a 12-year old boy who was tortured and burned alive until death. Negros also boasts and encourage their criminal activity openly and with impunity as if knowing that they will not be prosecuted for threatening in public to murder people.

The position of The Truth on the Negro’s campaign to murder Caucasians is that killing them will not correct the wrongs that were done in past history by their ancestors, but will instead, help the agenda of those working to establish a tyranny for all not only in the US, but everywhere else in the world. The Truth is not for or against neither Negros nor Caucasians; we simply do not agree with the idea of murdering Caucasians as a way to redress the destructive actions perpetrated by their ancestors in past history. Further, we see the senseless murderous campaign by Negros as a direct collaboration with the true enemy of humanity considering their background relationship with Jews, who put them in the social foreground through deceitful means such as the farcical “civil rights” of the 1960s and beyond by using the Jewish-controlled mass media, to brainwash society with lies and promote miscegenation and other methods as part of an overall plan to weaken the white race and in parallel seek their eventual extinction. Caucasians in general are definitively being targeted for premeditated murder by pathetic criminal Negros acting on behalf of those who enslave them and later gave them “freedom” in the 1960s with the creation of the hoax known as “civil rights.” This is treason to the people of the world viewed from any angle.  The common enemy is taking advantage of the Negro’s criminal nature to advance their agenda while acting behind the scenes; they are using Negros to help them achieve their sinister goals by giving the criminals a false sense of “power” which the useful idiots use to give free rein to their criminal and destructive natural instincts. This is the reason why they were chosen to lead the on-going campaign to murder Caucasians for no other reason than hate. We reiterate our total disagreement with this heinous criminal activity that can only benefit the common enemy to whom Negroes are subordinated and controlled by: Jews.

The Negro’s proneness to violent crime has been established in different scientific studies that have explained with precision the fundamental genetic differences among people and the reasons for their behavior. One such study based on twenty five years of continuous investigation and research is the work by Professor Jean Philippe Rushton, author of the book titled “Race, Evolution and Behavior.” According to the author, Negros are endowed by nature with physical attributions that outweigh their limited mental capabilities due to the size and shape of the brain, and the result of this disparity is expressed in violent outbursts followed by the use of brute strength. Negros are also habitual practitioners of witchcraft which is an integral part of their whole ancestral natural being. Considering the significance of their traits it doesn’t take an expert to figure out why they were chosen for the macabre task of murdering Caucasians, women in particular. We suggest that you read the book. Moreover, the violent and destructive nature of Negroes has been previously demonstrated with riots carried out for the sole purpose of destroying property and looting. The recent riots in London showed proof and overwhelming evidence of not only the criminal intention to destroy valuable property and steal gadgets, but also the racial hatred embedded in the senseless savagery that produced innocent victims, including the violent death of a 68 year-old native Briton murdered by a Negro while he was trying to extinguish a fire made by the hooded criminals. Research on the subject of riots have produced information pointing out almost exclusively at Negros as being responsible for the destruction of property and lost of life resulting from their senseless violence. In the US, for instance, all mayor riots were made by Negros while other ethnic groups limited their actions to demonstrations or complaints through non-violent political actions. The aboriginals, for example, have never been part of any extreme violent acts such as riots, looting or murder of Caucasians, despite the segregated and inhumane social conditions imposed on them by those who invaded and stole their land after slaughtering them by the millions.  The native Mexicans also lost their ancestral land resulting from invasion, murder and theft, yet there is no existing record of them rioting and committing premeditated murder of whites based on history.

As stated before, we reject the Negro’s guise to justify their campaign to murder white people based on what happened hundreds of years ago. What happened then cannot be changed or somehow be reversed to a previous point and the on-going campaign to murder whites, is not only serving the divide-and-conquer tactics of the common enemy, but it is also creating dangerous conditions from which wide spread of violence based on racial hate or revenge, could start and develop into an open armed conflict. The US does not need a stupid race war that would only benefit the enemy; what it needs is a war directed at the criminal ruling elite responsible for the actual reality of the country and most of the world. The struggle for the true liberation of the United States of America can only be done by all the people organized and united with the common goal of taking back the country from those who high jacked it long ago and now control the government serving only their interests. The current government must be replaced with one that is truly democratic, but this can only be done by millions of men and women of all races determined to wage war until the end. There is no other way. Voting every four years for pawns like Barack Obama will not change anything.

If Negroes want to give free rein to their sick and savage criminal instincts to kill they should focus on the real enemy and its subordinates, and not on common people who have nothing to do with what others did in the past. When and if they decide to do that we will be ready to join them.

The Truth Publications [2012]

               “The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will be live.” – Gil Scott Heron

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